Naomi Campbell Admits Her Body Requires Exercise and Zero Carbs, In Addition To Great Genes

Naomi Campbell is often praised for her extraordinary body—even at 41 years old, the fashion icon remains one of the most sought-after models. And in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Campbell’s body seems exactly as it was 25 years ago, except for one thing: Now, she says her body requires exercise and zero carbs, in addition to being blessed with great genes.

Amidst discussion of Campbell’s career, style and personality, Harper’s cover story hits on how the model has stayed in such great shape:

Campbell admits to being genetically blessed with a high metabolism. Still, she is also gracious enough to say that as she’s gotten a bit older, she exercises and watches her diet. “For me, carbs are a treat now.”

We’re not saying that everyone should adopt her diet plan—as FitSugar points out, whole grains like quinoa and rice contain valuable nutrients, fiber and protein—but her honesty at least provides a more honest perspective on what it requires to maintain her figure with age.

Too often, we’re either told that models and actresses just “eat a balanced diet”—which makes anyone eating a balanced diet feel frustrated or failed when they don’t see similar results—or we’re encouraged to adopt their extreme diets and workout routines—which can encourage some pretty unhealthy behavior in women who are struggling with body image. The truth is, women like Naomi Campbell have great genes, and put in a lot of work to keep themselves looking the way their jobs require; most of us can’t look like her, but the good news is, we don’t need to.

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    • Jules

      Quinoa and rice don’t contain anything we can’t get from more nutrient-dense sources (e.g. meat, veggies, fruit).