Anti-Gay Tennessee Reps Warn Parents Against Evils Of ‘Modern Family’

OK, I don’t know about you, but Modern Family is one of my favorite shows. It’s funny, entertaining and depicts reality in more ways than one. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. Namely, Tennessee Senator, Stacey Campfield and representative, Joey Hensley who warned parents about the evils of this show.

Yesterday, when the Tennessee reps were presenting their new “Don’t Say Gay” bill (attempting to ban the discussion of all but “natural human reproduction science” before the ninth grade in public schools, in other words, teaching kids that over 9 million gay Americans are “unnatural”), Hensley advised all parents not to let their children watch Modern Family because they might discover there are gay people in the world. A shocking reality, we know.

I don’t think ‘Modern Family’ is appropriate for children to watch.

Like, somehow watching a TV show is going to make kids gay? Or expose them to the truth that not everyone in this world is heterosexual? Maybe they should hook up with the American Life League who just released a statement of their own by blaming Planned Parenthood for turning our kids into sex addicts.

Interestingly enough, President Obama says Modern Family is one of the first family’s favorite shows to watch in the White House. Somehow, we think his kids will come out okay.




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    • GaybyGod

      Praise God for the bigots of Tennessee … they will enlighten the world!
      So they want to shield people from the TRUTH.
      That Gay people DO EXIST.
      That they are having family and children.
      That God created them!

      God created Gays for God’s reasons. Curb the world’s overpopulation, find loving parents for children abandoned by straights, we need to trust in God’s plan.

      I suppose it will take them popping out a few GAY kids, grandchildren or great grandchildren before they realize the TRUTH … and they WILL! I pray these kids will not endure the self-hate that leads to suicide. Only more shows like “Modern Family” will give them hope of leading the blessed Gay life God ment them to have.


    • Amy

      I don’t even understand why alleged Christians would even speak publicly about homosexuality at all. For a group of people who are supposed to be compassionate and non-judgemental, you’d think they’d have the decency to at least say, “oh, gay people? That is between them and God,” and leave it at that.