Jill Biden Spotted Doing Barre3…That Makes 2 Healthy White House Women To Love

jill biden fitMichelle Obama might be the face of White House fitness, but Jill Biden isn’t slumming it on the couch behind the scenes. The Second Lady was spotted doing Barre3 at a Washington, D.C. studio on Tuesday night, according to the Washington Post, and she’s also an avid runner, in addition to her work in education and help with military families. That makes two healthy female role models in the White House, if you ask us.

Barre3, a ballet bar workout started by Sadie Lincoln, involves lots of core work, which probably helps Dr. Biden with her running, which she does in large part to benefit breast cancer research (a cause she also supports with her Biden Breast Health Initiative non-profit).

When Runner’s World asked about her typical workout, she told them:

Well, you know, my goal is five miles at a nine- to 10-minute pace five days a week. But between teaching and administration responsibilities, I barely make that any more. Like, for instance, this morning I had a breast-cancer event here [at the house, the Vice President's Residence at the United States Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.] at breakfast. I knew I was limited for time, so I did a little over four miles on the treadmill. I try to adapt my workout to where I am—I could be in another city or country—so it often depends on what I’m doing. I also try to incorporate a little bit of weight training, because I think that’s really good for your bones. That’s my basic workout.

Did we mention how much we love it when women aren’t afraid to lift weights?

Now if only more of could follow Jill and Michelle’s examples.

Photo: NY Daily News

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    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      I love Dr. Biden. She’s whip-smart and also a great fitness inspiration. Yay for the ladies of the White House!