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Now Even A Psychologist Is Judging Angelina Jolie’s Body And Possible Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Hey, look! Someone dug up a psychologist to bash Angelina Jolie‘s body. Radar Online spoke with Jessica Aronson, who used the powers of long-distance psychotherapy to ascertain that Jolie is emaciated, desperate for attention, and probably has an eating disorder —all from just a few minutes of Oscars footage. It’s expected that tabloids will test every possible angle on the week’s biggest story, but their feigned concern for her health is just damaging to readers.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone found an “expert” to opine on Angelina Jolie’s body; her leg has become its own internet meme since her odd appearance at the Oscars on Sunday, and her thin appearance has been inspiring everything from straight up body-bashing to indirect “eat a cheeseburger” comments online. But Radar is taking is taking it to the next level, with feigned interest in her well-being.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t normally have to fight for the spotlight, but her bizarre behavior at the Oscars that involved her flaunting her emaciated figure in a high-slitted gown is a cry for attention, an expert tells RadarOnline.com.

“People often flaunt their bodies in need of attention,” psychotherapist Jessica Aronson, who has not treated the star, told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “Her dress, like many others such as Jennifer Lopez’s, was so exposing and in my clinical opinion a deeper desire for attention.”

Though Aronson herself didn’t actually give a quote about her body weight, she all but called out Jolie for having an eating disorder (or at least, that’s how Radar makes it sound):

Aronson went on to explain why Jolie may feel over-shadowed. “I imagine with all her children, career and volunteer work she may be falling last on her list of priorities which often results in weight loss and body changes,” she told RadarOnline.com.

“In addition, I wonder if she feels she has to keep up with Brad Pitt, who was up for an Oscar. There might be a level of competition which can often fuel changes in one’s body as a way to deal with unresolved feelings.”

They also found a nutrition expert—Majid Ali—to estimate Jolie’s body weight, which he thinks is below 100 pounds.

If she wants to expand her family of six with a third pregnancy, Angie will have to gain at least 30 pounds to reach a healthy weight. “Being so skinny could result in no period and no period certainly would result in no pregnancy,” said Ali, who thinks her blatant flaunting of her thin figure could be “defiance or body dysmorphia,” he told RadarOnline.com.

Again, the feigned concern for her health and even that of her family is pretty despicable. Gossiping about celebrities relationships, careers, and money is one thing, but gossiping about their bodies and mental health is particularly damaging—not only to celebs, but to everyone who reads it.

Jezebel writer Tracie Egan Morrissey aptly called out Bill O’Reilly for similar ‘concern trolling’ after he commented about her “emaciated figure” on Monday’s The O’Reilly Factor.

Angelina Jolie looked extremely skinny at the Oscars, it’s true. But like I said before: The truth is that we don’t know what she’s struggling with emotionally or physically, and until she speaks publicly about this stuff, no one can comment on her weight, diet, eating disorder, or mental health from a stance of real concern for her health. Snarky comments about her body and generalizations about her psychology—even from an “expert”—based on a handful of minutes on stage or a few paparazzi photos don’t help her or her fans.

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  • linda

    I think Kelly Ripa is anorexic. Yes, she’s beautiful and she works out 7 days a week and has tight abs, but when you can see her rib cage sticking out ALOT, that is not sexy. I think it’s something to be concerned about.

    • Danni

      I don’t think you understood the purpose of this article at all. Body policing is not okay. Period. Your fake concern is very transparent.

    • Naomi

      So a woman’s body has to be “sexy” in order to be okay?
      And her ribs might stick out because that’s just how her rib cage is shaped. I still have about 15 lbs to lose to be at my optimum weight and I’m still a bit flabby yet, and my ribs still stick out no matter what I do. It’s the shape of my rib cage and there’s nothing to be done for it.

      P.S. – It’s “a lot”, not “alot”. Enjoy this: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html

  • My2Cents

    I don’t think Jolie is as amazing as some people make her out to be; but I don’t think she’s as awful as others argue she is, either. She’s just another human being with both strengths and weaknesses who just happens to be standing on a very public platform. I sincerely do feel for her if she’s struggling with a mental or physical condition that is compromising her health, and the media can be downright cruel and vicious, BUT … The thing that I believe needs to be kept in perspective is that Jolie has always gone out on a limb to draw attention to herself. Her seemingly unpredictable nature has been one of the things that has simultaneously made her into a somewhat controversial figure and a household name. She is also part of an industry in which personal marketing and feigned public image are oftentimes the staples of success. The combination of these things naturally place her in a position to be scrutinized. She will likely never openly admit to any personal issues she may be currently experiencing unless making a confession will help her career in some way. Celebrities have to be strategic in order to remain relevant, and being judged is, unfortunately, part of the package.

  • Danni

    ” ‘People often flaunt their bodies in need of attention,’ psychotherapist Jessica Aronson, who has not treated the star [...] ”

    Whoa. We needed a psychotherapist to tell us that a world-famous Hollywood actor ‘flaunts’ their body and is ‘in need of attention’? Is the purpose of an actor to be ignored and never seen?

  • pearce

    I don’t think it’s entirely negative that body types like Angelina Jolie’s are being constructed as unhealthy. Upholding such thinness as ideals of beauty is far more harmful.

  • Kit

    I agree 100%. As others have pointed out it is no less insensitive to throw around “eating disorder” when talking about skinny people than it would be if one were talking about fat or overweight people. The most anyone can say is they look thin or fat. All the faux concern and the armchair psychoanalyzing is as irresponsible as it is laughable.

  • laura cooper

    It is not impossible to conceive with secondary amenorrhoea (when a woman’s periods stops in after starting in adolescence). Hell, even long term anorexic Marya Hornbacher who only menstruated for only a few months in five years was pregnant twice (though was admittedly very promiscuous at the time).