Fertility Stock Photos: Test Tube Babies And Hourglasses Galore

When I say the word “fertility” to you, what comes to mind? I’ll give you a few moments …. Okay. So you thought of dead shrubs, toy babies in test tubes, women clutching alarm clocks to their vaginas and syringes full of baby bibs, right? No? Oh, then clearly, you are not someone who dreams up concepts for stock photos. Searching “fertility” in our stock photo database for a post last week, those are exactly the kind of images I came across in abundance. Want to see these—and more!—absolutely icky conceptions of what fertility means to the the stock photo lords? Well, you’re in luck ….

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    • Briana Rognlin

      I don’t know what’s better: baby o’clock, or the beer/pregnancy test combo?

    • Lindsay Cross

      As someone who writes about infertility on a weekly basis, THANK YOU! Fertility stock photos are soooo creepy! Who comes up with that crap?

    • kibbe

      I just want to meet the models for these stock photos. haha