10 Quick Breakfast Recipes To Help You Spring Forward This Weekend

quick steel cut oats
Daylight Savings Time is here early this year, so on Sunday, March 11, it’s time to spring forward. Which means we lose an hour of sleep…or an hour of time for breakfast prep. We think you should stay in bed, so we found ten quick breakfast recipes to help you spring forward.

Some are vegetarian, vegan, and some are loaded with protein. But they’re all a healthy way to start your day, without taking much time:

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    • Jennifer (Savor)

      Thank you for the breakfast linky lovins!

    • dwightholland

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    • Lisa Sherratt

      I just read this and then freaked out about DST starting this weekend, only to find that it doesn’t change until 25th March? Why are you posting this this weekend! Some of us have to be up on Sunday mornings and don’t wanna be thinking about losing an hours sleep!

      • EB

        Yes, DST does in fact start tomorrow, March 11th.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Hmmm, I know Arizona and Hawaii didn’t start DST, but the rest of us are on DST now… I know, it crept up on us this year!

    • KerHer

      Here in Minnesota, DST starts at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning TOMORROW – March 11th. NOT March 25th. Where does it start March 25th?