Heart Disease Kills; These 5 Great Organizations Are Trying To End It

great heart disease charities

This week, every drug store, super-market, and restaurant is covered in hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Which means it’s a good time to remember your own, and to remember that heart disease is still the number 1 killer in America. Maybe, instead of giving unhealthy candy or not-very-eco-friendly roses, consider giving the gift of heart health, by donating to one of these ultra-worthy charities.

Unlike cancer, heart disease doesn’t have that many charities doing critical research and outreach, and offering care and advocacy for women in need–despite the fact that nearly 5 times more women die of heart attacks than of cancer each year. And yet, the vast majority of research money goes to cancer organizations (paging Susan G. Komen).

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t worthy heart disease organizations out there–each of which are struggling to raise funds in these tough economic times. Each of these 5 charities has been vetted by CharityNavigator, and each is doing their part to raise awareness, help patients, or conduct research to end heart disease.

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving to a charity that helps hearts.

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