Gwyneth Paltrow Shills For ‘SPAR Veggie’ Processed Food Line Abroad

Remember how Gwyneth Paltrow would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can? Apparently she doesn’t have the same scruples when she’s abroad: The actress, GOOP author, and would-be healthy food and cooking advocate is earning extra income abroad, shilling for Austria’s “SPAR Veggie” line of packaged, processed vegetarian foods.

Now, there’s some question as to how bad the foods really are: According to some, it’s “garbage food“—the equivalent of eating a gas station ‘salad.’ But Gwyneth defends her choice (at least on record), claiming that they really do offer great vegetarian food that’s convenient and healthy:

“They are a really healthy alternative to grab and go!”

But for someone who sells $425 organic cleanses and a cookbook that urges families to cook at home more often, it does seem a bit hypocritical that she’s selling packaged salads and frozen meals. But then, Gwyneth’s health advice has always confused us

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    • franciskirk

      I use “Get Official Samples” to find free samples of major brands online. Please note they update their samples every day but I just pick what ever available at that time and use them.

    • Marco

      I am from Austria, and I have eaten some meals from “Spar Veggie”. I think they are really, I mean really good. They are no “garbage food”. In 2003 Austrians ate about 247 pounds of meat a year. These products are the first vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) meals you ever got in austrian supermarkets.

      Gwyneth Paltrow shows us austrians how we can eat more healthy. I know, some of these products are also frozen, but they are a good start or a first step for healthy nutrition in Austria.

      I am Marco, 17 years old and a vegetarian. I’m not a fan of fast food or of frozen meals. But “spar veggie” is better than the garbage you get at McDonalds, BurgerKing, or every other fast food company.

      So, when someone has no time to cook, it’s better to eat “Spar Veggie” than any other fast food or frozen meal.

      Pleas don’t judge me because of my english. I’m not a native speaker, and I haven’t learned it for a long time now.