Poll: Should Brad Pitt Give His Kids Soda To Keep Them On Schedule?

brad pitt with kids

Yesterday, I wrote about how I thought Brad Pitt was setting a bad example by stating that he sometimes instructs his kids to drink Coca-Cola to help them keep up with the demands of their busy lives. It seemed obvious to me: soda is terrible for growing children, and doling out stimulants in an effort to get them through what seems like a crushing schedule seemed irresponsible. But apparently, the cheese stands alone–because nearly every commenter rushed to Brad’s defense.

Man readers took offense to our critical look at his statement (which, for the record, wasn’t an evaluation of him as a parent, but rather skepticism over his advocating soda). Some noted that it was a “non-story,” and many explained that sometimes, they, too, allow their children to have soda.

Of course, we’d probably be hard-pressed to find a kid who never eats junk food. I grew up in a household where we were frequently left to our own devices and often ate whatever we could find for breakfast—and I’m a normal, well-adjusted adult now. I’m not up in arms over parents allowing their kids to eat junk food every once in awhile; what really concerned me was the idea that Brad seems to imply that caffeine (which is a stimulant that stunts growth) and sugar (which is terrible for the teeth, bones, and general organ function) are useful tools for getting his brood of six to conform to his crazy, hectic schedule

But then,  maybe I was incorrect. At least, according to the vehement comments we received I was.  If it means that the children get to travel and have enriching experiences, is it acceptable to occasionally allow them to have something that, in very small qualities, probably isn’t too harmful?

Take this poll and let me know–do I stand corrected?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • marion

      It’s not the kids fault that the parents are keeping a hectic schedule. Maybe the parents should re evaluate the stress (draining their energy) this is putting on the kids. SODA in NOT the answer!

    • JaeRae91

      I believe in kids getting “treats” such as soda or candy OCCASIONALLY, but as far as them needing it to survive the day- that’s ridiculous. They’re children with fragile bodies and immune systems. There is no need to further their delicacy by feeding them those terrible things just because you chose a path that is stressful on them. If they really are number one and come before your job…why don’t you prove it?

    • Mommy Rotten

      My kids (age 4 and 11) start every day with a cup of coffee. I even put sugar in the coffee (gasp!). They like it, it is in moderation, and their doctor is very satisfied that they are growing nicely. Yes he knows I give them coffee and he’s fine with it. At his last check up we found out that my oldest had done a year’s worth of growing in 6 months.

      Lighten up, people. Your parenting ideas are not for everyone.

    • who cares

      I could really care less what other people do with they’re family. The problem its that everyone is in everyone elses business. The news post drama for drama people… we should start worrying about more serious pRoblems then who give sthey’re children soda.. no wonder the world is messed up

    • Keri Desjardins

      This beats all. It is no more your business what Pitt gives his children than it is for me to question your bank statement. This world has become obsessed with things are are none of anyones concern. Get a life and put your energy into something that is your business, like raising your own children!

      • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

        Actually, writing about this kind of stuff is totally Hanna’s business. It’s part of what we get paid to do here: Blog about both serious and fluffy health/nutrition issues that people are talking about.

    • Mandi

      hahaha @ the replies. This is no one’s business, but I doubt he gives them soda. He sounds like he’s trying to come off as the “every day” kind of parent, but he is not.

    • S W

      Caffeine can be useful but I don’t think pop is the answer. All that HFCS is terrible for the body. I don’t know how old you are but if you were a kid before 1980, you wouldn’t have had HFCS in anything and while sugar is bad, HFCS is worse. Better to offer the kids a cup of tea sweetened with honey, if necessary.

    • Kj

      I don’t find the fact that he is giving them soda to be that bad, but the fact that they are using it instrumentally is what bothers me. There are healthier ways of helping them to maintain their energy. Soda should be a treat, not a tool.

    • whoa

      Although I’m not a huge fan of kids drinking soda, I believe in everything in moderation. Whether Brad Pitt really gives his kids soda to drink – whatever, none of my business. BUT WHOA, mommy rotten, you give your children freaking coffee? I HOPE you are kidding. I didn’t start drinking coffee until college and honestly, that was probably for the better. Here’s why kids don’t need coffee to stay awake and get energy – they should just go to bed earlier!!! Same could be said for adults, too.

      • Mommy Rotten

        I most definitely am not kidding. And I think that if my pediatrician doesn’t have a problem with it, seeing as how he is the one is possession of my children’s individual medical histories, then I see no reason why you should have a problem with it.

        But hey, they don’t call me “Rotten” for nothing.

    • XLMIC

      There is a difference between allowing your kids to have soda as a treat and USING soda as a way of keeping them “up to speed” with the schedule you’re creating for them. Slow the heck down, dude.

      And anyone who thinks Coke/soda is benign needs to read this:


    • susan

      I just hope that the kiddos are able to stay with soda in keeping up their energy level. It does seem that a saner schedule for the children is a better answer than advocating sugar and caffeine. There are always options especially when you have money.

    • BeenThere

      My kids grew up in the 70′s and 80′s and drank alot of kool-aid as well as sodas. None of them have cavities, nor do they have diabetes nor are any of them fat. The oldest one is married with her own kids and very athletic, the second one is a father, not athletic, but is in darn good shape, and the youngest was (died in 1996 accident) skinny, quick, agile and very tan. All of them healthy, no ongoing problems, and stay healthy to this day. I’m blessed, once they grew up, they took control of what was good or not for themselves and they made good choices. But then, they were educated!

    • Patricia

      I think that unless your kids are on a strict organic-vegan diet, you’re really in no place to judge. Actually, even if the closest to junk food your kids get is an apple, you really shouldn’t judge.

      Honestly, this is so ridiculous! Who never gave a child chocolate/cake/cookies/fries or whatever? So a little less superficial, self-righteous judgement, please.

    • Jack C.

      Typical Hollywood freak and self professed drug addict. A professional venal narcissist, roaming the hellish environs of Hollywood and vomiting his ‘liberal morals’ all over anybody unfortunate to be within earshot. A giant cliche’ and a zero.