6 Things You Should Never Buy (And Their Fast, Healthy Alternatives)

6 things to never buy

In the era of convenience, people will buy pre-packaged, processed versions of just about anything. Soup, beans, and even pasta come in cans, sandwiches come from the freezer aisle–and manufacturers are making a killing, because the mark-up on a lot of these products is astronomical. Unfortunately, a lot of convenience foods and other household items are not only expensive, they’re also way less healthy than making them yourself. But there’s good news–it’s not nearly as hard to save money (and your health) by doing it yourself.

I know–doing it yourself sounds like work. And if you’re buying convenience foods, it’s probably because you’re strapped for time, and are looking for the quickest possible option. But truly, some alternatives to otherwise unhealthy pre-packaged foods take almost no additional thought, aside from the initial decision to not buy them in the first place.

Click through this gallery of suggestions that are less expensive–and surprisingly easy on your schedule. And be sure to let me know if I left off any of your favorites.

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    • elizabeth crawford

      I love the idea of home made croutons but is there a way to get them soft. The ones in the store about crack a tooth! Is it possible?

      • Emma

        Cut up fresh bread and don’t toast it…?

      • Raven

        Cut them into larger instead of smaller pieces and they should come out softer.

    • subb

      Windex, as in most cleaners in the store we pay high prices for, is 97% water.
      We pay for mostly water, which is done to make them less toxic of course. Makes it a lot cheaper to get the vinegar, which also cleans out your coffee maker and dilute chlorine bleach in a spray bottle is the best disinfectant you can have in the house.

      • lola

        ican’t be that darn toxic if it’s mostly water. ajax yes. windex?

    • nayyirah

      you can add biscuits to the list

    • Richard

      A 113 years old man is alive, he goes to bed at 9 am every night
      and eat 3 meals a day every day. He eats meals with not much salt.

    • Lisa

      Beans are super easy and cheap, and taste better. Check for rocks (crazy, but it always says so on the package), soak overnight, boil for 2 hrs with 1-2 cloves of chopped garlic. Perfect.