Paula Deen Vows To Donate Diabetes Drug Profits To ADA…Then Eats Birthday Cake

paula deen birthday cake the chewPaula Deen‘s response to critics like Anthony Bourdain has thus far included zingers like “get a life.” But today, she announced that she’ll be donating a portion of her earnings from her diabetes drug spokesperson deal with Novo Nordisk to the American Diabetic Association (ADA), in what seems like a bid for fans’ approval. But all things considered, I still think she’s doing more harm than good with her messages about diabetes.

Paula made the announcement on ABC’s food show “The Chew” yesterday, where she appeared with her sons, Bobby and Jamie, who have also signed on as reps for Novo Nordisk’s “Diabetes in a New Light” campaign. When the show’s hosts asked her about her diet, she harped on moderation, like she did on the Today show earlier this week, emphasizing that the way she cooks on the show is “only 30 days of my life,” and that it’s meant for “entertainment.”

Then, in a teary moment, she added:

When my life is over, and you hear my name…I hope you associate the word “hope” with it.

When the hosts brought up her  much-criticized deal with Novo-Nordisk, she responded:

Naturally, I am being compensated, my children are being compensated, because we like everybody else, have to work.

But, she added, she and her sons are “in a position” to “set aside a certain percentage (of the Novo Nordisk money) and we’re donating that back to the ADA.” (Lucky them!)

Afterward, the hosts brought out a giant birthday cake to celebrate her birthday—which is today. (If her eating a giant piece of birthday cake confuses y’all, don’t worry: She made it clear on Today that it’s okay to eat a slice of birthday cake if you have diabetes; just not the whole thing.)

Paula Deen may be entertaining, but regardless of how much money she donates to the ADA, I still think she’s sending confusing messages to the public about what causes diabetes, and how it can (and should) be prevented through lifestyle factors like weight control, diet, and activity.

Photo: The Chew

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    • Christy

      I can’t believe you are slamming her for eating cake on her birthday.

      • Nancy

        Probably because it seems irresponsible, as a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, to have a giant sugary cake on a huge television network for millions of people to see. Because a diet low in certain fats and sugars is believed to lower instances of Type 2 diabetes, and montioring of sugar is key in maintaining health when someone has diabetes. And caked has sugar and fat.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Yeah… Nancy has it about right. I’m not slamming her for enjoying food on her birthday, but come on… Eating a GIANT piece of sugary cake two days after you announced that you have diabetes—and that you’re getting paid to be a role model for a new diabetes lifestyle program—is totally irresponsible, don’t you think?

        They could have brought out another birthday treat that has a moderate amount of sugar and fat, or she could have at least commented about how she normally wouldn’t eat this much sugar, but it’s her birthday.

      • Mark

        I agree, Christy. WTF?

    • kp

      Paula wants the word ‘hope’ associated with the mention of her name after she’s gone. Excuse me!? How about queen of denial! The pic above explains it all! What is that frosting-pure butter and sugar? Paula is in total denial about her diabetes and what has contributed to it.

    • Pauline

      I don’t eat like her because of her show anymore that I drink like a fish & smoke like a chimney like Tony Bourdain’s shows.
      She seems to be learning as she goes like most folks….