Lead-Free Lipstick: 6 All-Natural, Affordable Brands

A recent FDA study found lead in 400 different types of lipstick. The worst offenders were common drugstore brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl and Revlon. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics wants lead banned from makeup, but the FDA says lead, a neurotoxin, is only dangerous to children (women, don’t let your daughters near the Caboodle …). But there are reasons to be concerned about lead exposure yourself, especially if you’re pregnant. So why take chances? There are plenty of non-toxic, natural lipsticks that cost no more than your average drugstore or Sephora brand. Here are six, recommended by Spirit Demerson (founder of online organic beauty boutique Spirit Beauty Lounge) and your Blisstree editors.

You can also visit Skin Deep, a giant, searchable database of beauty products and their ingredients, to find out what’s in the products you use. And check out the the top 7 ingredients to avoid in beauty products, a graphic guide we published earlier this week.

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    • Joseph Mas

      You can get your lipstick tested at PES Enviro. They even send you a kit for free in most cases. Check out http://pes-enviro.com. If you doubt the integrity of your lipstick I would call them or send them an email this is pretty serious in my opinion… What about all the kids that play with mommy’s makeup?

    • Maris

      Don’t forget Lime Crime vegan lipsticks! Super pigmented. That’s where I got my opaque neon pink!

    • Jenny

      GUYS… the Burt’s Bess Lip Shimmer is on the list of lead-containing lip products:


      “Organic” and “all natural” does NOT mean “lead-free.” The other brands you are featuring are not necessarily free of lead–they probably were not a part of the FDA’s tests.

      • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

        Gah. You’re absolutely right. And I should have known better. Issuing some sort of correction …

    • Janna

      I appreciate the effort of providing alternatives to lead-infused products, but Maybelline costs $5, Revlon $8. $22 and up for lipstick is not comparable and way out of my price range.

    • Sue Apito

      The brands you have recommended contain the same pigments as the ones tested (and showing positive). http://sueapitolikes.com/2012/lead-in-cosmetics/ Unless the company can provide a test result using the same testing methods the FDA uses, proving their lipsticks are free from lead…you are just falling for their marketing claims. What data did you examine before you determined that the brands you recommended were lead free? I certainly hope you did not assume they were lead free based on the fact that they were not on the FDA list!!

    • Karen

      We would like to recommend FACEFACTS lipsticks and lipliners. They are lead free and made with certified organic ingredients. FACEFACTS is a small cosmetic brand started by professional make up artist Lori Hoffmann. More information can be found at their website facefactsbylori.com.

    • Nancy

      What about Bare Minerals Lipsticks? They are about $15 (half the cost of your 6th option) and not on the “list” of products containing lead. You can get it from them directly or buy through QVC. Finding the right color can be a little tricky, but worth it when you find the right one.

      I also agree that mineral lipsticks can be drying, so I usually put a light layer of color-free natural lip balm (with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil) first, then the mineral lipstick. The color lasts all day!

      Best regards,

    • Adrienne

      Some of Tarte lipsticks does contain lead. Lipsurgence (lip tint) is the one