What I Learned About Eating Disorders From Watching Lifetime Movies

lifetime eating disorder movie

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

All week, we’ve been talking about the dark realities of eating disorders–and how “everybody knows somebody.” But for many of us (especially babies of the 80s), before we knew about how dangerous, serious and gripping disordered eating really is…we knew that it was something that made amazing/awful/ridiculous made-for-TV Lifetime movies.

A total guilty pleasure for anyone who’s ever found themselves blissfully bored with cable TV on a Sunday afternoon, Lifetime movies are over-the-top exaggerations that turn serious matters–like domestic violence and sexual abuse–into hyped up redemption stories that, without fail, have a good guy, a bad guy, and some kind of pathological disruption. And they are at their best when they are tackling eating disorders–one of their most popular topic.

Revel in the late-90s fashion, the ultra-dramatic plot-lines, and the overall made-for-TV goodness with this gallery of the best/most absurd Lifetime movies about eating disorders.

But just a warning: these movies can be pretty triggering for a lot of women–in fact, many of them are favorites on pro-ana and other ED-specific websites. So if you’re in recovery, you may want to skip this gallery and find some of our other great articles.

Image: IMDB. All the rest are from the films themselves, most of which are on YouTube.

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    • Hannah

      On occasion, I’ll watch part of one of these movies as an anti-trigger. I don’t want to go through all that again, you know? I had never seen Kate’s Secret before, but I watched it last night. As ED movies go, I thought it was good. It wasn’t full of tips and tricks, and, while the music and stuff like that were over the top, the parts about Kate’s bulimia were neutral and accurate. I’m kind of glad I watched it, honestly.