Russell Brand Criticized For Yoga Attire, But Who Cares What You Wear To Yoga?

Russell Brand may be on his way to a divorce from Katy Perry, but it appears that he’s trying to find some peace within all of that through yoga, which we give him major props for. The only thing is, some people seem to be more concerned about what he wears to yoga class, than the fact that he’s there and working on his mental and spiritual side. When are people going to stop thinking of yoga as a fashion scene?

The Dail Mail started things off with their usual gossipy banter:

Brand, 36, slipped into harem jogging bottoms, teamed with layered vest tops, a waistcoat, a voluminous scarf and beanie.

Unfortunately, his outfit was a little off-centre as the comic-turned actor stepped out in a less than macho ensemble.

Yahoo! added:
Russell Brand channeled his spiritual side as he made a trip to a yoga class on Monday but unfortunately his outfit left much to be desired.

And then, this one really irks me, Gather wrote about how “Russell Brand has fashion miss at spiritual yoga class”:

Even though Russell takes care of himself, he doesn’t seem to care what he wears. In fact, it seems he was wearing a more feminine outfit, giving off a less than macho feel. He wore low-crotch harem jogging bottoms, a black vest top, a waist coat, a knitted hat and a green scarf, while carrying a purple yoga mat. With that long hair, he could easily have been mistaken for a woman. In other words, Russell Brand should not shave that beard!

Why so critical, people? Isn’t yoga supposed to be a non-judgmental environment that encourages all of us to be ourselves while not comparing or competing?

Personally, if people want to spend $98 on a pair of designer yoga pants, $88 for a long-sleeve yoga shirt, $158 for an “apres yoga” jacket and $128 for a trendy yoga bag to tote all of their fashion-forward yoga gear, then that’s fine. I have no problem with that. It’s not for me though. And it’s apparently not for Brand either.

When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t really matter what you wear on the mat. It can be old sweats and an over-sized t-shirt or designer apparel, but we’re all the same out there working on our inner and outer health. That’s why it’s so disappointing to see people so quick to judge and criticize Brand or anyone else for what they wear to yoga class.

As I always say, to each yogi their own. Namaste!



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    • Emilie @

      Seriously, do “news” outlets not have anything better to report on? Like you say, let the guy wear whatever he wants to yoga. Also, so what if his clothes are feminine? Far, far worse things could happen.

    • Deborah Dunham

      Totally agree, Emilie. Who really cares what we wear–as long as we’re at the gym, at the yoga studio or one the road, right?

    • Lindsey

      Those shoes, though? With that outfit? I mean, is he going jogging or something?

    • Doran

      Men can wear yoga attire. The store Label New York where I bought my yoga tank also sell men yoga tanks. No big deal, people do this nowadays.