Nike’s Foamposite Galaxy Shoe, Releasing On Friday, Already Has Crazy Fans Camping Out

Nike Foamposite Galaxy

I’m not sure what Nike is better at: manufacturing workout gear, or manufacturing hype. But if the Foamposite Galaxy, their highly-coveted new shoe, is any indication, hype seems to be the thing they’re trading in the most these days. While some die-hard brand enthusiasts are sitting at their mailboxes waiting for delivery of the company’s new fitness tracker, the Nike+ FuelBand (which is scheduled to start showing up tomorrow), others are already camping out at Foot Locker in New York to get their hands on the brightly-colored shoe. Yikes. That’s dedication.

According to the New York Daily News, those who wanted to get their hands on the purple and blue basketball shoe, which is retailing for $220 and glows in the dark, started lining up on Saturday–almost a full week before the thing is even being released for sale. Which seems pretty ludicrous, until you consider the lengths lovers of the Nike brand (and its distinctive kicks) frequently go to get the newest products; just this December, fights that nearly escalated to riots broke out in Nike Stores across the country as consumers clamored for the rereleased Air Jordan.

The Foamposite Galaxy, it seems, is similarly anticipated. First released in 1997 (when it was Nike’s most expensive shoe at $180), the throwback appearance is a far cry from the minimalist and barefoot shoes that have become popular with athletes and runners. But this chunky piece of apparel is less about function and more about fashion–though the foamposite, which is a proprietary synthetic compound designed by Nike that makes the molded upper look like a space suit is kind of cool.

Analysts have already predicted that the shoe will sell out almost immediately–a fact that’s aided by Nike’s decision to only sell the Galaxy through Foot Locker, House of Hoops, and their own stores. And while this does drive up the desire for the product, in some cases, it’s just frustrating, like in the case of the FuelBand. Consumers who’d initially expressed interest in the hugely repped fitness tracker have Tweeted that they’re irritated with its ultra-small pre-sale batches; some have even filed complaints against the company, claiming that they mislead customers by offering ghost inventory.

But unlike the FuelBand, which is only available online, the Foamposite Galaxy will actually be in stores on Friday, where consumers can rush in and grab them. Expect to see them on eBay and the likes starting that same day.

Image: NY Daily News

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    • Sam

      Have you seen how much these are going for on EBay? Crazy.