In Defense Of Thin Mints: Let Me Have My Annual Unhealthy Indulgence

Damn you, Thin Mints. All light and chocolatey and unhealthy. Every year you make your way into my home and make yourself utterly irresistible. Who can possibly buy just one box (even though they are a staggering $4 a piece right now)? And who can possibly eat just four of them (the amount of a serving size according to their label)? Sure, they may be unhealthy, but this year instead of declaring war against them, I have decided to make peace. In fact, I believe the world would be a better place if more people ate Thin Mints.

Here’s the thing. Yes, four (very small, I might add) Thin Mints amount to 160 calories, 8 grams of fat and 10 grams of sugar. And yes, I would venture to guess that most Thin Mint fans eat way more than four of these cookies a day (at least I do. Sometimes two to three times that “suggested serving”). But they make me happy. And happiness is good for my mental health. And, a good mental state equals positive attitudes and choices in my life. Therefore, Thin Mints are healthy (work with me here).

They only come out once a year, and it’s like a special treat when my neighborhood Girl Scout shows up unexpectedly at my doorstep with her little order form. “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”, she asks. “Hells to the YES!”, I want to scream. But instead, I simply respond, “Of course. Anything for you girls.” That’s such a lie too, because it really has nothing to do with wanting to do my part and help serve the Girl Scouts. I only want to serve my taste buds.

I try to act all cool and nonchalant when the big day arrives and this little girl finally comes back to my door, cookies in hand. “Oh great, my kids will be very happy,” I lie again. Truth be told, I hide these bright green boxes from my kids. They just don’t respect the Thin Mint–they think they are just as good as Oreos. Gads. Have I not taught them anything these last 15 years?

Aside from my neighborhood Girl Scout, I also round up boxes from the girls outside the grocery store. And I make my husband buy some from the parents at work who sell them for their kids. Did I mention that all of this makes me feel like an addict? Like, if I only get a couple boxes here and there, no one will suspect I truly have a problem.

When I start eating them, there’s just no stopping me. I nibble on them for breakfast (with a green smoothie, like that makes it OK); I devour them in bed. Hell, I even have a stack of them on my desk right now–for “research” as I write this, you know.

So, no, I don’t stop at just four. Sometimes it’s the whole damn sleeve. But you know what? They put me in a better mood. They make me smile and annoyingly say “Mmmm” with each one. And, I believe, they make me a happier, mentally-healthier person.

So go forth and indulge in Thin Mints right along with me. It’s our duty to make this world a better place.

Oh, and if you’re determined to find a healthier version, here are some DIY Girl Scout recipes you can try. But, I can’t believe anything tastes quite this good.



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    • Kayla

      I truly, deeply, unconditionally love Samosas. I don’t know how many are in a serving or how much nutrition (or lack thereof) they provide. All I know is they are delicious, and I am now panicking that it’s Girl Scout season and I have yet to spot one.

    • Confused Truffle

      This is the golden moment that everyone faces with Girl Scout cookies.
      I, unfortunately, get this way about Tagalongs. They are the evil peanut buttery sidekick to the Thin Mint.

      That damn creamy texture and sweet solace.
      Cheers to you, Girl Scout cookie connoisseur! Munch on!