6 Reasons Why Your Period Might Be Irregular

tampons for irregular period

Contrary to what you may be inclined to believe by the period-shaming media, your monthly flow is not embarrassing, not blue, not consistant, and often, not monthly at all. In fact, for most women, at some point in their lives, unusual menstruation is the norm–and that perfect, 28-day cycle is an illusive creature, like a hormonal unicorn leaping over rainbows of body-positive tampon ads off on the horizon. But even with that knowledge, when your period does something unpredicted, it can still be worrisome.

I asked Heather Corinna, Founder and Executive Director  of Scarleteen–one of the most comprehensive, educational, and positive sexual education sites on the internet–to explain a little about what the period is, and, more over, why it may pull a fast one and surprise you, month after month (or, you know, every other month).

These are some reasons why your period might acting strangely, but remember, Corinna says, your health care provider can give you a lot of extra information if you’re at all concerned. Even a quick call to your doctor or clinic can help clear up any confusion you may have, and many women’s health specialists are more than happy to sit down and chat about your period.

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    • Christina

      The 28-day cycle is a statistical average. It doesn’t mean that it’s the right cycle lenght for all women. For a lot of women their “normal” cycle is longer than 28 days, and it’s equally normal to have a couple of days of fluctuation because you may ovulate irregularly.

    • Chanel

      Lord, this month my period has been 100% weird…it came as usual then the next day when I went to the bathroom it was no blood on the toliet tissue at all…like it never came…I thought it was because I drank water an hour before… it was like it was playing peek a boo at me. Today is supposed to be the last day but it hasn’t changed to brown as usual to give me a sign that it was on its way out. It’s nothing. Now I’m scared as I don’t know what and so I’m still wearing a pad just in case it’s still hanging around ugh I swear #GirlsProblems

      • rebecca

        The. same. thing happen. To. me but. i spotted for. one day. but. mine. was. dark. brown. like. on the. Last. day. now. nothing