Lindsay Lohan’s ‘SNL’ Promo: A Good Case Against Plastic Surgery

lindsay lohan SNL face fillersLindsay Lohan‘s ‘SNL’ promo came out earlier this week, and she talked to Matt Lauer about it—and her recovery—on the Today Show yesterday. But all I can think is: This is why no one should get plastic surgery. Lohan’s had work done on her teeth, lips, and breasts before, but now it appears that she’s ticked ‘facial fillers’ off the cosmetic surgery bucket list. Friends and coworkers all have varying reactions to the results, but the resounding sentiment is that she just looked so much better before she got anything done.

Lindsay is 25 years old, but with the help of cosmetic procedures, her face is racing towards 49—the same age as her mother, Dina. Witness the transformation…

Dina, Lindsay, and Ali Lohan in 2006:

dina lindsay ali lohan 2006

Dina and Lindsay in 2008:

dina and lindsay lohan

Lindsay’s SNL promo, compared to Dina now:

Plastic surgery has done far worse to women, but Lindsay’s transformation is particularly sad. It’s a shame that she’s become nearly unrecognizable from her pretty teen self in just six years; it’s tragic that a gorgeous woman in her twenties feels the need to dramatically alter herself.

I’m not going to say that women should absolutely never go under the knife for the sake of vanity; we live in a complicated world where achieving healthy self-esteem is complicated, and we’re all confronted with conflicting messages about aging, beauty and body image. But Lindsay Lohan’s ‘SNL’ promo makes me think that we could all stand to work more on the messages we send and receive about all that, instead of getting plastic surgery to abide.

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    • Lisa

      She looked sooo much better w/o plastic surgery. Why does she need any at 25 anyways? Crazy!

    • Melissa

      The rest of this site is full of articles decrying “slut shaming” and “fat shaming.”. Isn’t this,too, body shaming? I’ll go to the Daily Mail if I want to read about how terrible Lindsey’s plastic surgery is. I expected Blisstree to be a bit more positive.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Hi Melissa, like I said in the article my point isn’t to shame her for getting plastic surgery. Like I said in the post: it’s tragic that a gorgeous woman in her twenties feels the need to dramatically alter herself, and to me, this is a good argument in favor of staying away from plastic surgery.

    • George

      All a result of emotional-insecurity issues. She definitely did not need any facial fillers and especially at her age. All psychological issues in my humble-happiness would have done a better job.

      • Elena

        I saw a clip of her on SNL this a.m. She looks twice her age. What was she thinking? Feel kind of sorry for her. . .

    • Elena

      I just saw a clip of her on SNL. She looks twice her age. Kind of feel sorry for her. . .

    • Ben

      Where was Lindsay’s MOMAGER when she was going to this Quack of a doctor??

      She truly does look like an aging tranny–

    • Frances Gasparotto

      I am saddened when I see Lindsay. I look at her mother and I see what Lilo will look like when she is 50. A washed up old hasbeen!