Nutrition Showdown: Best & Worst Picks From Taco Bell, Qdoba And Chipotle

Taco Bell rolled out its new ‘Doritos Locos’ tacos this week (only nacho-cheese flavored shells for now, but don’t you fret, cool ranch shells are in the works). I ranted a little about the Doritos tacos last month, which got us here at Blisstree wondering how Taco Bell tacos and burritos compare with those of fast-food Tex-Mex competitors like Chipotle and Qdoba. Chipotle seems like the healthiest choice, with its commitment to fresh vegetables, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and sustainability. But in terms of fat, calories and sodium content, does Chipotle come out ahead? Let’s compare!

It’s actually somewhat difficult comparing the three chains, because of their differing menu items and all the different ingredients you can pick from (check out the way calorie content varies between Chipotle’s four salsa options, for example). I tried to find one of the healthiest and one of the unhealthiest options from each place.

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