Brains Or Boobs? Many Young Women Would Choose The Latter

Is the measure of a woman her brains or her bra size? A lot of young UK women seem to feel it’s the latter: A new poll found one-third would trade IQ points for bigger boobs.

The survey of 1000+ 18-25 year-old women also found that 41% would rather gain a cup size or two than greater intelligence. And 44% said they would rather be slimmer than smarter, while nearly the same percentage said they would give up IQ points to be their “ideal dress size.” The reasons given were that bigger breasts or a slimmer figure would make them “feel happier, be “more confident,” attract more men and do better in their careers.

This makes me so sad Do you know what big boobs can get you? Attention—and maybe certain privileges—from men. Do you know what a high IQ can get you? Practically anything you want.

Not that big boobs and intelligence are mutually exclusive, obviously. But … sheesh. Intelligence makes you independent—it’s something you can use to take care of yourself. Big boobs might attract a man (or woman) to help you out or take care of you, but staking your well-being and livelihood on someone else taking care of you is generally not a great option.

Please note that I’m not trying to put down the young women who said they thought big boobs or a slimmer waist would bring more to their life than more brainpower. These women don’t just create that message in a vacuum—it’s reinforced through experiences, media, culture. A whopping 79 percent of women surveyed said they’re judged more on appearance than on intelligence. With that in mind, perhaps it’s a wonder more of them didn’t go for the boobs over brains.

But while it’s indeed kind of tragic that so many young women feel this way, I wonder if the results would vary with older women. As a teenager and young adult—with few years yet in the workforce or university, and finding a mate high in your mind—the benefits of being attractive are quite tangible, while the benefits of intelligence may seem a bit more distant. I hope that women with some more life experience would place what you do in higher regard than what you look like.

At 29, I’m no genius or Victoria Secret’s model, but I have been blessed in life with both decent looks and a decent IQ—and I can tell you that brains have gotten me a lot further than beauty thus far. That’s something that’s only likely to hold more true with age. Looks fade. Attraction fades. Boobs sag. Love ends. But intelligence is something you can keep with you throughout life.

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    • Jessie

      Don’t you compare breasts to brains. You do not know anything about woman with large breasts. Just because you seem flat does not mean you can judge large breasted woman. I know a few large breasted woman who are talented and brilliant. Its true. Most woman do get what they want by their breasts but you shouldn’t judge all woman. I do not like you at all. I fucking get sick of you people complaining about breasts. Having no brains but big breasts is a fucking stereotype. The same goes the other way. I am happy with my breasts Im only 14 and a 14C cup. I am also sharp, most of the time. I hear young girls like me or female teens say they have small breasts and they end up finding crazy ways to make them bigger. Usually all they hear is this advice I read earlier ”You should be happy with your breasts as they are” or ”I have large breasts, but they annoy me because guys just stare at them all day”. These people isn’t giving these girls the right advice they needed. I know the look on their faces when they hear that advice, in their mind their probably saying ”Yeah but, I want the attention, I want big breasts, I want guys to notice my chest”. It is because A and B breasts sized girls are so common that when guys and girls see something new they want that. Its like having a toy everybody knows then someone comes along with another toy, something brand new and then its noticeable world wide. But not everybody can get the toy, this toy is rare. That is how I would describe it.
      But if you seriously aren’t happy with your breasts, just make sure you keep your body clean and healthy. You don’t fully develop your breasts until your in your 20-25′s anyways. And if they don’t grow at all. Just make your face pretty have a good sense of style, guys like a girl who is hygienic and makes themselves sexy for a man.
      If there are big breasted woman who look like whores, just leave them alone. They fucking get enough complaints already.
      And our tits wont sag until your in your fucking 80′s, my grandmother is 63 and she works out often and when she puts on a dress her breasts look great underneath they are saggy but the only person who will be seeing that is her fucking husband who is 10 years older than her. My mother is 43 and she looks like she is in her 30′s with 36DD bra size. So I cant wait when I’m my moms age, still looking young, living the life, with brains and big tits.
      This is a complaint and to piss you off with the truth. Don’t fucking write shit like that again. Write your complaints in a diary or some shit and don’t send it.

      • Travis

        Are you fucking retarded? Did you not read the entire thing? Easy quote: ”
        Not that big boobs and intelligence are mutually exclusive, obviously.”

        Next time, before you get all pissy and go on a fuckhuge rant to “piss you off with the truth”, try using some grade-A reading comprehension and realizing this wasn’t comparing the two, but comparing what young women would prefer.

        People like you piss me off.

      • Jessie

        Ew. Fuck off you old dick. Go suck on some old man balls pull his pants down and suck it dickshit.