Reproductive Rights Roundup: Abortion Myth Debunked, Ultrasound Bill Signed And More

The birth control and abortion-related media frenzy continued this week, as an ultrasound bill was signed into law in Virginia, Rush Limbaugh continued his blab blab blabbing about sluts, Michele Bachmann warned women that free contraception was a slippery slope toward the U.S. becoming communist China, and state legislatures across the U.S. continued trying to get all up in our reproductive business. Like I wrote last week: It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on where in terms of all these abortion and contraception battles; what you should be concerned about and what’s just plain silly; what’s likely to make an impact. So once again, I’m rounding up the week’s reproductive rights news—good, bad and weird—for you here. Read it and weep, ladies. Or get mad. Or write a rap song about it, like Amber Tamblyn did.

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    • MissTee

      I know people who have had abortions, some for medical reasons and some for other reasons. I know people who have had miscarriages at various stages. I know people who have given children up for adoption, and I know people who have kept their accidental children.

      Of all of them, the ones that have had the most mental difficulty surrounding the issue were the ones who gave their babies up for adoption. Though they always felt it was the right decision, giving that child away hurt them deeply.