6 Eco-Friendly Home Remedies For Embarrassing Problems

There’s a cream, a pill, or a powder for just about everything these days. Unfortunately, a lot of them contain questionable fillers, and are fairly expensive. Which seems silly, when eco-friendly home remedies can treat dandruff, bad breath, and even itchiness below the belt just as well–and are even cheaper than an aspirin between the knees.

Whether you’ve got smelly feet or a flaky scalp, your kitchen and bathroom may contain just the solution you need to alleviate the irritation and whisk away the shame. And even if you don’t already have the ingredient in question (what, you don’t have tea tree oil just lying about?), they’re all relatively inexpensive, can be used for a multitude of ailments, and are generally good to keep on hand.

Image:  doglikehorse via Shutterstock

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    • K

      Baking soda has replaced so many of my toiletries. I wash my hair with it, mix it with hydrogen peroxide for toothpaste, and leave it powdered mixed with corn starch for a great anti-perspirant/deodorant blend. I love it and probably look crazy whenever it’s on sale and I stock up.

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        K, I’m right there with you. Baking soda is probably one of the most-used ingredients in my house…in everything!

    • Confused Truffle

      Great tips! Unfortunately, my body doesn’t work with prunes like everyone claims theirs does.
      Thanks for posting!

    • London Property Management

      Great tips…Now a days, people prefer to go for Eco friendly products, which is not only good for them but also its a healthy deal for nature also.