Not Getting A Nike+ Fuel Band Today? Watch This Video To Comfort Yourself

Nike+ FuelBand on sale today

If you were lucky/famous enough to get a Nike+ Fuel Band on pre-order, I can only assume that you’re reading this blog post from your mobile device, while you sit by your mailbox, awaiting its arrival. But if you weren’t fortunate enough to get in on the tiny quantity of pre-sale merch that hype-machine Nike released, you can at least take comfort in the fact that personalities like Jimmy Fallon, and top athletes like Hope SoloNdamukong Suh, and Paul Rodriguez have been enjoying the hell out of this highly-coveted, impossible-to-get piece of machinery.

The brilliant marketing team for the Nike Fuel Band made sure that regular folks like you would have ample time to hear about the product (and read reviews of it) before you could actually get it. For those keeping score at home, the Fuel Band has been featured as an “available” product on Nike’s site for about a month, there have been two instances of pre-sale (both of which sold out after approximately three minutes), and today is the first day that the pre-sale shipments were scheduled to arrive. Today is also reportedly the day when the Fuel Band is supposed to be on actual sale, where actual people can buy it…but so far, it’s been a phantom product.

But that hasn’t stopped the celebs who do have a Fuel Band from expressing their (well-paid, I’m sure) love of the product. Here’s Jimmy Fallon, sharing his progress in Nike’s “Fuel” units:

Nike+ FuelBand Jimmy FallonNdamukong Suh has also Tweeted about the Fuel Band–but less about his progress, and more about an advertisement that was released last week, which explains how the band works and generally makes it look like an awesome thing that everyone wants.

Theoretically, the Fuel Band will be on sale for a very short window of time (around 5 p.m. EST) today–but it’s still pretty unlikely that you’ll be able to get your grubby, normal-person mitts on it. In the mean time, comfort yourself with the Tweets and video of all the people special enough to have one, and rest assured that, eventually, the damn thing will just go on sale like an actual product and, if you’re not too angry and frustrated by then, you may actually be able to use it for, you know, meeting your fitness goals.

Image: Nike

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    • Jess

      I am one of the lucky individuals that was able to get on the pre-sale last week, thanks to that e-mail list I joined on Nike. My husband convinced me to get this, and I just got fedex notification that it was delivered to my house, and quite honestly I’m excited to find out what it does.

    • Danielle

      I am also one of the lucky ones that got one, and so far I love this thing. It is so easy to use is not bulky to wear at all. The tracking of calories is awesome!

    • Crystal

      Does anyone know when the people who purchased the item today 2/22/12 between 5:00pm-5:15pm will get their fuelbands in the mail? Thank you :)

    • Bob H

      Not up to hype…I just earned more calories and fuel points by getting on my spin bike than I did doing a hard 5 minute workout. I made a quick stop in the restroom before and burned 2 calories, and on during the workout–3 calories..not impressed just yet!

    • James Honse

      Phantom sale is correct. The “buy” feature popped up online on the west coast at exactly 2:00:00, and I hit the size request and then instantly tried to order a quantity of one, which the system would not allow. I tried for the remaining “15″ minutes it was supposedly on sale, but the quantity request would never allow an input at all, and would time out and say “sorry, there was a problem, please refresh and enter a quantity”, which would have been nice to be able to do if the system wasn’t completely frozen from the opening second. So I called the local Portland Nike town, who had no answer and who connected me to to ask why it wouldn’t allow the purchase, or when it might be available again. The answer: “sorry, it was all sold out – but it will be offered again from time to time, and should be generally available for sale by the summer”. NY Niketown will have it available for a few days, but doesn’t allow phone orders, and when asked why NY got it before Phil Knight’s local Nike community here in Oregon, the answer was “they got it first because it was tied into their remodel grand opening of the Mercer 21 store”. Phil, you’re not taking care of your own backyard, — which pretty much sucks! Of course, I guess I can always bite the bullet and pay $400 for it on Ebay.

    • Mary Dixon

      I got mine today and LOVE IT!!! I agree, not bulky at all and easy to set up!

    • Sean

      Marketing is a sport….Fuel for thought!

      The false scarcity is a ploy. Just do a solid release and sell the product. I have tried to order several times (playing the 5 oclock game). Anyone who has read “Influence-The Psychology of Persuasion” knows the story here. Althought I am an admitted mouse pushing the metaphorical lever, I am beginning to sour at the games being played with good faith consumers.

      The fact that only a few are being sold at a time online and a “limited quantity” are delivered to the Nike Store in New York everyday demonstrates that this is about marketing, not about genuine inability to meet demand. If this were genuine, they would just allow backorders and be done. Instead to create a feeding frenzie, you have to play the game and hope your order processes in time. I talked several family members into buying one of these. I feel sorry I have invited them to this Barnum fiasco. They are frustrated and I feel to blame. Sad, but Genius (read: hype is more important than help).

    • Drew

      Two words, Marketing, Ploy! Nike has really shown its true colors with this product and it’s way of marketing. I tried since day one to grab one of these and even went as far as to auto fill the entire order page on 3 seperate preorder dates at the EXACT time (spamming buy button) they went on preorder sale. My information was in in LESS than 20 seconds each time and every single time (4 times sales were up on different dates) and I was greeted with “Sorry Nike has sold out of this item” EVERY single time! Sorry but a corporation like Nike I HIGHLY doubt they ran out that fast. If by some chance they DID, it’s because they are holding back units! This is hands down BAD business practice and is why large corporations like Nike can sell glorified pedometers with a logo for $149.99 PURE hype. YES I want one, why? Because honestly I like the style and want a replacement watch with a pedometer built in. Will I be buying it when it becomes available? NO way! As Sean put it very well, they are HOLDING back units, creating hype. 4 times selling out in MERE seconds?! I don’t think so, not to mention I go on craislist or ebay and see pictures of people selling these things for 500+ a pop with around 3-8 units STACKED on top of each other, Nike REALLY needs to do something about the scalpers. Very simple fix for this follow these simple rules. Order online ONLY until you can meet the demand, allow first come first serve basis, allow 2 units per household, and give back order capabilities. PEOPLE WILL buy a product back ordered! Look at Apple and the iPhone! All they are doing is allowing the SAME people to buy it over and over again and then resell it for the most rediculous markup ever! Nike, pay attention you are REALLY staining your name here, I would suggest you pull head from ass and treat the people who PAY your bills with a little more respect. 4 times sold out? Yaaaaaaa right! I hope someone on the inside takes pictures of the stacks of bands they have sitting in a warehouse!

    • Amer

      Got frustrated and ordered FitBit. Hopefully Nike’s marketing team will learn you cannot play these stupid games for too long:

    • Adon McNally

      The marketing ploy is way too thick and obvious. I was initially interested in trying out this product, but I have absolutely no desire to deal with the artificially introduced scarcity. Bye Nike, hello Suunto.