Pimp My Health: 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy

When was the last time you made it through the entire day without feeling tired? If you can’t remember (like many of your fellow worn-out Americans), it could be a sign that the energy systems in your body are either slightly or completely out of whack. So what gives?

Assuming you are otherwise healthy and don’t have a virus, hormone imbalance or other illness, it can be a mystery as to why so many of us are reaching for caffeine at regular intervals throughout the day. That’s why this week on Pimp My Health, we want to pimp your energy. We’ve done some digging and, of course there are the usual remedies like getting more sleep (easier said than done), but we also found some alternative ways to boost your energy–caffeine free! Take a look:

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    • Mann

      Pretty clear.. great tips.

      I have to agree, we don’t get to finish the day without getting tired lately.