8 Celebrities Who Have Shilled For Diet Pills


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Last week, we learned that diet pills are basically useless. Some may curb your appetite or hit you with a blast of energy, but for the most part, they rarely live up to their claims of fast weight loss. But one thing they are capable of doing is lining the pockets of celebs who agree to endorse them. From Snooki to Jillian Michaels, these stars have advertised for weight loss solutions that, by and large, don’t help you lose weight.

Seeing a trusted celeb (especially one whose entire career is based on getting fit) on a bottle of pills at the drugstore may make them seem more legit, but don’t be fooled–they’re still dangerous, widely unregulated, and don’t work. Most of the time, the person on the bottle isn’t just taking pills and losing weight–they probably also have an army of “people” who help them look that way. Or at least, enough money to have their portion-controlled meals delivered.

Additionally, when you’re paying for a celebrity-sponsored diet pill, you’re also paying for the celebrity to get paid. Which is why many of these drugs are more expensive. It’s not because they’re better or contain secret fat-blasting ingredients–it’s because the overhead is a lot higher when you have to pay the Kardashians for their image on the package.

But advertising for diet pills doesn’t make these famous folks bad people–just people who have to eat and make a living. And if they’re willing to associate with a dumb, dangerous, unregulated drug, well, that’s their prerogative. But whether or not you trust them? That’s yours.

Flip through this album to see who’s jumped on the diet pill bandwagon.

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