Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes For A Super Bowl Sunday Detox

taco salad
If Super Bowl Sunday meant wings, chips, dips and cookies, you’re probably not feeling so super this Meatless Monday. We picked 10 salads that are hearty enough to be your dinner, and healthy enough to help you detox from a weekend full of indulgence (because let’s be honest, we ate some of those cookies before the party, too).

Check out these 10 vegetarian salad recipes for a Super Bowl Sunday detox that won’t leave you feeling deprived:

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    • Melissa

      It’d be nice to come to this website and not see a post encouraging readers to detox, diet or cleanse the day after a holiday or event. It encourages disordered eating. So what if we ate pizza and buffalo wings yesterday? It doesn’t mean we have to “detox” the day after. What kind of message are you trying to send?

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