What 100 Calories Of Meat Looks Like

200 calories of chicken

Beginning this week, you’ll probably start seeing nutritional labels on your raw meat–you know, the kind you buy in the styrofoam at the butchery counter in the grocery store. But even with the labels, which until now, have been highly unspecific and unregulated, portions can still be confusing if you’re not a math whiz who can convert pounds to ounces in the blink of an eye. What exactly does 100 calories of meat look like?

I chose 100 calories because it’s a measurement we’ve used before, and because it should help give you an idea of how various meats stack up against one another.

To make sure I got everything just right, I trotted down to my local sustainable, humane butcher shop (thanks, Rain Shadow Meats!) and was basically the most irritating customer of the day, as my new buddy Max (who has a butcher knife tattoo behind his ear–that’s how much he loves his job) painstakingly weighed out exactly 100 calories (to the ounce) of 5 different kinds of meats.

So, if “a deck of cards” isn’t a helpful estimate when it comes to postion controls, take a peak at this images. Just for reference, the plate I used is small.

Images: All mine

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    • Lisa

      I know I eat more than 100 cal of meat! I can’t help it. It tastes so good!

    • chris

      How gross does that slab of flesh look? ew. Go vegan/veggie for your health *now*