The Best Fitness Trackers For Your Goal That Aren’t The Nike Fuel Band

The FitBit is a good alternative to the Nike Fuel Band

With pre-sale for the much-hyped Nike Fuel Band long over, and the opportunity for actual purchase still at least a month off, a lot of exercise enthusiasts who either missed the window (or can’t afford it) are looking for a similar tool. There are plenty of fitness trackers out there, but each offer a different variety of services, and seem to be tailored for a specific set of goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, run faster, or just move around more, which gadget is best for you?

One of the main complaints with the Nike Fuel Band, which tracks movement and can be synced with other devices, is that it didn’t include a heart-rate monitor. But novices and those who are just aiming for an elevated heart rate of any kind don’t necessarily need that information. And if weight loss or improved healthy through dieting is the goal, tracking both exercise and food intake may be more important than setting distance or mileage goals. Which means some kind of nutritional information–with the Fuel Band also doesn’t do very comprehensively–might be more helpful.

So what do you need from a fitness tracker? Which is your best option? Click through these suggestions and see which is right for you. Don’t see the one you love? Let me know in the comments!

Still think the Nike’s new piece is the only one worth its salt? Check out this Nike Fuel Band review roundup to see what others are saying about the new golden child of goal-setters. 

Image: FitBit

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