Meatless Monday: 10 Vegan Winter Stew Recipes

vegan winter stew recipe

Meatless Monday may sound less appealing when you’re facing cold, snow and rain. But you don’t have to resign yourself to cold salads and carrot sticks; vegans and vegetarians still do comfort food. To help you beat your winter chills (and stock your fridge with a few lunches for the week) we found 10 meatless stew recipes and, because we’re still trying to settle The Great Milk Debate, we also made sure they were all vegan.

Pick your favorite and get stewing:

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    • BrainRidge

      The first receipe I looked at – uses Butter! What kind of VEGAN recipe is this? VEGAN means no animal products, including butter and eggs. Thanks and please remove or change your title to Vegetarian, not Vegan.