Rachel Maddow Explains Birth Control To Rush Limbaugh And The GOP

Rachel Maddow gave yet another lesson on birth control for Rush Limbaugh and other GOP supporters who’ve been calling Sandra Fluke a slut for her statements in support of contraceptive coverage. She says his inflammatory statements are meant to be just that: His job, after all, is all about causing outrage for better ratings on talk radio. What’s more disturbing than his offensive statements about Sandra Fluke is that he doesn’t seem to understand how birth control works. So, like when she went into the “man cave” to teach Mitt Romney and other dudes about birth control, she gave yet another quick lesson in human biology for Limbaugh–and other members of the GOP who don’t seem to understand how it works.

Limbaugh has repeatedly scathed Fluke and other women for “having so much sex” that they can’t afford birth control. His solution to their financial problems is to simply “have less sex.” Maddow points out, as many of us have this week, that the amount of hormonal birth control needed–and thereby the cost of hormonal birth control–doesn’t change depending on how much sex you have. You can have sex once a month or ten thousand times a month, and you’ll still require the same amount.

Watch this clip from her show last night for the full lesson if you’re still confused, or if you just want a very good summary of the events surrounding Fluke and Limbaugh this week:

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    • Karen

      Limbaugh thinks Ms Fluke is a slut for having what he considers to be too much sex simply because she believes contraceptives should be available to anyone who needs them, including when they are not used specifically to prevent pregnancy resulting from sexual activity. However, he does not seem to think there is anything questionable about his immediate offer to watch video of “sluts” having sex as a form of “repayment”. Women at least a generation younger than he is. Interesting set of ethics.


      This man is a pig and an idiot.

    • chris

      I wouldn’t mind if he got hit by a bus tomorrow quite frankly. How this man has the influence and power he does with his radio show is beyond me…to say such horrible, f*cked up and ignorant things about women. Its also a testimony to how deep misogyny runs with some men in this country and it’s just startling. The best thing that can happen to this stupid pig is people just stop listening to his sweaty, fat ass and he loses his audience and just shuts the F up since he’s so irrelevant and anachronistic.

      Rachel was awesome there and totally owned his ass. Cause yah, he clearly, and not surprisingly, had no clue how contraceptives work. Men like that don’t take time to know anything…they view all women as one-dimensional sluts anyway.

    • Laura

      ok so I’ve watched the clip… and actually I’m pretty sure your standard hormonal birth control pill does prevent conception (although the morning after pill is hormonal, that’s not what I’m talking about)

      “The hormones prevent your ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulating). They also make it difficult for sperm to reach an egg, or for an egg to implant itself in the lining of the womb.”
      copied from: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Contraception/Pages/Combinedpill.aspx

      but yeah, you take one a day, not each time you have sex…

      • Briana Rognlin

        Laura, you’re right… that’s why people have been arguing about the ‘life begins at conception’ laws that Romney says he would support. Because hormonal birth control pills don’t actually prevent pregnancy by blocking conception, they prevent pregnancy by blocking fertilization, and making implantation and growth of a fertilized egg difficult or impossible.

    • Lisa M

      Not going to lie, his comments make me feel violated. Like… what, just because I’m a lady who takes birth control for medical reasons, I don’t have the right to privacy?

      Oh, right, because as a woman, I’m not actually a person.

    • Emilie

      It’s baffling how little the GOP seems to know about sex, reproduction, and contraception. Beyond disturbing.

      What I’d also like to know is if we women are going to have to endure slut-shaming if we want to take any sort of prescribed contraception (which in some cases may not even relate to how sexually active we are–some women take the pills for cramps, or serious PMS, etc.), why don’t men have to endure it for taking Viagra? Last time I checked, that was a medication prescribed for one purpose only, and there’s never been any debate about it being covered by insurance.

    • Mike Hokslong

      Why would a lesbian like Maddow need birth control?

      • Briana Rognlin

        Mike – good question! This is another thing that Limbaugh and others don’t seem to understand: That birth control can be prescribed for a variety of uses beyond just preventing pregnancy. This is actually one of the main points that Sandra Fluke made when she testified for congress—her friend lost an ovary because she has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is treated with hormonal contraceptives, and she couldn’t afford it because Georgetown wouldn’t cover it on their health plan.

        I think this just proves the point that whether you’re a man or woman, gay or straight, you need to learn about this issue and care about it, because it’s important for everyone’s health.


      • Dianna

        You’re fucking retarded. It’s to protect other women.

    • Connie

      Being 65 and not needing birth control does not matter. This man is sick he hates women. I have heard him degrade women on his show and this should not be allowed. Men treat women bad enough he should not be on the radio influencing them.

    • Janet Pettit

      If the controversy about the pill were only about the Catholic’s and other religious groups’ opposition to birth control, why have the 2 methods of birth control, i.e., vasectomy and the tying of women’s fallopian tubes, not been included in the discussion? They’re all covered by insurance and the purpose of these operations is EXCLUSIVELY about preventing pregnancies when only 40% of women use the pill exclusively for birth control while another 60% percent also use it for other hormonal problems. Paying for the pill is an expense most college women can ill afford but must use to delay motherhood while preparing for a career. Sterilization or tube tying is not an option for young women when they might want children in the future.

      No, the problem is an age-old one: single women and their sexual lives are to be controlled… by the church and society. “Hanky-panky” is ok for men, verboten for women.

      Personally, as a woman, I resent my insurance paying for men’s viagra.

    • Dean

      Relax folks. El Rushbo is only on temporary loan to us and we can only hope he ends his “career” in Glenn Becki Becki Stan Stan Stan.

    • Tippy

      Rachel is correct. Men have way too much say so about this. Limbaugh is a bloated pig and I think over the next few months,he will slowly fade away, especially after the Nov. elections. But one thing I find interesting is this:as many times as he has attacked Michelle Obama, where was the outrage then? I know the argument is that she’s a public figure (FLOTUS), but as a woman of color myself, and an old one at that, I’m kind of seeing an Emmett Till moment here, and oddly enough Rush is Emmett. Till was a 14 yr old boy in 1950′s MS who was murdered for looking at a white women. It seems like Rush can shoot of his filthy ignorant pie hole about anything, anybody, but let it be a young white woman who could be “the girl next door” or “your daughter or sister”, it’s time to go after him. I’m not defending this creep, but I have to wonder…where was the outrage when it was our elegant beautiful Mrs. Obama?