• Thu, Mar 8 2012

Hooray! The 2012 Olympics Will Be Streamed On YouTube For Free

2012 olympics

I’m not sure about you, but I’m getting pumped for the 2012 Olympics in London–mostly because it’s the first year for women’s boxing, and I’m rooting for Seattleite and all-around champion Queen Underwood. But up until today, I was concerned that, like so many sports (when was the last time you watched dressage? Archery?), the overlords at NBC would opt not to show it, instead sticking with traditional crowd-pleasers like soccer. But this year there’s no need to worry, because YouTube and NBC have reached an agreement, and will stream the whole thing online, in its entirety–for free.

Yup, beginning on July 27, you can check out NBCOlympics.com to get all the track and field, rhythmic gymnastics, and Judo you can shake a stick at.

This is great news for fans of obscure games, like sailing and taekwondo, which traditionally don’t get any airtime. It’s also a smart idea for the NBC, because they’ll ensure huge pageviews (the games will be streaming on their website, using YouTube’s player technology) and plenty of advertising, without alienating the hoards of young people who no longer have TVs, and who are often forced to go watch the games in bars or at other places that have them.

Of course, there’s one big drawback with live streaming: because of the time difference (it’s taking place in London, remember), many of the games and sports will be aired in what is essentially the middle of the night for those of us watching stateside. But a few late nights are a small price to pay to get to actually decide what to watch, without being at the mercy of NBC’s programming team.

What are you looking forward to seeing? Ultra-inspiring female weight-lifters who can practically hoist a car overheard? Awesome runners who can blaze by the competition at the speed of light? Female boxers, who are mercifully being given the choice whether or not to box in skirts? Stella McCartney‘s uniforms?


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  • Jim Dish

    No need to worry? Are you sure about this because I read the letters NBC. They will find a way to screw it up or pull a bait-and-switch. Guaranteed!