Meatless Monday: 10 Spicy Vegetarian Recipes To Warm Up During Winter

spicy vegetarian recipes
Spicy peppers don’t just burn your tongue, they heat up your whole body—literally. Spicy foods like cayenne pepper are proven to increase your core temperature slightly, revving your metabolism for a few hours after you eat them. But calorie burn aside, in the winter months you’ll just be happy that they warm you up.

Try one of these spicy vegetarian recipes to keep toasty while it’s cold outside:

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    • Maggie

      so, some of these involve fish sauce or meat stock, which is easily replaceable in recipes but does question the accuracy of this post of “vegetarian” recipes…

    • Willow

      Wow – thanks for the mention on my spicy peanut sauce and linguini. And especially thanks for linking back to my site! :)