Georgia Rep Wants To Force Women To Carry Stillborn Fetuses…Like Cows Do

In today’s news about more men who want to control women’s bodies, Georgia’s state representative, Terry England, wants to force us to carry stillborn fetuses to term–just like cows and pigs do, he says. Because, you know, women are just like barnyard animals.

England was speaking on the floor of the Georgia legislature in favor of HB 954, a bill which makes it illegal to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks, which is fine for him to take that stance and many people would even agree with that. However, he was pushing for that law to also apply to women who are carrying a stillborn fetus or one that is likely to die before it reaches term, making it illegal for women to have the dead fetus removed until their bodies do so naturally.

As if that insensitivity wasn’t enough, he then referenced the livestock on the farm where he once worked and how they had to sometimes deliver stillborn animals:

Life gives us many experiences…I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive. Delivering pigs, dead or alive. It breaks our hearts to see those animals not make it.

In other words, if a cow or pig can give birth to a dead baby, then a woman should too. So what if it’s just plain cruel to force a woman to carry a stillborn fetus to term and then make her undergo labor. We are no different than cows or pigs, right? Yeah, that’s logic that just makes a lot of sense and is filled with so much compassion and understanding of women.

Representative England then proceeded to tell the story of a young man who was opposed to a bill outlawing chicken fighting, saying he would give up all of his chickens if the legislature simply took away women’s right to an abortion.

So now women’s rights are equated to those of pigs, cows…and chickens?

Take a look at the fine lawmaker’s speech and let us know what you think:


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    • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

      Oh, goodness, gracious. He really should have thought a bit harder before making that barnyard animal analogy …

    • Lilac

      Um…sometimes the body won’t get rid of the dead fetus but instead calcify it so it becomes like a giant stone inside. This happened to a woman in India ans she carried the stone child for 32 years (or something like that) before complications became so bad she had to seek big city help. Can you imagine? Having the body of a full term pregnant woman for years because your body was unable to get ride of the still born full term baby inside?

    • RealityChck

      I say if he gets cancer, force him to carry the tumor until his body expels it naturally… or he passes away from it, whichever comes first.

      What a pig. Good luck getting re-elected.

    • Connie Hosker

      Mr. England speaks of absolute rubbish. I can see he has never been in the shoes of a stillborn parent or grandparent. The thoughts of my daughter in law carrying my sweet granddaughter in her womb lifeless with no heartbeat for an extra month is absurd. I would like to share my story with you…

      “First off ~ I would like to say how sorry I am to hear of the loss of all our precious babies between 20 – 40 weeks gestation (stillborn). It is surely the most devastating situation to have to endure and there are no words to ease the pain. The path becomes a little less rocky as time goes on but the valleys and peaks remind us of the long soulful journey we all must make. I would like to share my story with you.

      “Now, I am in the same situation as you, thousands like you — like us — dealing with the loss of a child. The reasons may differ but the result is still the same, pain and heartache.

      I am an RN and my husband is an Emergency Room MD. I have four children and never thought anything of it. I had heard of stillbirths but thought they occurred during labor when there was a complication. Why should I think anything different? The medical profession has hidden the details and frequency from us all.

      Then came my son and my daughter in law. Their first child, a daughter, was born still at 36.3 weeks on June 28th, 2009. Danielle noticed no movement — for a baby that was very active a lot of the time – one Saturday. She had read the books which reassured her and my son that the babies slowed down at 36 weeks — that was normal. My son, now a resident at Emory, was a medical student at MUSC in Charleston at the time. We got the call on Saturday night, “We lost the baby.”

      I was in utter disbelief and total shock. What — How — What Happened? Bob told us it could be genetic, it could be an infection, it could be the cord, it could be a lot of things. My mind raced and was paralyzed at the same time. The ultrasound was done, there was no heartbeat.

      My precious granddaughter, our first, was now an angel. My heart ached and tears could not come. My daughter, Nicola, had just gotten married in Charleston on May 1, 2009. We were all set to welcome the newest member to the clan on July 24th.

      I think our angel was going to be Chloe Gabriella or Lillian Bleu – depending on her features and who she looked like. But we welcomed our precious Roberta Rae on June 28th with all of the love our hearts could hold, as well as, all of the sorrow. Bob, short for Robert, had nicknamed the baby, Roberta, after himself. That was what everyone called her and that was the name she had been hearing for eight months while Bob spoke to Danielle’s tummy. So, Bob and Danielle decided to call her the name she knew, the name she kicked to, the name she swam to and the name she danced to. Her “in utero” name was totally unplanned yet fit her perfectly.

      My husband and I are now committed advocates for the stillborn. We will do whatever it takes to enlighten the medical community and parents to be, as well as, to find a cause as to “WHY” when there are or are not any answers.

      I don’t know if you are familiar with Dr. Jason Collins of The Pregnancy Institute,, in Louisiana. He has been researching the issue of Umbilical Cord Accidents (UCA) for over 20 years. According to research by Dr. Collins and like minded Obstetricians throughout the world, the cord is a definite risk factor contributing to stillbirth and a definite catalyst for stillbirth from 28 weeks onward. In the words of Dr. Collins, “Why is no one talking about this?”

      My brother was killed by a drunk driver when he was 12 back in 1967. I don’t think my father ever got over the loss. My mother was amazing. Of course she was filled with grief, but she gathered up the pieces and made our lives as children wonderful. She didn’t skip a beat. She laughed, cheered her baseball team on the TV and life went on. I want it to be that way for me, for Danielle and Bob, for everyone who experiences the birth of a precious sleeping one. I don’t want the grief to consume us. I want us to be able to smile when we hear the name, Roberta Rae.

      Perhaps my sweet stillbirth mom, Kristina, said it best on Facebook, “You don’t get over it, you just get through it. You don’t get by it, because you can’t get around it. It doesn’t get better, it just gets different. Everyday…Grief puts on a new face.”

      I know there is a joy which is lying ahead for us ~ and ~ we will be able to grasp it. I wish it could be our possession today ~ but sometimes really wonderful things take time.

      Very sincerely yours,
      Connie Hosker
      On Blogspot ~
      On Twitter ~ BabieBeat

    • clays

      Read the bill this article is a lie.

      A person commits the offense of criminal abortion when, in violation of Code Section 16-12-141, he or she administers any medicine, drugs, or other substance whatever to any woman or when he or she uses any instrument or other means whatever upon any woman with intent to produce a miscarriage or abortion.

      a) As used in this chapter, the term:
      (1) ‘Abortion’ has the meaning provided by Code Section 31-9A-2.

      Code Section 31-9A-2
      (1) ‘Abortion’ means the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device with the intent to terminate the pregnancy of a female known to be pregnant. The term ‘abortion’ shall not include the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device employed solely to increase the probability of a live birth, to preserve the life or health of the child after live birth, or to remove a dead unborn child who died as the result of a spontaneous abortion. The term ‘abortion’ also shall not include the prescription or use of contraceptives.

      • Sophie

        @clays–you are the liar.

      • Sophie

        I forgot to mention that abortion is STILL A LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE in this country. State by state restrictions are violations of Roe v Wade.

      • clays


        Thats the text of the bill…

        You think the text of the bill lies about whats in the text of the bill?

    • A Maccabee

      This is the second article I’ve seen today that is not true.

      The language in the Bill is legalese(mumbo-jumbo) but this bill does not say a dead fetus can’t be removed. Who would believe that? Of course if at any time during your pregnancy the fetus dies it will be removed by your OB. Most women’s body immediately starts to reject and expel a fetus that is dead but some don’t………they usually find out the baby died when they go to their doctor and there is no heartbeat. No matter how many weeks pregnate you are the dead fetus will be removed. A fetus that dies in utero late in the pregnancy is called a ‘still birth’ because upon learning the fetus is dead labor is induced and the fetus is removed.

      This Bill is intended to define when it is too late to ask for an elective abortion. 20 weeks the fetus is considered viable outside of the uterus. Some states have laws that define ‘too late’ as 24 weeks or 16 weeks. That is all this bill does is define when elective abortions will no longer be done. IF it is not specifically defined as in Kansas you will find some doctors willing to do an elective abortion no matter how many weeks….if the woman wants to have an elective then doctors, like Dr. Tiller, would do late term abortions.

      While this congressman, England, was pretty stupid to talk about cows and pigs he was only speaking in favor of the bill which will not allow ELECTIVE Abortions after 20 weeks.
      The author of this article didn’t check her facts.

      • Bruce

        The article doesn’t say the bill included that. It says This guy wanted that. There’s a difference. This is correct

      • Sophie

        A Maccabee-
        NO, you did not check your “facts?” A fetus is not considered viable at twenty weeks–and you are an ignorant, misogynistic moron.

        So, the fine legislator from the fine state of Georgia did not mention, cows, pigs, and chickens when referring to this heinous legislation? Apparently, you cannot read.

      • KozzyX

        Yes you are right to a certain extent. The bill does not state that a fetus can’t be removed, but… we aren’t talking about the contents of the bill; we are talking about England’s belief of “women not having the fetuses removed.”

      • Peeps1

        Show me a medical document that states a fetus is viable at 20 weeks? They have NO lungs at that point and lungs do NOT grow after birth.

    • I little more sense

      Dr. Tiller is dead he was killed and he is no longer killing babies. i’m pro life but as a woman that has had a stillborn I don’t wish anyone the pain of waiting to deliver naturally I was induced and those 14 hours were horrific. I hope no one in this persons life ever goes through this ether.

      • Sophie

        Dr. Tiller did not “kill babies.”
        He helped women who had severe health issues–women who could not carry a fetus to term, for compelling reasons–or in the case of a stillborn or extremely compromised, unviable fetus.
        So many “pro-life” women are anti-abortion, anti-choice, even after admitting that they had to have an abortion. Perhaps you could find some compassion for the now dead Dr. Tiller who was MURDERED by a supposedly “pro-life” zealots.

      • TheTruth

        The guy did abortions. He WAS a baby killer. These anti-life freaks are making me sick.

    • Kelley

      What a pig…this is disgusting. I found out at 20 weeks pregnant that my son was not going to be compatible with life outside the womb. I was given 2 weeks to decide if I wanted to terminate or carry the baby for 4 more months knowing he would die within minutes or hours if birth. I ended up not having to make the choice because 1 day before my 2 weeks was up, my son stopped kicking me and I KNEW he was gone. I’m so glad I didnt have to make the choice myself because no matter what I would have done, it wouldn’t have felt right. However, I am glad I had the option. If I would have been forced to carry my dead son in my tummy for 4 months I probably would have lost my mind or killed myself. No person, man or woman, has ANY right to even speak on this topic unles they have been through it. I know what it feels like to labor for 14 hours knowing the outcome would be unimaginable. Unless you have handed your lifeless child over to a nurse or funeral director knowing you would never see their sweet face again, then shut up. You have NO IDEA! This jackass needs to be castrated…

      • Lois B

        I’m sorry for your loss… I can’t imagine how devastating and psychologically damaging it could be to have to carry a dead baby to term :/ The comments from people about “when are you due?” would be enough to send any woman into hysterics… Fortunately NO ONE is taking this moron seriously!!

      • Chris

        I completely agree with you! I carried a baby for 13 weeks when we found no heartbeat. My doctor was not available at the time so I had to be treated by a colleague. He thought I should let nature take it’s course as well. I carried that baby inside me for 4 days knowing it had died before I went back to my doctor insisting something be done now! This man obviously must not have children. If life should be comparable to livestock then maybe he should be living in a barn eating with the rest of the swine!

      • PPS

        Kelley, I am so sorry for your loss. I have not experienced what you have but I too have lost a baby. I agree with you, there are pains in life that we are not supposed to understand. There are decisions so painful & so private that only those who will live with the consequences should be allowed to make them. Don’t believe in termination of a pregnancy no matter what the circumstances?…. don’t terminate but don’t think for even one second that you have the right to make that decision for another. The level of callousness in this moron’s proposal boggles the mind.

      • Rich


    • Rune

      ‎”So, lemme get this straight, cowboy, and I mean that because it took some time to suss out a point in that rambling speech there. You’ve experienced sadness at the stillbirths of cows and pigs, which is part of all kinds of experiences, so you think women should have what you suppose to be similar all kinds of experiences too, including possibly having to carry dead or as good as dead babies inside their own bodies, continuing to make all the sacrifices and face all the pains of pregnancy, compounded with the grief of a promise lost, their wombs become tombs, until such time as God or nature offers the mercy you would deny them, accepting whatever risk of sepsis or other complication may accompany them in that time. But there’s a salt-of-the-earth type cock-fighter willing to give them a chicken for it.

      I get that right?”

      • Laura Winik

        Rune, I could not have said better myself.

      • MataHari

        Rune, that was a great way to put it! A chicken should suffice, right?

    • Megan O’Brien

      Tell The man he can keep his chickens, as for me I will take a woman’s right to health care over your kinda craptastic diatribe any day.

    • What’sSauceForTheGoose

      OK, so to carry out the cow theme, let’s establish some other facts relative to raising cattle. 1) Only a few “bulls” will be allowed to keep their cherished equipment; the rest will become steers. 2) It isn’t the bulls themselves that decide who is qualified to honeymoon with the cows and who rides the truck to the feed lot; it’s the human who needs to control the animals’ procreation.

      Therefore: 1) Since there are far more male legislators than are needed for procreation, all but a very few need to be castrated. And 2) They will not choose among themselves to determine the ‘lucky winners,’ but women who need to control our human procreation.

    • Vicki

      Georgia, you seriously need to vote this man out of office! He is very disturbed!

    • claudia

      Mr. England’s experience with animals is appreciated. I also saw animals be born and die on our farm. The benefits of veterinary medicine were extended to them even sixty years ago, and I do not remember anyone advocating interference between the animal and its doctor in euthanizing or inseminating or vaccinating or any other procedures to promote their well being or relieve suffering. Mr. England Please extend AT LEAST the same decency to women of the human species as we do to animals!!

    • Tova

      Yeah! We have to make them carry the dead babies to term because an abortion is…killing….the dead baby….and stuff….

    • liz

      turning an argument based on morals into something frighteningly immoral

    • Brandon

      My father was a southern baptist minister. England has the unmistakable cadence of a preacher.

    • Three Ninjas

      Where does he actually say that he’s in favor of women carrying dead fetuses to term? He doesn’t say that in the video.

    • Play4Blood

      “In today’s news about more men who want to control women’s bodies”

      Stopped reading at this point. Impossible to take anything you say seriously when you start out with something this pointless.

      • beth

        oh i know,right ? i was like… eh…. no … screw that… then this part caught my eye
        In other words, if a cow or pig can give birth to a dead baby, then a woman should too.”

        uhmmmm wow…. i feel like i should smash peoples faces in after seeing this.

      • Kris

        Have you opened a news paper recently??? Yes, it is about men controlling womens bodies, like it or not, that is what they are doing when they try to restrict access to things like health care screenings, birth control and yes abortion. Who are the people pushing for these things, men, by in large.
        They didn’t even let a female on the panel to discuss reproductive rights. It was made of all male experts. Sorry, but when it’s men trying to take away the things that allow women to control their body and destiny, that is very much men controlling womens bodies.

    • The Mommy Psychologist

      I just can’t believe I keep reading these things. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I feel like I have unknowingly stepped into a time machine.

      “The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”

    • megdalena

      Maybe it’s a girl thing, but I could tell right away what sort of devastating effects that would have on, not only a woman’s body, but on her mind especially. Can you imagine? Not just the KNOWING that your baby is dead and you have to wait until your body rejects it naturally… but, the law was specific saying after 20 weeks would be the cut-off for aborting a dead fetus… 20 weeks is 5 months into a pregnancy, definitely a stage where pregnancy would be obvious to onlookers. So, not only would you know all the time that your baby was dead and you just had to WAIT… but other people would be able to see that you were pregnant, and they would ask you about it, and touch, and reminisce, and offer advice, and chitchat. People are drawn to pregnant women. They love seeing a woman with child. They love talking to her about it and touching her belly, with or without permission sometimes. To go out into the world every day with the fear that someone would ask or touch or even smile knowingly all the while the child you were so excited to meet some day was dead inside you???? It wouldn’t just be devastating. It wouldn’t just break your mind. It would kill your soul. It would turn every good thing about the world into a reminder during and after the pregnancy of why you want every minute of your life to just die.

      • Zoe

        That’s what I thought of too. It’s absolutely heartless even when you don’t add in how medically dangerous it is.

        My friend lost her baby at about twenty-two weeks. It nearly killed her. Having to literally carry that around for months. Ugh, so sickening.

    • Crog

      The guy said nothing about making women carry stillborns.

      The barnyard analogy is possibly taken out of context here, we are given NO context as to his analogy. If anything, the comment simply sounds like an “all life is precious” type deal.

      Also, you have completely botched the chicken comment. He was talking about some dude who he doesn’t even say he agrees with making a comment – NOT ABOUT WOMEN CARRYING STILLBORNS – but about (presumably) abortions (but we don’t even know that).

      Makes me wonder. Why don’t you show footage which actually backs up your claims?

      • Elizabeth

        It’s called sensationalist journalism: they show you the most incendiary part. Obviously he was talking about women’s reproductive rights etc, otherwise he wouldn’t have talked about the chicken guy’s comment. I wonder what his wife thinks of him…if any woman was crazy enough to actually marry the guy.
        Vote him out of office people, he’s sick.

      • Mandie

        Yeah, after watching the video the title was quite a bit misleading. But people will hate on anyone even alluding that they are against killing babies.

    • chris b

      im sorry but what century do we live in?

    • Caileach

      This man is a blooming idiot. Vote him out quick! What he is doing for things like our national debt? The war we are still fighting? Our economy?

      Please, Sir, share your solution with us for the things that really do matter….we are waiting with bated breath.

    • Stacey

      This guy is a man, no understanding whatsoever! Wow, what an idiot!

    • Mellie

      what an ASSHOLE

    • mary

      Maybe this guy needs to be castrated like they do cows!

      • Andres

        I so fully agree with you. If we follow his farming analogy well, In my grandpas farm we castrate every young bull, therefore, he should be castrated.

      • Sarah

        Cows are female, they cannot be castrated.

      • Pete Braven

        Yeah, have him neutered,.. stop his defective genes infecting our gene-pool!!

      • TheTruth

        Perhaps you should be stapled shut so you can’t get pregnant and slaughter babies in your womb!

    • Andres

      According to this guy’s analogy on how women should continue their pregnancy with a dead fetus, is like saying: “Most young men should be castrated, because on my farm we castrate most young bulls. If young bulls can be castrated, then young men should be castrated!” This guy is an immoral bastard who should be castrated, and most probably is one of those guys that like to go to those SMS hookers, with the dominatrix and get pissed on. Come on America, get your shit together and stop electing brainless douche bags like this guy!

    • Naomi

      I wonder if he’s one of those who is unwilling to accept that human beings are related to apes, and yet he sees fit to equate the lives and pregnancies of women to those of farm animals. Interesting.

    • KC


    • Mandie

      I completely agree with this Representative. I’ve know personally of too many cases where doctors declared a baby unfit to live and it came out perfectly healthy. In no way do i support killing babies. And I think the title to this article was very misleading after watching the video.

      • Wendy

        But the point is that the baby is already dead. You want to carry a dead baby in your body?

      • LaRae Meadows

        Really, you know of many cases. These cases are extremely rare but let’s say you do. So? Your personal experiences are not relevant to an over all statistical understanding. Most fetuses that are determined to be dead are dead. Most that test positive for severe medical issues have severe medical issues. We can’t base policy on outliers otherwise it would not be illegal to shoot someone in the face because some people survive being shot in the face.

      • Tobi

        Read these words carefully, “making it illegal for women to have the dead fetus removed until their bodies do so naturally.”

        The keywords here are DEAD FETUS. Not “likely to die.”
        Dead. Already dead.

        No woman wants to be forced to carry around her dead fetus longer than necessary.
        Besides, isn’t there an risk of, I don’t know, sepsis or other infection when you don’t expel a dead fetus soon enough?

      • Christina

        How do you personally know of “too any cases”? The point is there are decisions that are between a woman and her physician, and lawmakers should not deign to bend down from their high and mighty stance to interfere. I agree with most of the comments here. The man is an ass, an idiot, a pompous, self-righteous, dangerous imbecile.

      • M

        @Mandie, the central issue here (in addition to abortion) is that he’s comparing women to livestock and forcing them to carry a corpse to term. A CORPSE. INSIDE OF YOUR BODY. I mean, if you’re going to equate an unborn fetus with the same status as a full-grown person, hey — let’s make a parallel in the language, and call the stillborn a corpse, the same way you equate an abortion with a “killing.”

        But hey, all that vague anecdotal evidence of those legions of babies who were declared unfit to live that you’ve failed to present, I’m sure that’s a solid basis with which to legislate this issue.

        Also, if we’re going to treat people like livestock, just keep keep in mind that we grind up livestock into dog food and in the boonies, they still shoot livestock that breaks a leg. So hey, why not start grinding up people for dog food and shooting everyone who breaks a leg, seems like a logical way to regulate a populace . . .

      • Joseph B.

        You are an idiot on a whole ‘nother level of idiocy

      • Jennie

        I carried a dead baby inside me for a week, Mandie, and you evidently have no idea how appalling that is. Luckily I already had one live son, otherwise I would have died of grief. Because labour was induced , I went on to have two more and the experience of giving birth to that poor dead baby helped me to have a textbook-perfect natural birth the next time. I think of that as the gift he gave me.

        If I had had to carry that dead baby to term I would probably never have conceived again.
        Even after 25 years I am offended that someone like you should think that you can presume to pronounce on that experience – as for this ‘representative’, he should resign, now.

    • Wendy

      No, we are not that different from pigs and cows. We are all exploited. Instead of seeing this as an insult, maybe we can begin to see it as a commonality of oppression by a patriarchal, human-centered way of thinking and living.

      We think it’s wrong to do to women. It is. It is also wrong to do to other animals. There is no ethical or moral difference between humans and other animals. Let’s stand up for our sister species as we stand up for ourselves and make the oppression, not the comparison, the thing that horrifies us on all fronts.

      • Jackie

        Thank you for speaking to this larger point, Wendy. I think you’re absolutely right.

    • judy wammock

      I have never heard such a pompous ass…You should resign immediately as you are too stupid to serve the people…

    • Judy Wammock

      What a pompous ass…You should resign as you are not fit to serve the people….

    • tina

      because all women should aspire to be virgin cows

    • Sarah

      Millions of cows and pigs are slaughtered every day for profit. Yes it is sad to see stillborn animals be delivered, but half the time, those animals are killed for profit anyways. To stoop that low and say women are like cows and pigs, and should carry a stillborn to full term, is unhealthy in so many ways. Cows and pigs do nothing but eat and stand in fields for a living, or however short that might be. There is a reason humans are are at the top of the food chain. Not only can it be very harmful for a woman to miscarry, by bleeding to death, internal injuries, etc.; but we have, as humans, a higher functioning brain than farm animals. I am pretty damn sure that he would not be saying all this if he had a wife who was being forced to carry his dead child around until full term. He would actually shut that fat mouth of his and see the emotional damage that can be done to women when this happens, not only to her, but everyone around her also. This guy just needs to SHUT UP. HE BELONGS ON A FARM WITH THOSE ANIMALS INSTEAD.

    • karma_musings

      Video caption: “Rep. Terry England compares women to cows, pigs, and chickens”. Yeah. I’m comparing him to a jerk. Oh. No comparison needed; he IS a jerk.

    • Lorraine Grabauskas

      What an Ass! There, HE is a farm animal.
      And I also disagree with his statement about the guy who raises chickens for fighting – people who do that are _not_ the Salt of the Earth.
      Salt of the Earth People believe in common decency for ALL humans and animals.
      I truly hope this man does not win any future elections!

    • Tobi

      Isn’t there an risk of, I don’t know, sepsis or other infection when you don’t expel a dead fetus soon enough?

      • Zoe

        Well that’s what doctors say. But do you really want to trust centuries of knowledge from the entire medical community over a male politician without a medical license?

      • Magenta

        There actually is a case in India (I think that’s the country) whose dead fetus was never removed. Instead the fetus fossilized inside her body and caused severe health problems.

    • Lorraine

      On the farm, cows are branded with identifying marks. He needs to be branded with the word IDIOT across his forehead.

    • Nancy

      Idiot. Besides the danger of infection, there is ALSO the danger that the dead fetus, if not aborted naturally by the body (or expelled, as some prefer to say), could turn into a “lithopedion”, or “stone baby”.

      Wikipedia has a whole article on this…look it up and read about it.

      These people who suggest this type of legislation are beyond ignorant. Why they are in positions of lawmaking is a mystery to me.

    • Victoria Hubbard

      well I tell you what,… all those who want to do this in congress or whatever.. you do it FIRST and tell us how good it is.STUPID, STUPID, STUPID
      and your making the decisions for this country..STUPID!!!! I bet you wouldn’t put your daughter or wives thru this HELL and if you need to check yourself at the Gates….

    • Krista

      The ignorance of this proposition is obvious but I think what is more frightening is that this person is part of government decisions. He needs to educate himself on many matters apparently and anyone who would even hear his arguments is just as uneducated as he is. This is just about as idiotic as trying to force men who have prostate cancer to live with it and make treatment illegal. No wonder our country is such a mess.

    • Chibi

      Things like this make me wish it was still socially acceptable to carry around a sword everywhere you go. You wanna go medieval on my uterus, I’ll go medieval on your skull.

    • Brandi

      This honestly made me want to go kill myself. This is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read.

    • jools

      I have had 6 miscarriages,so hearing this makes me furious……ignorant prick.On one occasion,I was sent home from hospital,so that nature could take its course,and just having to have a dead fetus inside me for just one week was by far the worst experience of my life,and I was only 12 weeks gone,to have to carry a fully formed dead baby…well I cant imagine.Miscarriage isnt as easy as many people seem to think,it is agony,not just physically,but mentally too,there is risk of infection,even hemorrhage,This guy is a total arsehole.

      • Gracie Harry

        Totally agree. I had a missed miscarriage – my first scan showed that the fetus had stopped growing 6 weeks before the scan. It took a further 6 weeks for it to pass. I chose not to have a D&C because I have certain mental health issues that make handing over control to someone else (in this case a doctor) difficult. I didn’t anticipate the toll that carrying a dead fetus would take on me. I ended up in counselling because of the emotional/mental toll of the miscarriage – 6 weeks of constant bleeding and cramps with no idea when the fetus would pass. Two months later, I was back in hospital due to complications. I live in the UK but what these so-called-men are thinking is beyond me. They are ignorant to the facts and to how they are eroding women’s rights. The minute they can be voted out, you all need to take action to ensure that these men are NEVER in a position of power again!

    • Sam

      I cannot believe there is still a controversy over abortions.
      We are in a new era. If u r against it ok then u don’t need to get one whatever . But nobody should b able to tell a woman what to do with the chil she has created within herself. I do not love the idea of abortions but there are things that go on everyday in women’s life that call for an abortion. If she wants to carry a child who could have a disability it is her choice and if she chooses not to that is also her choice. It’s better than her making the wrong decision and the child being killed or growing up in a bad home. Also what about women who are raped they should fully be Aloted a chance for abortion. I know if my daughter were raped I woul hope she would get one. Holding on to a dead fetus or a child u know u can’t take care of does way more harm to a women than abortion does. This man is disgusting. I can’t even put together the correct words to describe this man. The closest I can get is ignorant assfuck. It appears the only life experience this man has gotten is on a farm and that is where he should stay. He does no have the mental capacity to belong in politics

      • Sara

        Did you actually just say it’s a woman’s choice to have an abortion because it’s better than “her making a wrong decision and the child being killed…” ??? What do you think an abortion is? If someone has an abortion, they are killing their child! I guess it’s better for the woman to do it than someone else. Your rationale makes absolutely no sense. Oh, and a woman does not “create a child within herself ” – yes, she certainly carries and delivers it, but it takes a man and a woman to “create a child” – she does not do it alone.

      • Faye

        Sara, are you really comparing the termination of a fetus to, let’s say, a 5 year old being beaten until he dies?

    • Pete Braven

      Terry England is a PRICK!
      If he’d paid attention on the farm, he’d know that carrying a dead foetus can and does cause massive problems for the mother. It can kill them.
      Oh,. that’s the idea I suppose.

    • R.C.

      It terrifies me that this man was actually elected into a position of power.

    • MataHari

      I can’t believe there are WOMEN who actually agree with the stuff this fucking asshole is saying! WOMEN! I mean, I can see if a man is unable to understand (for reasons of being an utter, insensitive prick). Most men I’ve come across express how horrified they are when they hear the shit people like Terry England say. And there aren’t pro-choice female-empowerment supporters. Regular, normal, next-door, guys! I agree that it’s the women’s choice whether to, or not to, carry her fetus to term. But I seriously believe that women who want to carry a DEAD child to term are masochists. I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you. Get some help! We Americans need to think twice before we call countries like India, and China backward. They seem to be light-years ahead of us in some areas!

      • John Thorpe

        Is dueling legal in Georgia? I should very much like the opportunity, if legal, to challenge this prick.

    • T Joyce

      Seriously? How the hell did this idiot get elected? First of all the emotional turmoil it causes a woman and the father of the baby is beyond anything you could imagine unless you have put through it. Not to mention it is not a guarantee that the body will naturally deliver the baby. Mr. England you are the barn animal you know the muel, what is the other name for it! Oh that’s right you’re an ASS!! Please citizens of Georgia get this male shovsnistic , back woods , probably a wife beater out of office.

    • Jess

      Wendy, I understand your point and agree with it somewhat, but shoehorning it into this debate is distasteful. I’m sorry, but my life is complicated enough, and now I’ve got to worry about this asshole setting precedent in his state that could eventually affect me. Should animals be treated ethically? Without question. Even if we’re slaughtering them for meat, they should live decent lives. But this is much more important. Livestock know suffering, but I doubt they know suffering the way humans do.

      We have to prioritize. When elected government officials are waging a war of this magnitude on women, that must be seen as more important than animal rights. You can be damn sure that if women aren’t being treated ethically, than animals of any breed or gender aren’t going to be treated well either.

    • E Marie

      I nearly died carrying a Stillborn fetuses because the Drs were afraid of being accused of performing an abortion. I’M ALIVE because GOD step in.
      This is OUTRAGEOUS!

      We should clear this state house come election day of all those who proposed and passed these disgusting laws. England should be the first one out the door. This assaults on Women’s rights has got to stop one way or another. These representatives are going to cause the female deaths in the thousands because of the manner in which they are operating. In my book, that’s murder in the first degree. The living must be protected from this insanity coming out of the Gold dome!

      • Nicole

        This is unbelievable. Hasn’t this rep heard stories of what happens when a woman carries a fetus and the body calcifies it instead of aborting? That is so dangerous and insensitive.

        Miscarriage is horrible and cruel and from what I understand, somewhat common. It is not something many women can just say “Oh, I guess I have to just wait until it passes”. It is 100% traumatizing and something that doesn’t leave the person the same. Why on earth would you leave the reminder that their child had passed inside their body?

        What about women who want to become pregnant again? I’m pretty sure that it would complicate pregnancy quite a bit if there was a dead fetus in your uterus still.

        Honestly, it makes me sick that someone would even compare women to animals, especially on this topic. Someone needs to get this dude far away from influence on government.

    • Stacy

      I think you left out the part in the video where he actually said he was against women terminating pregnancies under the conditions where the child would be born either already dead, or soon to die of natural conditions. Seems to me he was merely stating how sad he was about stillborn animals, and presumably sad about stillborn humans.

    • Marissa

      This guy is an idiot. My baby did die in the womb when I was 31 weeks along (the most painful experience of my life, emotionally) and the drs told me I would naturally go into labor in a week or so but I of course opted to be induced the next day, which they recommended. Regardless, you go into labor. Natural or not.

    • Kelly

      Only a real anilmal would force a woman to carry a still born child. I am aginist abortions all together unless medically nessacery. But the male species has no idea of what we woman go through to keep our species alive and thriving. I am currently 7 months pregnant with my 3rd son, and have been doing everything that I can to keep him from comming out earily. If, god forbid, something happen and he died inside me, I would spend the REST OF MY LIFE sad and in morning for his loss. I would consider it crule and unusual punnishment to have to carry him even a week inside me knowing that I would never feel him kick or hear his heartbeat again. The emotional damage would take its tole on me and my family. Try to tell ab 8 and 6 yr old that you will give birth to their brother and they will never get to know him, see him laugh, crawl, smile… What would that do to them!!! No male should ever make a decision about what a woman should do with their bodies unless they have experenced it 1st hand.

    • Devon

      Watch the video, people. I don’t recall him ever saying anything this article says. While it wouldn’t surprise me if he had, it’s just not there. Biased and misinformed.

      • Devin

        so you did not hear him talk about delivering dead cows and pigs or the cute homily about the redneck giving up his chickens? Did you have the sound turned up?

      • Clint

        I found the entire clip, and what is missing even from that is the 60 seconds before he even stood. The context is missing.

        His views on the reproductive rights are not secrets.

        If your IQ level is above room temperature in a Baskin- Robbin store, you can put two an two together.

        Simmer down and shut up.

      • Pragmatic

        A typical REPUGNICAN mind-set, Dumbed Down, Puerile, and Insipid… Plus Repugnicans motto is: “We,Repugincans know so little and We, Repugnicans are very FLUENT in it “there’s more but there isn’t enough time and space, at this time to waste on a REPUGNICAN….Right America????

    • Clint

      His head belongs on a stick. It’s quicker and cheaper than getting his dumb ass out of office.

      • Rean

        I’m so relieved that he’s not my state representitive. He’s so insensitive and then his story about that salt of the Earth guy and his chickens was just plain dumb.

    • Kayla

      Honestly, what do you think women did before they had medical procedures to speed up the process?

      I’ve had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic (stuck in fallopian tube) and they were the most horrifying experiences of my life. The only one that needed medical attention was the ectopic due to severe internal bleeding. I refused to sign the paperwork for them to remove it because to me it was an abortion. My husband ended up signing for me and it saved my life.

      I’m not saying it’s right to outlaw D&Cs, I believe every woman should choose for herself, but it’s really not insane and masochistic for a woman to refuse one. I have spoke with a few women that were told they had early miscarriages, refused D&C and it turned out the baby ended up being alive, or there was a perfectly healthy twin that hadn’t been noticed anymore. Had they chosen the D&C they would not have their children. D&C’s are also very dangerous and can cause permanent damage leading to prolonged infertility and increased chance of future miscarriage.

      Like I said, it’s up to the individual but don’t judge a woman that would prefer not to have the D&C.

      • amanda

        No one is judging a woman who makes the choice to refuse d&cs. What is so outrageous is that he should think it is any of his business to have a say on the subject. Men MUST stay away from laws that impact women’s rights, health and bodies. His speech is offensive in too many ways and anyone nodding their heads to this men needs to get their own heads examined… perhaps by a veterinarian.

      • J.

        I agree with you that how a woman decides to handle a miscarriage is her decision and that we shouldn’t judge it (and I don’t think that’s what the post was doing). But in response to your first sentence, I wanted to add that basically as far back as we know (thousands of years BCE), women have found ways to help them control their fertility and to respond to miscarriages and unwanted pregnancies; I think it’s a common misconception that something like a D&C (or more accurately, the intent behind it) is only a recent development. Check out the project 4000 Years For Choice here, it provides a lot of information about the history of abortion (and contraception too):

      • Lurlene

        Well, duh!

        That is what PRO CHOICE means. I don’t get how conservatives always make it look as if pro-choice = pro-abortion. Pro-choice means that it’s a woman’s OWN choice what she does with her pregnancy, including you. That now one forces a girl or a woman to carry a pregnancy she doesn’t want, and that no one has the right to force a woman to get an abortion is pro-choice too.

        Seriously, wtf? What is this “baby killing” crap. How can you be so dumb you don’t know what “choice” means?

      • Peeps1

        So you would prefer to be dead?
        I guess you have the right to choose that and your husband had the right to choose something different for you.
        Do you really think it is right for a man or group of men you have never met to make that choice for you? Regardless of medical recommendations?

      • Peeps1

        So you would prefer to die?
        Well, I guess that is your choice or in this case your husbands choice to not let you die.
        Now how would you feel if a man or a group of men, who you did not know decided to make that decision for you?

    • Amanda

      Is there any type of pettion or signing that will send a message to this ingnorant person that this bill is completely insane, and should keep his big fat nose out of the subject of female reproduction.

    • TheTruth

      If a woman has to carry a dead fetus and give birth to it then maybe she’ll think twice about killing a defenseless one in her womb.

      • no

        Because all women are baby killers? Give me a break, you misogynistic pig.

      • Dynamica

        @”TheTruth” You clearly have lost sense of being a decent human being. If you had a wife who was pregnant and you found out it was dead would you want your wife to sit with it? You want her to be a tomb testifying for your loss? Do you see women as cows, nothing better than to get pregnant? This is something entirely set apart from abortion. This bill is an example of our country stepping into madness.

      • Bridget

        Because childbirth should be punishment, right?


      • KozzyX

        I hate how people generalize a majority of women. Not all women get an abortion, and most of those who do either have severe complications that press them into it. I hope that if you or your wife have complications or a still born, that you think twice of what you just said.

      • PS

        You are disgusting. Some women miscarry but the fetus doesn’t leave the body. Are you seriously suggesting they should carry it around until they become septic and die?

      • BabyRaptor

        Let us know when you have more than just your personal faith driving you to believe that killing a clump of cells is wrong…We might care then. And you might actually, maybe, have standing to force your views on us then.

      • Rebecca

        Your comment is chilling on many levels, TheTruth. First of all, if a woman is carrying a dead fetus due to miscarriage, it is through NO FAULT OF HER OWN. Believe what you want about actual abortions, but you’re taking this a step further. Why are you assuming she was thinking about abortion in the first place?

        I’d like you to think hard — really hard — about the reality of carrying around a dead human being for months and months, in your body. It’s repulsive and horrifying. Imagine how grotesque the eventual birth would be. To say nothing of the fact that this often causes infection or even death.

    • Rg

      Equal Rights Amendment(ERA) states that “Equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

      So this this would grant women full civil and human rights to women that are equal to me. The problem is that it was never ratified. Women DO NOT have a law in the Constitution that protects them!!!

      This affects women on many levels. Women get paid 59 to 77cents for a dollar that is given to a man for the SAME job. Women pay up to 48% more for insurance than men. Rape and domestic abuse is often considered pre-exiting conditions.

    • matt gerrits

      I may be a young 25 year old male, but what this guy is suggesting women to do is disgusting. He is probably one of the biggest pricks that I have seen in a quite a while.

      I whole heartily agree with some of the other women that commented, saying that men should not force women to do something or not do something with a child that they are carrying.

      most stereotypical men are complete ASS HOLES when it comes to to the rights of women. I am glad that i’m not a stereotypical guy.

      I am glad that this jackass rep. is not in my state, but i do feel sorry for all of the women who do have to put up with him.

      • Jennifer McCoombe

        you sir are a real man and have my total respect on your view!

    • RG

      I saw a movie where a Japanese monkey gave birth to a stillborn, she carried the dead baby around for sometime until rangers removed it when she was not aware, she searched everywhere for her baby and cried. She later had success in having her offspring.

      There is an emotional aspect of having lost your child and every woman needs to handle it in any way, the one that best suits her, NO MAN should make that decision for her!!!

      • Sarah

        THANK YOU!!! How the hell does anyone presume to tell anyone else how to handle anything as intimate and personal as pregnancy (or not), labor, delivery, or the handling of a wanted child who will not be carried to full term. This is disgusting and just plain WRONG!

    • ac

      Gee, I sure do love when men try and tell the world what is the best and most moral thing for WOMEN to do with THEIR OWN BODIES!

      ATTN asshole: we are not livestock, we are human beings.

    • Chris Waterous

      Not only is this guy not a doctor, and therefore unqualified to comment on medical care, but he’s ignorant of veterinary science too. Vets commonly induce labor and remove stillborn livestock fetuses. Why? Because the mother can get systemic infections and die, you f**king twit.

    • whirleegirl

      Ranchers castrate bulls all of the time. Castration prevents pregnancies and, therefore, abortions. I think we should whip us up a dish of Rocky Mountain Senator England oysters.

    • Terry C – NJ

      I wish someone should Mr. England up. He is disgusting. I think his wife cut him off sexually and he’s had to get it on with the livestock. That’s why he has this obsession with farm animals.

      I wish he would join that other woman-hating inbred from GA, Bobby Franklin, in hell.

      What is with Republicans and this hatred of women? Didn’t they have mothers…or did they all crawl out from under rocks?

    • Terry C – NJ

      Can someone please shut this idiot up? He is disgusting!!!!!!!

      I wish he would join that other woman-hating pig from GA, Bobby Franklin, in hell.

    • Westonian

      Salt of the earth, indeed.

    • Alan Smithee

      Here we see another example of how Christianity is incompatable with Liberty.
      He is not a woman hater. He is a Christian who REALLY HAS FAITH.
      His magic book says that the Semitic Sky God has rules that must be obeyed or he will cast you into a lake of eternal fire. As a Legislator he could be called to account for his failure to advance the agenda of the Sky God and to legislate the Sky God’s orders for the rest of us. Remember it’s the KINGDOM of Heaven not the Democracy of Heaven.

      • DeeVee

        This idiot’s views have nothing to do with Jesus. And neither does your description of Christianity. Most of these extremist right wingers wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he was sitting next to them in church.

      • Robert Ritchie

        Neither the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) or the New Testament books of the Christian Bible explicitly prohibited abortion.

        The Hebrew terms ruach (literally “wind”), and neshama (literally
        “breath”) are used to describe the soul or spirit.

        The rabbinical interpretation is (most often) that human zygotes, blastocysts, embryos, and fetuses do not have souls.

        Jewish law holds that human life begins at birth, based on Genesis 2:7:
        “And the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth, breathing into him the breath of life: and man became a living soul.”

        God never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Moses was born a Jew.

        The six hundred and thirteen laws (commandments) found in the Old Testament that were revealed or attributed to Moses never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Moses never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Jesus was born a Jew.

        Jesus never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Mary, mother of Jesus, was born a Jew.

        Mary, mother of Jesus, never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        The Twelve Disciples were born as Jews.

        The Twelve Disciples never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul) never explicitly prohibited abortion.

        Pope Innocent III (1161-1216) decreed that a monk who had arranged for his lover to have an abortion was not guilty of murder if the fetus was not “animated” at the time and that the soul enters the body of the fetus at the time of “quickening” – when the woman first feels movement of the fetus.

        The image of Pope Innocent III was immortalized during 1950 as a one of 23 marble bas-reliefs of great historical lawmakers installed on the chamber walls of the U.S. House of Representatives.

        The explicit prohibition of abortion is not biblical, but rather, papal.

      • Worldpeacecutie

        No, I would not call him a faithful Christian…he’s a careless moron. I am (one out of many) a real Christian from the heart not just on “paper” so to speak and I do not agree with this or any ungracious rulings pressed against women by these degenerate repubs.

    • Tyrandosaurus

      Have these people completely lost their minds? November is a ways away, people- pleas save some of the crazy for the summer, before you manage to talk your way and your political party into oblivion!!!

    • A Concerned American

      What? Carry a dead fetus full time? Is Rep. England some kind of brain dead jerk off? Anything dead inside a body, produces toxins and could kill the mother. This jerk off needs to be slap up side the head with a baseball bat in my opinion. I am heart sick after what this moron said.

    • Rodrigo

      His mom should have been allowed to abort this Inbred PIG!

    • Carol Boyd

      If a fetus dies in the womb and the body does not go into natural labor and abort the fetus, gangrene can set in and the mother could die. Politicians are not doctors.

    • Sam

      I’ll keep saying it: Men shouldn’t make laws that only affect women. It really sickens me. What kind of world do we live in?

      • Alan

        We live in a world where women won’t elect a woman to office. We need to get more women in office (there are more women voters then men) so that laws are written and voted on by both genders.

    • KozzyX

      I live in this state, and let me tell you that this man is a prick. He knows nothing about health or women. When November comes, I hope his ass isn’t reelected.

    • Shruthi

      Unbelievable. It’s so effing hypocritical that ANY many thinks he has the right to dictate what a woman can do with their body.

    • wonroseshy

      I completely understand his opinion, though he really needs a better speech to convey it. Abortions are not an issue that only affects women, every baby also has a father who has just as much right to what happens to his child. I cannot imagine having an abortion past 20 weeks , as babies can survive and live normal, healthy lives after being born as early as 23-24 weeks. I think he is trying to guard the stillborn babies since it would be very easy to kill a fetus over 20 weeks in the womb and then of course it would need removed, hence the legal late term abortion.

      • Vierotchka

        If the father wants to keep the fetus but the mother doesn’t, let the father carry it to term in his body. Oh, they can’t! Shucks! If men could get pregnant, there would be ten times more abortions than there already are and they would be made fully legal and free.

    • Irene A. Mystery

      Ok, this just makes me sick.
      Mooo! Moooo, I tell you! Can’t do an ‘Oink’, being Jewish and all…

    • Dan

      Mr. Terry England, you have just taken top spot in the stupidity ladder, what other stupid laws do you have in mind? Next he will want a law against man masturbating – he will consider this also as killing of a sperm which could become a baby.

      What kind of an asshole are you?

    • sharonc

      my best friend beame pregnant at 42, unfortunately the baby died in her at 4 months. am i understanding this jerk correctly. he will force her to carry this dead baby in her womb for the remaining 5 months, if she will live that long. the body will turn sepsis, her body will refect it, she may have a massive infection which will ruin her chances for future children. i f i have to carry my dead baby in my body for 5 months i would go crazy. what is happening to these idioitic religious nuts. i think i am better off in keeping my sanity and denouncing my religion. it is becoming worse than sharia law. ladies, we used to have equal rights. then this strange untaxed church took over.

    • sharonc

      i forgot to mention. my best friend was born in georgia, the four of us take a month’s vacation every for 28 years and spend our hard earned money there. i just talked to her. it is not going to happen this year, we are not vacationing in mysognitic state that treats it’s women worse than it treats its animals. i hope you have fun in the 18th century.

    • Kathryn O’Leary

      Rep English is one of the most backward thinking people I have ever heard speak. Equating a women who is Very aware of the life she is caring with that of a pregnant cow or pig is just beyond belief. I have seen the morning an animal goes through when its offspring is stillborn, and that is an animal that is not aware that there offspring was dead before they delivered it. Now try to imagine the agony of a Mother who knows her baby has died yet she still sees her pregnant belly and can feel that unmoving child inside her for Days or even weeks before her bodies natural proses kick in and she goes into labor.

      I have been there. I had to go a week before the OB could preform a procedure to deliver my daughter. By the time they did I wanted to die along with my baby. How could anyone be so cruel to propose that anyone should go through that pain, just because he wants to outlaw abortion and equates the early delivery of a stillborn with abortion.

    • Diane Noland

      This moron should go back to the farm and deliver more pigs and cows. He has no business being in the House of Representatives. What an embarassment he is.

    • Mike N.

      I wrote to Mr. England tonight about this appalling law and received the following response from him:

      Dear Mike,

      The roughly one minute and forty second clip or the text that you saw posted online were only a small part of a contentious and heart-wrenching three hour debate that took place in the Georgia House of Representatives two weeks ago. If you watch the entire debate, you will see that I was making the point that we spend a great deal of time debating the value of non-human life in the General Assembly, and less attention to human life. In recent years, this body has taken up issues involving life like dog fighting and chicken fighting to address specific issues associated with these problems in our state, often neglecting the life of the unborn child. 

      Some have also accused me of supporting the position that would require an expectant mother to carry an unborn child to term, even if she learns it will be stillborn. This is simply not true and an ugly distortion of the facts. Current law directly refutes this statement and says that:


      As used in this chapter, the term: 

      (1) “Abortion” means the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device with the intent to terminate the pregnancy of a female known to be pregnant. The term “abortion” shall not include the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device employed solely to increase the probability of a live birth, to preserve the life or health of the child after live birth, or to remove a dead unborn child who died as the result of a spontaneous abortion. The term “abortion” also shall not include the prescription or use of contraceptives. 

      Life is paramount to me, especially that of the unborn child, and that is why I care so deeply about this issue. While you may not agree with me on this particular bill or this issue, I hope you can now understand what I was saying and the importance of having an open and fair dialog on this emotional subject. 

      Just to reiterate, the bill does not require a woman to carry a stillborn to term nor would I support it if it did. I never referred to women as livestock and I never will. Please do not automatically accept what is shown on a website as the truth. Those posting there answer to no one and are not accountable for what they report. 

      Sincerely and respectfully,

      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

    • K’s Ma

      May you never experience the loss of a child in stillbirth. May you never hear the words, “Your baby has died,” after a fervent search for the baby’s heartbeat by the doctor’s fetal doppler reveals a horrifying silence from within an enormous pregnant belly.

      My child was stillborn at 6-1/2 months of pregnancy. Unlike the other moms in Labor & Delivery, whose painful hours of childbirth culminated in the glorious piercing cry of a newborn babe, my hours of excruciating labor pains culminated in surreal silence and disbelief as I gave birth to a beautiful silent girl. The grief and heartache of such an experience is incredibly profound. The pain eases slightly as the years pass, but the recollection of that nightmarish time still brings sadness and tears of sorrow, 20+ years later.

      • Deana

        I am so sorry that you had to go through that…..I can’t even begin to imagine how that must have felt; to know there are women out there who have been through the same situation makes me cry every time.

        I don’t care if you’re religious or not, if you pledge your loyalty to the Red or the Blue. NO woman should have to suffer through carrying an already declared dead baby longer than however it takes to remove the fetus, because that is just cruel and beyond repulsive on the part of anyone who agrees with that England man’s way of thinking.

      • TammyA

        I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. Thank you for telling your story. This is all so personal for anyone dealing with the kind of heartbreak you describe, as well as the multitude of problems that may arise with any pregnancy. Too personal for legislation. God Bless.

    • Pandionna

      E I E I O! What an idiot.

    • Jennifer

      With less than 1% of all abortions performed for the health of the mother, (NOT THE WOMAN), it is no wonder why the pro-abortion groups in this country have to assault anyone who has a different view or opinion. Why do they do this? Because we all disagree on many things, but most of us find that the opposition comes to their way of thinking though at least some form of intellectual thought process. However there does not seem to be an intellectual argument for taking the life of an unborn child, due to contraception failure or the lack thereof. So we have to act as if there is some attack on women in this country, what a shame. And God forbid someone in Hollywood or the public eye say that they are anti-abortion, their public life would end, just as the Komen ladies, and truth be known we don’t really know her view on abortion at all. So keep it up, with all your hate, and remember that your cause takes the lives of the smallest of those not yet among us. (Also thanks Mike N for your posting)

      • Nick

        What a shame when someone is so ignorant that they don’t even know when their gender is being attacked. They aren’t just attacking abortions. They are attacking all kinds of care for women. You really need to educate yourself and step out of that small minded box you are in.

      • Craig

        Well, there is no God. That has been proven by science a long time ago.
        The woman who is pregnant is the one who decides not some uninterested religious fanatic – those only interested in pushing their religious view on others.
        If you don’t like it go to Iran or Saudi Arabia. This is a country of choice – ie, freedom.

      • Pok

        Craig, I am curious. Where is this evidence that there is no God? Please cite your sources.

      • David

        Pok – cite your sources that there is a God and no the Bible is not proof of God.

      • TheEuropean

        It is impossible to prove that there is no God, as well as you can not prove that there is no Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Monster of Loch Ness or Bigfoot. The existence of all these is very improbable, though.

      • Kristen

        That is the most insensitive response to this story I have read. Abortion is legal but that is not the point of the story. The point of the story is that a congressman is equating a woman’s body to that of a farm animal. A woman should not have to go through the horrible ordeal of carrying her dead baby on a daily basis due to a problem YOU have with the word abortion. In this case the pregnancy cannot be terminated because the child has passed. The war on woman is full blown and because you disagree you want us to shut up. We will NOT BE SILENCED.

      • Lory

        Jennifer, My daughter (a Southern Baptist) was pregnant and went to her OBGYN for her 13-week check up. After doing an ultrasound, he determined that the fetus had died, and would need to be removed. Her in-laws, very prominent in the church, coerced her into carrying this dead fetus, their “argument” being that “science can be wrong”. Her OBGYN loudly disagreed with this but to placate the inl-aws, she carried the dead fetus for two more weeks. When she finally went into labor, she nearly bled to death, was required to be hospitalized for three days receiving blood transfusions, and had permanently damaged her uterus so that ow, she is unable to get pregnant.

      • Tuffer

        Less dramatic, but my wife also had a miscarriage at about 3 months. We used a chemical abortefactant (misoprotil I think) and had all kinds of trouble getting access to it (not carried by many pharmacies – even in MA).

        This was a gut-wrenching time for us. To have extended that would have been aweful. We had been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years and we were worried about our advancing age and risks of birth defects (my wife had just turned 30 and moved into a new “risk-group”).

        So you want to have your laws intrude in this? You think that you can dispassionately tell me and my wife what is right and wrong in this situation? You want to put yourself between me and my wife as we try to have a child?

        Get the fuck out of my life.

        This is not an edge case. This is not unlikely. I’ve heard many miscarriage stories in the following years including my own mother’s case before I was born and 4 life-threatening miscarriages her mother endured.

        You want to save unborn lives? Fund pre-natal care. Fund education. Fight to remove the hundreds – thousands of dangerous chemicals and pollutants in the environment that threaten pregnancies everywhere in America. Read up on what lead, PCBs, and dioxin does to an unborn child. Once you’ve settled that, maybe you can come back and talk to me.

        Then you can talk to Mother Nature about why my wife’s pregancy ended.

        Life is fragile. Life is messy. The start and ends are not clear lines but fuzzy, scary mixed areas. Learn to respect that and have reverence for both life and death and those frightening worlds of experience in-between.

      • mike wilcher

        if you can not give birth to a child then you should have no right to demand
        that someone who does, do as you think you would if you could

      • HappyGirl

        What is interesting to me is that no one wants to talk about who is going to take care of these babies if women are forced to have them. Does the government plan on making laws that force women to do that as well? I have a news flash…you can not make another human being take care of anyone else. So, if these laws are passed, and women lose their right to end a pregnancy, or their right to reasonable birth control, what happens next? Has anyone in the anti-abortion movement thought that far ahead, are they going to take on the responsibility of caring for these children, paying for the medical bills, their education, put food on the table for them..etc? I think as women we should say “OK, if you want me to have a baby I clearly can not raise or provide for, fine…I will, but from the moment the cord is cut it will be your responisbility to raise it, and provide for it”. I think we should even go one step futher, let’s pass laws saying that once a woman is pregnant, the man she is pregnant by has to pay ALL the medical bills associated with the pregnancy, as well as half her food, rent, utilities, and anything else she does because she is carrying his child. Oh, wait…men wouldnt like that idea because according to anti-abortion activist its only sluts and hookers who have abortions..and the would be no way to prove the father of the child until after birth. So that would be unfair to the man whom the pregnant woman implicated because he would not know if it was indeed his child. Oh, cry me a river…if you want to force women to carry a child, then women should be able to recieve benefits from the man she believes she is pregnant by…regardless if he thinks otherwise. Once men have to start paying for their idea of controlling a womans choice he will soon back off and realize that maybe this isn’t his decision in the first place. If we are going to force women to “pay” for their choices, it’s only fair that men “pay” as well, and that payment should start at conception for both parties.

      • iggy

        [Well, there is no God. That has been proven by science a long time ago.]

        No, it hasn’t, you moron.

        GOD, some atheists are stupid. And insufferable because they think they’re intellectuals.

      • ignatz

        [It is impossible to prove that there is no God, ]

        True, but the idiot who was being responded to said that “science” HAD proven exactly that.

        [no Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Monster of Loch Ness or Bigfoot. The existence of all these is very improbable, though.]

        Yes, but the God proposition is an entirely different sort of thing than a claim about a created, natural species. I would also like to see what these “probabilities” are, who has worked them up, and how they have been arrived at, using what starting assumptions.

        Unless you just pulled the claim of “very improbable” out of your butt, which is certainly possible.

      • MythBuster777

        bortion is legal because even if there are only 1/100 of a percent medically necessary abortions, the law protects the right of that 1/100th percent and the law assumes that the civil liberty of the “citizen” (mother) cannot be infringed upon in forcing her to have a child if she doesn’t want to or has reasons unique to her situation that would cause her to make that choice. Even if you believe the choice is a moral one, it is a moral choice that affects her more than anyone else and must be made by the person most qualified to make that decision and therefore neither the government, nor a politician, or a party, or a church, or any other entity can deprive her of her right to make that decision (it is her civil liberty) – whether you morally object or not. I think abortions should remain safe and legal even if I believe that I would never make that decision. Imagine how many women would be harmed and doctors would lose their licenses. How many people would be criminally convicted if it were illegal? And who decides the punishment? you think all Judges are compassionate and take into account circumstances? Pay attention, because many of the GOP, including Santorum and Palin think abortions should be illegal even in the case of rape, incest, or grave medical condition. Some states even let the doctor decide if the mother lives or the baby and can deny care and LET THE MOTHER DIE.

        Some may consider it felony murder and sentence a woman to life in prison (think that can’t happen then do research on women already imprisoned in strick anti-abortion states). So a woman who’s 11 year old daughter is raped by her father could potentially go to jail along with the 11 year old incest victim? Or other rape victims or victimes of domestic abuse or other circumstances? Also a woman having a miscarriage would automatically be a possible “suspect” in a “homicide” and potentially have the heartache of losing her child compounded by an investigation?

        No one “likes” abortions or is “pro-abortion”. Pro-Choice means you believe taking the choice/decision away from the mother and giving it to someone else is wrong.

    • Sarah

      I’m not American and I don’t live in America so please forgive me for being a little confused…

      But what gives this guy the right to comment on this? Is he a doctor? Does he have the medical knowledge to know what he is talking about?

      And, you guys still have some semblance of democracy over there, right? So people actually voted for him??

      Any time you people want to rejoin the Empire and get your rights back, just let us know…

      • Russ

        Pretty much our “land of the free” is returning to the 1950′s frame of thinking. As for the Rep, it’s not completely his fault. True, the comment was blatantly out of line but unfortunately Mr. England has simply become obsolete.

      • Cassi

        It’s nice to see an outsider think this is ridiculous which it is. The way things are going here in the US lately, I’ve actually been at the beginning stages of planning a move to another country. Our economy is in the sh*tter and all we can argue about is trying to limit rights of women and homosexuals. So annoying.

    • GOP Shame

      2 words for this ignorant Republican Neo Con slime bag, MENTALLY ILL.

    • jsdvjsd

      This story smells like deception. I’m no right-winger but there’s no motivation for anyone to suggest a woman should carry a dead baby inside herself.

      • Helen

        There’s no motivation to suggest a woman should have to undergo an ultrasound and a lecture before she is allowed to have a dying foetus removed from her womb – but it still happens.

    • jim

      Where are these idiots coming up with these insane ideas?

    • Virginia

      The health of the woman is what is of the utmost importance! No one should have to bear this horrible burden. It is risky for the mother, because of the poisoning of her system and the emotional abuse that this would casue. Nothing positive could come out of carrying a dead fetus, and the physician NOT A POLITICIAN should be the one to advise the parents in this matter. Keep politics out of it! Tell Terry England that he is out of his mind and needs to stop this craziness.

    • Barry Combess

      Politicians with no clue, what else is new? Who elects these idiots to office anyway?

    • rbockman

      You dopes, listen to the video, he never said that.

      • MsT

        he never “said that”? You’re an idiot. The comparison was made in his discussion about the legislation, and yes in the video he IS comparing it to livestock.

    • Calumbo

      That sounds like something any typical conservative Christian would say.

      Just think, elect Rickie Sanctimonious and you can have this type of law enacted every single day.

      Did you ever wonder why Iranians, living under a repressive CONSERVATIVE theocracy are so miserable and angry all the time? Elect more Christians and you can find out.

      • Julia

        Exactly. Santorum 2012= Iran 2.0 2012

    • Seamus Dog


      • granny

        If every Republican voter read and realized what they were voting for today, they would not vote Republican. I always wonder why anyone with a 1st grade education could vote just by listing to conservative preachers (notice that I did mean that I would not call them religious preachers because it seems to me they haven’t read the true life of Christ and his first 2 commandments given us)

    • MD

      I think the writer here has taken his words out of context, although most radical pro-lifers speak from relative ignorance. If EVERY single preganancy came to full term, the planet would have been out of food for a long time now.

      • Jamie

        Nonsense. There’s a greater concentration of people in just a handful of cities than exists over more than 95% of the Earth’s total land area. We have easily enough means to grow food as required. In any event, population control is an argument for sterilization, not abortion.

    • Joe Johnson

      Um, everyone here needs to actually just listen to the video and not be tainted by what the article implies. The gentleman from Georgia actually said NOTHING about a woman being forced to carry a dead baby to natural birth. A stillborn baby is a baby that is dead already. The representative is not arguing that point. A baby in the womb with medical complications who MAY not survive after being born is something entirely different than a baby who has already died in the womb. The baby in the former case is still a living human being. The baby in the latter case is already deceased. The congressman was arguing to protect the baby in the former case. That baby is NOT stillborn. To call it such is a flat out lie.

      • Tschussle

        The video says they were discussing “a fetus with no brain.” I haven’t been able to confirm this from other news sources, but the videographer was actually there and presumably knows what was discussed before the video started. Anencephalic fetuses are “alive” as long as they remain on their mothers’ life support but will die after birth (if they can be birthed, which can be dangerous, since they don’t have a full cranium). Why should a woman have to carry to term a fetus that will die? That only prolongs her trauma.

        See also this woman’s story: She was beyond 20 weeks.

      • Anonymous

        Having been in the position to personally make this “choice” – I was told my option was to terminate or wait out the natural course. My baby had stopped growing at week 13, and by week 16 he was diagnosed with a fetal anomaly that I was told would not allow him to survive outside the womb. Based on the ultrasound findings and diagnosis, he was unlikely to be born alive or make it to term – but with absolutely certainty, the geneticist informed us he would not live.
        My personal health history dictates that all of my pregnancies are high risk. This particular pregnancy, given timing and circumstance was already an increased risk to my health. With repeat c-sections, carrying this baby farther to term would have compromised my ability to carry and deliver future children – should I desire.
        Additionally, I have two small children at home as well as an older child who would remember and suffer tremendously with the loss of a sibling and my resulting 6-8 week physical impairment.

        Had I required further testing for a diagnosis, I would have gone to week 20 and perhaps beyond. The waiting was tortuous when all we were holding onto was unrealistic hope and a need to know “why” …

        This is a “choice” I wish on no one. I miss my unborn baby boy and cry to this day with sadness and devastation about what should have but never would have been.

        The bottom line is that THIS IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. It easy for no one and it is not the role of our politicians or our government to make these decisions for us but to PROTECT, PROVIDE, EDUCATE and TRUST that as individuals with varying circumstances, families dynamics, beliefs and resources – we have the right to decide for ourselves without having blanket legislation applied to limit and control us.

    • farmboy

      omg, I watched the video and when he said women are cows and should be forced to carry dead babies I was stunned. Republicans are just hate women. I also don’t agree with the part about forcing women to sleep standing up and eating hay.

      • Jacob

        But bashing in the brains of innocent child is totally humane. But how gross and evil to ask a woman not to be a pathetic sex object!

      • NewThings

        Dear Jacob–

        Judging by your previous comments I think it’s pretty clear that you have no idea how a sexual relationship works. Just because a woman is sexually active does not make her a “pathetic sex object”. Becoming pregnant doesn’t make her a slut, either.

        Here are a few important facts that I think you should pay closer attention to:

        1) Taxpayers don’t pay for abortions.
        2) Unwanted pregnancies can happen even when using protection. They can happen to the promiscuous, and to women who only have sex once. They can happen to married couples and women who are raped, as well. Claiming that anyone who’s had an unwanted pregnancy is a slut is just plain ignorant.
        3) Pregnancy IS dangerous for a woman. If complications occur that could endanger the life of the mother, how is it unreasonable to consider terminating the pregnancy?
        4) Assuming you are a man, I would guess that you’ve never had to carry a dead fetus in your uterus, so I doubt you could even grasp just how torturous that situation would be.

    • Octavia

      What is missing from that letter and definition of abortion is that it may be used to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman.

      (1) “Abortion” means the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device with the intent to terminate the pregnancy of a female known to be pregnant. The term “abortion” shall not include the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device employed solely to increase the probability of a live birth, to preserve the life or health of the child after live birth, or to remove a dead unborn child who died as the result of a spontaneous abortion. The term “abortion” also shall not include the prescription or use of contraceptives.

      I do not understand how one can consider him/herself to be pro-life when they are not taking the woman’s life and health into consideration. To be pro-life you must honor the fact that all pregnancies have at least TWO lives involved, and not just the one of the unborn child. If you feel the life of the unborn child is paramount to that of the pregnant woman, then you are simply anti-abortion, not pro-life.

      • Ted Sebern

        I wonder if a man has any right to tell a woman what she should do when pregnant. Life is thing filled with wonderment, even the changing of dirty diapers.

        Extrapolate from that the thought that any governmental official has a right to dictate the the health issues of a woman and her unborn child.

        Uh uh. Not this little boy. Those are her rights as I have my own and will continue to exercise them. Government be Damned!

        Ted Sebern

    • Marcos

      No Republican should ever hold office again in any part of the country, ever!

    • CharlieAdamsIn Kentucky

      rbockman, he said EXACTLY that. Question: Did YOU not listen to the video, or is this simply another case of liars standing together?

    • Jacob

      They don’t want you to be sluts and murder the unwanted babies that behavior results in? What horrible men! (They’re really mean to rapists who just want to be left alone to rape too!)

      How do you oppressed heroes deal with the fact that half of women are pro life and the most influential pro life leaders are women?

      Everyone who doesn’t love sex and murdering babies must be evil and want to control you right? Do you guys ever sit down and think about how illogical your position is?

      I promise if you stop murdering innocent children and making us pay for it, no one will care about the dirty things you do with your bodies! However no other human being, even your unborn son or daughter, should pay the price for YOUR promiscuity!

      • My Name

        We all carry with us the consequence of our action and inaction. I would not want to think and feel as you do. I do not want to fail to say that I think you may be unwell.

      • cherrie

        Jacob… don’t forget the role MEN play. It takes two to make a baby. They are just as responsible. Maybe if more men would be MEN and pay for their child and help raise them, less women would resort to abortion.

      • Jessica

        You have never once paid for a woman’s abortion, but you have paid for the welfare for a woman who had a child she could not afford. You have paid child support for the thousands of children in foster care who are unwanted.

        Maybe if men weren’t such whores with no sense of responsibility to the offspring they sire, women would not have to make these decisions.

      • Crystal

        OK Now some of these comments are just stupid. So what am I pro life or pro choice? I would never in a million years abort a live fetus, but I will not judge those who do. It is their choice god can judge them. Jacob not every woman that has an abortion is a slut. I mean come on a baby that is the product of rape? If that woman chooses to abort and you tell her she can’t you will be raping her for 9 months. That is what telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body, kidnapping and rape. Now I did have a D&E When the set of twins I was carrying both lost their heartbeat at 11 weeks. My body would not expel them. Do you think I should have carried for another 29 weeks? 3 months after I lost them I got the great news I was pregnant again and had my beautiful daughter, should this rep be able to take that option away from us? They would have prevented my daughters chance at life. On top of that carrying dead children in side of your womb can cause infection!

      • kilana61

        To the ladies commenting to Jacob. Just to let you know I’m a woman, and you guys sound kinda silly to me. What about the men that don’t want children? They just wanted to enjoy a little fun in bed. The ones that use condoms, and/or are sworn to that the woman is on the pill. And the woman gets knocked up. Some how it’s still -his- fault. He doesn’t get a choice when it comes to the baby. The woman chooses to keep it, his life is ruined by the woman’s choice.

        Now I bring this up because I find this -VERY- fascinating. If I say “Women should abstain from sex if they don’t want to get pregnant.” I usually get called a woman hater, that I’m trying to repress them and are sexist because women have a -right- to have sex and be sexually free.

        But If I say “A man has the right to refuse to take care of a child because he didn’t want it, and the woman decided to keep it.” I get called a woman hater, and a sexist because if men don’t want children they shouldn’t have sex.

        Do you see the double standard here? Why is it that women aren’t being treated in the same fashion? Why is it okay for women to have sex, for women to make choices on if they have a baby or not, but a man has -no- choices except sex or no sex.

        Women are quick to say it takes 2 to have a baby when a man tries to get equality. But they’re quick to holler “IT’S MY BODY!” when asked for that equality that they pretend to want.

      • Rose

        If you actually read the article it states that he wants to force women that are carrying a dead baby to carry that baby to it’s term & let the mother go through labor & delivery it is not an abortion. He is also comparing women to farm animals. Also a question what price do the men pay for THEIR promiscuity?? I guess the answer would be treat them equally as farm animals & just CASTRATE THEM! Just in case you don’t own an dictionary…Abortion ends a pregnancy weather it is voluntary (on demand) or spontaneous AKA miscarriage.

      • CharlieAdamsInKentucky

        Jacob, you and Rush Limbaugh need your miserable asses kicked from one end of your inbred redneck neighborhood to the other.

      • Enigma32

        *bzzzzzt* wrong.

        There’s no baby involved. It’s a fetus, or an embryo, and it’s a live in the same way a clump of cancer cells is alive. You FAIL, return to an elementary school biology class, do not pass go, and do not collect 200 dollars.

        And really? This is the best you got? You say nothing about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died in the Iraq war, and we’re starting another war with Iran. I should never pay the price for your idiotic belligerence, but I do. So suck it up, jackass.

      • Cara

        Awww George, are you bitter from not having sex, or something? It’s idiots, yes, idiots like you who want us to push abortion laws. Women who like sex are sluts, now? Maybe I should just somehow travel back in time and teach your filthy slut mother how to swallow you.

      • Crystal

        Kilana61 – Even though your comments are completely off topic, I feel compelled to explain something to you. They only double standard you’ve raise is that you clearly think it is okay for men to have sex, but not for women. Men may have to pay child support for a baby they didn’t want – but women have to do this thing called birth. In most cases, the woman will do most of the child-rearing too. If a guy doesn’t want to pay for child maybe he should not have sex – or since we know the majority of people are having sex – maybe each partner should use protection.
        I am completely fed-up with people like you who insinuate women “get pregnant” as if no one else is involved. Reproductions takes 2 people of the opposite sex.

    • George

      These problems all come about when we defied God’s will and allowed women to vote and hold office. It is time to undo this great Sin and return our government to God’s will.

      • laura smith

        Dear “By George”, have you lost your freakin’ mind? Or did you need some attention? :-) Go back to the rock you crawled out from….. Jackass!

      • AlaskaBoy

        Sorry George, some of us can’t recognize satire, and are offended by every “modest proposal.”

    • Fred-o

      Ah, more ignorance from Southern rednecks. We should have let the South secede from the Union.

      • sb2012

        As a pro-choice southern WOMAN Fred, I urge you to keep on topic. That would be a woman’s right to control what happens to her body. The last time I checked, there were as many pro-lifer nutcases (mostly men) in the northern part of the country as well.

    • kate

      1. Abortion should not be discussed further in D.C. It is a personal matter, it is a woman’s right to control her body. For whatever reason, be it moral or not, it is her body. If she can drink, smoke cigarettes, eat herself into morbid obesity, etc. then she should be allowed decide on the workings of her uterus. Men, if you want fewer abortions, get fixed or stop having sex. It takes 2 to procreate, unless, of course, you are gay. Problem solved.

      2. The economy is still fragile, we are selling the country to foreign interests (both individuals and multinationals) to feed our over consumption of resources, and the infrastructure is collapsing. Yet instead of facing the difficult problems, we resort to trying to control 1/2 the population through draconian laws that subjugate. Yeah US!

      3. And to rebut the comment that we will not run out of food…well, yes, we will. Much of the earth is not arable. Yes, we can slash and burn and grow crops for a year or 2, but that will not last. Fisheries are collapsing, top soil is depleted, honey bees/bats/pollinators are dying. And even if we could grow crops on every inch of arable land, that is not a 10 billion person sustaining source of protein. Protein is the factor here. Whether from plant or animal sources it is expensive both monetarily and bioenergetically to produce protein. And if we do concentrate all the world’s populations into giant slums and use the rest of the arable ground for human food production, is that really a way to live? No vast plains with animals, just millions of square miles of GMO corn, wheat, and soy? Our coastlines littered with deep bore oil rigs and aquaculture farms. If that is your idea of a future utopia, then we are on the Right path.

      4. Back to abortion. When alcohol was illegal people still drank. If abortion is made illegal then people who want abortions will find a way. It may be a return to dangerous back-room abortions, it may be a vacation to Mexico. All this will do is create suffering in those that are living with what in most cases is a heart wrenching decision.

      4.5 The other side of the coin is that we have hundreds, perhaps thousands of children born either so damaged they are little more than potted plants hooked to machines if they survive birth, or more unwanted children. Last time I checked, there were 16 thousand foster kids in my state alone. 16 thousand kids, some not wanted, some abused, some neglected, all emotionally compromised. We do more to get feral kittens adopted and taken care of than these kids. That right there should be a ringing endorsement of free birth control to all.

      5. Finally, I am neither Rep. nor Dem. I think both groups are misguided and follow the money. We hired these individuals to represent us, but now we pay them to work for their own betterment and on their personal agendas. I am quite certain this is not what the founding fathers had in mind although I could be wrong.

      • Peggy

        Well said Kate.

      • Adrian

        Kate… I agree with you on many facets. I think people should be free to decide and the government needs to stop being a nanny state. On the flip side, I don’t think the government should be paying for abortions either.

        I abhor abortion. I don’t want the slaughter of innocent life being funded by my tax dollars… it is murder. I support less government and people being responsible for their decisions. You can find a way to pay for your Ipad, Smart phone, and TV… find a way to pay for being a retard and not using a condom. (Unless raped… then not your fault. That guy looses all right to his’ junk in my opinion.)

        As for the economy… tell the politicians to stop bailing their stock interests…. I mean failing companies… and we would not be in this mess.

        Unless you are a farmer or have a degree in ‘agricultural science’… I am going to disregard most of what you said. As for any published and peer reviewed papers personally endorsed by Al Gore that you may have read… follow the money of who supported the ‘research’ and see what their’ agenda is. I spent enough time in the grad department to know how those papers go down. The numbers will say what you want them to if you message them long enough.

        That said, half my family has been farming for the last 150 years. Soil doesn’t deplete when you rotate crops and you don’t spray all the chemical crap that Monsanto and the pesticide companies tell you too. Look at Israel… in the last 70 years they have gone from waist-land to being Europe’s top supplier of flowers. As for honey bees… get them away from cell phone and electrical towers and they do just fine. As for the mite problem… that is getting better, not worse.

        We have a problem with trash… I agree. There are ways to take care of the problem that are great, they just aren’t as cheap as driving a tanker 10 miles off the coast and dumping.

        As for fisheries? What the…? My uncle owns 3 and they are doing fine. And protein… ? Uh last time I checked we have things like nuts, eggs, and dairy which are rich in protein and quite sustainable. Yeah… if everyone only eats prime rib we are doomed but last time I checked… chicken seems to be the main protein of our consumption.

        As for foster kids, I agree!! Instead of complaining about it, I am half way to my cert to be a ‘foster to adopt’ mom. My husband and I have a little girl and a little sea monkey on the way… but eventually we are going to adopt as well. No kid should be unwanted.

      • Kristin

        Adrian…just because you don’t like abortion doesn’t mean your tax dollars shouldn’t support it. Our tax dollars go to support many things that people don’t like but are necessary. For example, I do not agree with most of the reasons we go to war. However my tax dollars still go to support the military infrastructure that wages these wars. Should I be able to say my tax dollars should pay for (insert random thing here) but not (insert another random thing here) just because I agree or disagree with other people doing it?
        Abortion sucks. But it’s something that in a society that protects a woman and her reproductive rights is necessary. We offer cheap and/or free birth control to both sexes, and then when all else fails we have safe, legal abortions available to even those who may not be able to afford one. This is the way you prevent having a nanny state in the first place to care for unwanted or impoverished children. The prevention is much cheaper in the long run. And yes, abortion is just the last resort in the “prevention” category.

      • sandy

        Everything you said is on pt. I hope EVERYONE reads what you wrote because you said it BEST!

    • Shannon

      As a woman who had a stillborn fetus removed. I had to wait a week just to have the DNC done and just that short period of time took such a toll on my mind knowing that I had a child I will never be able to raise. To make a woman keep the dead child inside is ridiculous. It is a choice for women to have and should not be left in some politicians hand.

    • D Alexx

      This man obviously deserves to be back on the farm because he is an ass. What a cold hearted bastard he is

    • Richard

      I wish the word religion was not involved in anything to pertain to laws governing people. The hate and bias that religious people carry have no place in politics.
      Also politics has no place in peoples bedrooms.
      Women have the right to their bodies and short of suicide should be left to make their own decisions.

      • Iggy

        [I wish the word religion was not involved in anything to pertain to laws governing people. The hate and bias that religious people carry have no place in politics.]

        1) Militant atheists – in fact, ideologues of all stripes – carry just as much hate and bias.

        2) Not all opposition to legalized abortion is religious. Many who oppose it aren’t religious at all. The question is more complicated than that.

    • James C.

      Keeping a dead fetus inside as it decays can lead to inflammation, infection, septic shock and even death. It’s not to be messed around with.

    • Coriolana

      The next time this person develops an infection of any kind, he should be forced to ‘get over it naturally’ without medical interference. This man sounds mentally ill and should be forced to get a psych eval.

    • Enigma32


      To all the misogynistic pigs who think abortion kills “babies”:

      Shove off, assholes. There’s no baby involved. A “baby” is another word for an infant human. A fetus is not an infant human. An embryo is not an infant human. These are human – indeed, they’re alive – in the same way a clump of cancer cells are human and alive.

      Also, the Bible is pro-abortion. Leviticus (you know – your favorite book?) has rules for what happens if you kill someone. If kill a child under 1 month, you pay nothing (because the Bible doesn’t regard a CHILD under 1 month as alive, much less a fetus; it may be 3 months, I can’t remember). Exodus confirms it by stating if a person kills a fetus that a woman is carrying, then they pay a fine as determined by the father AND THAT’S IT.


      Now shove the hell off. You people have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Kali

        Your view on what is a human is almost as disturbing as Terry England comparing women to livestock.

      • ignatz

        You do the pro-choice movement no favors when you compare a human fetus to a clump of cancer cells.

        Holy crap.

      • Robert

        Cancer cells are a fairly apt comparison to an unwanted fetus. The potential for future developments may be brighter for a fetus, but we can’t truly predict the future. A fetus can kill its mother, die on its own anywhere in that 9 month span, or be born so early or with so much deformity that it cannot possibly survive, so how can we say for sure that an abortion wouldn’t have been the best option?

        I’m fairly sure that late-term abortions of healthy fetuses are already prohibited in most places, so I can’t understand why anyone would push for even stronger laws against it, if they actually considered the facts.

        It’s also very interesting to point out those passages in Leviticus. It helps to highlight how cavalier the Bible really was about the value of human life. I wouldn’t want anyone to base their value of MY life on a book written before and during the dark ages, or at any time when life was short, brutal, and nasty.

      • Alicia

        This post is disgusting. You probably don’t have a child, and I hope you never do. Sicko.

    • lori

      He should have been stillborn so his mother could have carried him dead and then delivered.

      • notreallywhoiam

        He was.

    • Bob S.

      Please – don’t lump all men into the same bag of scum that Rep. England lives in. Most of us have nothing but contempt for these neanderthals trying to control women’s personal lives.
      Why do women even consider voting for these Ultra conservative nutsacks.
      Yes, there are Repub’s. out there that think Rep. England is crazier than a rabid dog, but they will vote with him to ensure party unity. Don’t rant here – just vote them back to their swanp pits!

      • Not My Name

        This Republican won’t be voting for those supporting such laws against women. My wife would kick my butt!

        Seriously, the Republican party is no longer the one I used to identify with. I’m still far from a Democrat, but this uber-right-wing crap needs to cease, and these attacks on women’s rights are senseless. I find it hard to believe that so many ultra-conservative laws have passed. But, it seems that either I’m really in the minority or those of us in the middle are too lazy to speak out loud enough. The only ones getting the job done are these ridiculous neanderthals and their ilk.

    • Holly

      I have the experience of a fetal death in utero. The pregnancy was at 5 months when the doctor induced labor as there was no heartbeat They also did an ultrasound and whatever other tests were neccesary. I do know the death occurred between the fourth and five month checkup. If this was a bill passed I would have had this dead fetus inside my body for 4 more months! The mental anguish plus infection possiblities would be outrageous. What is he thinking???

      • Helen

        As a woman who has miscarried, I completely agree with you.

    • Rick

      Terry England should go back to squealing like a pig!!!!!

    • Tom

      England is clearly insane and should be examined by a competent psychiatrist. Not meaning to be offensive but a stillborn is dead and rotting meat, a health hazard. Perhaps Terry England should have a dead chicken inserted into his rectal aperture and told to hold it there for a few weeks. Sorry about that.

      • Ian

        I agree with Tom. While most women will spontaneously abort a a fetus that has died, a few will carry them for longer. since there is no longer any growth going on. Sometimes this results in the fetus being walled off by the body and calcified. Sometimes it results in life-threatening infection.

        It would be good for Terry England to experience just what this is like. While it is not PC to say so, Tom’s idea has considerable merit. However, it would be better to have Terry England hold the chicken for three or four months, just to see if he would really understand the shear stupidity of what he asks.

    • Kurt

      People are animals, so it’s a far comparison. I’d like to know whats safer for the mother, surgically removing a still born fetus or letting the still born be birthed? Personally I think abortion is sick, to me if you can abort a baby you can also choke a puppy. Laws won’t keep you safe, just less free.

      • Kur

        Kurt, you can hate abortion, but you arent a woman and don’t have the right to decide.

      • Cora B

        It’s not the same at all. Especially in the case of a dead fetus. It’s not a baby anymore. It’s dead. To say removing a dead object from a woman’s body is like choking a puppy, you are freaking insane. And just for your information, a FETUS is NOT a baby until a certain point anyway. It has no emotion, no thought process, no anything.

        I do agree that once it BECOMES a baby, you shouldn’t abort. That’s why there’s a time limit. The mother should decide whether or not she wants the baby and can handle the pregnancy before that point.

        You pro-life people make me sick. You have no grounds to decide what happens to someone else’s body.
        My opinion is that if the mother doesn’t want the baby, can’t handle the pregnancy, or that there’s some medical reason for abortion, why suffer it to live?

        I understand that adoption is an option, however there are way too many people in this world already and if you keep taking away the subtle ways God gives us to lower the population, we’re going to end up like China.

        In the cases of rape victims, why would you force a woman to go through that? Hasn’t she already suffered enough? People know their limits and if an individual person decides that they can’t do something, they know it. You shouldn’t force someone to go through a traumatic event just for the sake of preserving a life that is likely going to just end up being a financial black hole of medical problems.

        It’s not like the woman says to herself, “yeah, I don’t want to do this;” the decision is far more emotional and traumatic than that. She takes a long time to decide if that’s the right thing to do and NO ONE has a right to tell her that what she decides is best for her body and her unborn fetus, is wrong or evil. It is up to the mother and the father to decide what kind of quality of life the child will have. Not you.

        It’s not your body or your life, stay the hell out of other people’s business. Stop trying to “save people” that don’t need your help or feedback. Just stop it.

      • Evelyn Ball

        Compared to bringing a child into this world when his or her parents do not really want him or her, abortion is the better choice. We are already overpopulating this planet. A woman has the right to choose, it is her body.

      • MythBuster777

        Sorry, but therein lies the problem. You think women are comparable to animals in relation to carrying a child or giving birth. It is insulting to women. How would you like to carry a dead baby around in your body after you know it has died? You obviously have no idea the emotional connection between a mother and her fetus. You may think what you like but you will never really first-hand know about this situation because you can never be in that situation. You think women are less able to decide what is best for them – we need men (or the government) to tell us what is best and morally the right thing to do?

        And if animals do it that way, we should too? If a male animal licks his balls to clean them is that what men should do? Your comment, although not intended to be, shows your lack of consideration for a woman’s ability to make her own choices when it comes to her body and family planning. If men could get pregnant this would never be an issue because no one would tell a man what he should or shouldn’t do. There would be abortion clinics at the Auto Parts store – that’s how convenient it would be. Some men would morally not make that choice – but I GUARANTEE you that ALL MEN would have the choice to make on their own, no question. It would always be “necessary” or the “right circumstances” if a man made the decision. There are so many abortions because there are so many women that are “sluts” because they *omgosh* have sex and then get pregnant and don’t want the child?…is that what you really think in the back of your mind?

        Abortion is a medically necessary procedure for many reasons and also a moral decision and most times is a hard decision based upon the woman’s unique situation. No law should tell a woman what is right or wrong when they don’t know the medical or other reasons for her to have an abortion. Besides, if you make abortions illegal, then you make any woman that seeks an abortion for whatever reason a criminal. Women who have miscarriages are “potential” criminals or “suspects”.

        I’m also fairly certain it is medically better to remove a dead thing form your body than leave it there and risk infection or septic shock, not even considering the emotional toll of having your dead child inside your body. It should at least be the woman’s choice. That’s the point.

    • carol

      Most women who have a baby die in utero will spontaneously abort the baby and go int o labor on their own. If a baby dies at 5 or 6 months gestation, it will not make it three or four more months. The body will expel the fetus within a couple weeks to a month after the baby dies. So you will not be forced to carry to term the pregnancy will not make it that long. I am an OB nurse and have seen several instances of this. The doctors choose to induce labor to get the whole process over with sooner so the mother can heal emotionally and avoid any risk of infection.

    • Rhonda S.

      How about if you go to Terry England’s website and see how this little clip was taken totally out of context!

      • Jesus Christ, III

        It did and it was as reported here.

    • Kathryn

      A. I don’t think that “down on the farm” they would allow a cow or pig (valuable assests) to carry a dead fetus. Like humans, thier bodies would abort the dead fetus. If the fetus died being birthed, that is a different story. Poor soul, he’s a mite confused, I think.

      B. What does his wife think about these statements of being likened to a cow or pig ?

      • Kurt

        B. What does his wife think about these statements of being likened to a cow or pig ?

        Breaking news: people are animals!

    • lainer

      That’s INSANE! They should make the Georgia Rep carry a big cancer tumor in his ball sack til term. Stupid idiotl!

    • Kristin

      I feel its necessary to post the facts on this bill being passed in Georgia. I consider myself pro-life but I do not like it when articles like this one come out distorting the truth. While the man in the video does compare women to cows and pigs (ugh…), the bill in Georgia does not require that women carry dead fetuses to term. The bill even has stipulations that state that in the cases that carrying the fetus (alive or dead) to term would result in the death of the mother or irreversible harm to major bodily functioning, the fetus can be aborted by a licensed physician.

      The disturbing language of the bill does not come from the fact that they are trying to get women to carry dead fetuses to term, but only allows for the termination of the pregnancy after 20 weeks, if the pregnancy is causing PHYSICAL harm to the mother. This does mean that if the fetus is determined to be nonviable (developing without a brain, or other major organs for example), the woman would still be required to carry the fetus to term. So in other words, dead fetuses can be aborted, but nonviable fetuses have to be carried to term.

      Being pregnant myself (almost 7 months and well past the legal gestation age for aborting in my state), if I was told tomorrow that my baby didn’t have a brain, I’d choose to have a medically safe induced labor and delivery while the risks were low to me. Waiting till full term to deliver ANY baby is risky, and I would not want to risk my health and future reproductive capabilities on bringing a baby into this world that has, at best, a few hours to live. It would be best to avoid the emotional suffering I would experience for two to three more months knowing I’m now forced to carry a baby inside of me that has no chance at life. The knowing that I’ll be experiencing the full pain of labor, knowingly taking all the risks of a full term labor and delivery, and then knowing the baby I delivered will never have a chance at life would bring on way more emotional turmoil and suffering than ending the pregnancy now, still having the few minutes to say goodbye to the baby, but also being able to move on from grieving sooner. In Georgia, if this bill passes, I would not have an option.

      This turned into a rant and way more personal than I intended, but I hope that people can focus on the real dangers this bill poses and not the imagined ones.

      • Baruch

        It seems you set out to refute the criticisms in the article and ended up reaffirming them. In fact the legislation could require some women to carry dead fetuses to term.

    • Kat

      I think the only time we should compare human beings to farm animals is in the political arena. That disgusting twit has no idea what it is like to carry a dead baby in your body. Buddy, it is MY BODY, NOT YOURS, and I have a right to medical treatment as I see fit because my God gave me a brain and common sense, obviously two things YOU SIR, SORELY LACK IN!

    • Cara

      Shut up Jacob. It takes two, maybe if your slobbering Cro-Magnon ilk learned to keep it in their pants and own up to the fact that imbeciles, like yourself, because your dumb slut mother who SHOULD have had you aborted, have no business telling us what to do with our bodies.
      I think you’re an inept fool who hates women because the cheerleaders didn’t want to take you to prom back in the day, and your only time to get any real satisfaction is with your palms.
      Stop telling me what to do with MY rights, and I’ll leave you to your miserable, empty, and sexless, life.

    • Violette

      People who want to control what other women do with their bodies, should be willing and able to adopt any child that they feel should be born to women who choose not to be mothers. If all of you who are trying to force motherhood upon someone would just step up to the plate and make a commitment to adopt at least one child born of this circumstance well then perhaps you would have a right to say something about this subject. But I know that none of you who rail at a womans right to choose have the courage to do something like that. So the point is moot.

      • Lori

        I adopted one of those unwanted children and plan to do so again. Your argument now? There are a LOT of people who would love to adopt. You don’t KNOW what anyone else truly feels, so your argument is invalid.

    • Jennifer Akridge

      I am saddened by politicians need to make difficult situations worse. There are so many other situations that need to be addressed. The obsession with abortion and women’s reproductive organs keeps politicians from dealing with significant issues.

    • Nicole A Murray

      >The disturbing language of the bill does not come from the fact that they are trying to get women to carry dead fetuses to term,

      Where are people getting this?? There is nothing in the bill of the sort!

    • John

      His mum carried a brain dead moron to term that became a useless politician.

    • Rach

      This is appalling. Even as a pro-lifer, I am sickened that this man would make a woman carry a ticking time bomb inside her till term. A child already passed in womb needs to be removed because of the treat it poses to the mother. Now killing a living child in womb is wrong. Taking out a decomposing baby isnt.

      [Also politics has no place in peoples bedrooms.]
      I agree with this also. So lets make sure we vote to make sure federal(government)tax dollars aren’t spent on providing birth control and let those having sex pay for it themselves out of their own pockets. Personally, Im tired of paying for other peoples sex lives with my tax dollars that the government takes and hands out. :)

      • Clint

        RE: ” Personally, Im tired of paying for other peoples sex lives with my tax dollars that the government takes and hands out.”

        Aaaw… Are you? You can either pay for birth control, or a childhood of food stamps and welfare. Which do you think is cheaper?

        Myopic pro-lifers make me sick. Either way, you will pay. Unless you just leave the country, which would be simply fabulous.

      • MythBuster777

        It’s ok to pay for all other forms of healthcare that you may not need, but if it benefits a women exclusively then it shouldn’t be covered – or is it only if involves a woman having sex then it shouldn’t be covered. You sound like a self-righteous mysogonistic ass. Maybe you would want it covered if I explained the benefits to MALES who may like the option of family planning or who have mothers, daughters, sisters, etc. that they want to see have access to family planning, health screenings, and life-saving proceedures. Maybe if I explain that far more men will be forced to pay child support for 18 years if access to contraception is limited as part of healthcare coverage for women – THEN AND ONLY THEN will it be ok to use tax dollars to pay for it? Jerk.

      • Helen

        Problem here is we don’t get to pick and choose like that. I’m a pedestrian. Does that mean I should get to opt out of providing roads?

      • Erica

        You say you are “pro-life” but you don’t want the government to help make birth control more affordable. Lets do the math…a single woman with child on welfare vs. birth control which would prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Guess which would you rather pay for? Secondly birth control isn’t just about preventing uwanted pregnancies but also to use as to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. So how the heck would you know if a woman is using it for that or to prevent unwanted pregnancies? You say you are “pro-life” but you clearly have demonstrated with your posting that you are anything but “pro-life”.

      • Melissa

        We ARE paying for it with OUR tax dollars. Rude and selfish! I would never say I’m tired of paying for your pregnancies and childbirths at eight-thousand-dollars a pop, much more with complications!

      • Ellie

        You DO realize that birth control is used for medical purposes OTHER than birth control? Like controlling issues that may cause infertility such as endometriosis, or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.

        Also, if someone’s health insurance covers BC, I’m pretty sure their monthly premiums are covering it. Not your tax dollars.

        My uterus is terrified that it’s fate lies in the hands of uneducated people such as yourself.

    • Evelyn Ball

      Upon reading this and the numerous other ideas/actions of the human animal every day, I really do wonder why we are considered the most intelligent animal on this planet. Many of us are seriously lacking in any form of intelligence, compassion and morals. Just pathetic.

    • Marianne T. Russell

      Being an 81 year old lady, I am appalled at the fights that are happening all over the United States at legal actions against women….If a woman gets pregnant and does not want to be , there are no “good” decisions to be made. So, the male population or the government should not be a part of those decisions. Also, if the fetus a woman is carrying is not longer living or things show that the fetus will die shortly after birth, she should not be made to carry that fetus to term. A woman is not an animal, chicken, or a bird, she is a warm, loving human being. A woman is not a possession or slave to anyone and should not be treated as less a citizen of the United States or the world than anyone else. Also, I know a young lady that was told at 7 months into her pregnancy that her fetus was dead. She said that if she had been unable to abort that fetus early, it would have been a great blow to her body, and her mental health.

    • Annie

      “Myopic pro-lifers make me sick. Either way, you will pay. Unless you just leave the country, which would be simply fabulous.”

      Agreed, Jacob.

      By the way Rach, voting for politicians that wish to end Title X is putting women’s lives in danger. The poor women that are getting birth control are also getting Pap tests that screen for cervical cancer. The two go hand in hand, sorry.

      For the sake of population control and economic sensibility, I am TOTALLY willing to pay for someone else’s birth control. Hell yes. Let them have all the dirty, immoral, nasty sex they want to— out-of-wedlock *gasp* Because guess what, humans will have sex whether or not they have access to birth control. On another note- it is a heck of a lot cheaper to pay $265 per year per woman for birth control and an annual exam than it is over $16K for one Medicaid paid birth and first year of the child’s life (that’s not even counting the public assistance the child will be likely be on until they are in their early 20s).

      • Clint

        Actually I, Clint said that.

        Terry England should have a raw chicken implanted in his abdomen. Allow it to decay inside him. Heck, make a reality show out of it.

    • Chris Schroeder

      Obviously this guy has no regard for one of the most horrible experiences a woman can go through..I don’t know how long they let a woman go in hopes of the fetus being expelled naturally, but I would think after a weeks’s time it would be time to remove it by whatever means best for the mother.This is not even considering the sadness of losing a precious life a miscarriage brings.And comparing a human experience to one of a farm animal…for heavens sake. An animal may recognzie that the fetus is dead but has no emotional attachment to it….God help us all if people like Terry England are allowed to affect policy concerning womens rights to their own bodies. I am not an advocate abortion at all, This is not abortion, it’s a surgical procedure, just like removing a gall bladder.

    • Monica

      He obviously never had a stillborn child. My first child was stillborn at 6 months. I went through so much emotional and mental anguish. I was connected to that child. I loved him from the moment I knew I was pregnant till this day 10 years later. I am so hurt that someone who will never know what it is like to carry a child and lose them would be that would say such terrible and insentive things. WE ARE NOT LIVESTOCK!!!!!! I am a woman!!!! No man should tell a woman how and what to do with our bodies.

    • Jill H.

      Oh my gods. Will the Politicians kindly climb out of the collective female uterus? Medical decisions should be made between a doctor and their patient, not a doctor, a patient and the government. And never should any comparison be made between a human being and livestock!

      • tojillh

        you could stand to learn how to do something yourself Jill, and that is take 3 minutes of your time to read the bill, have a brain and understand what it said, instead your a dumb ass lazy democrat that lives off others as a dependent of those that tell you what someone else says, and will never EVER have a brain to use on your own, perhaps some abortion should had been chosen, on stupid people like yourself

    • Sandy



      • derp

        reckless. not “wreck-less”

    • Jan Lella

      Please support us and help us get the word out!! UNITE AGAINST THE WAR ON WOMEN –

      Our Website:
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      Our Twitter:!/NatlWOW
      Our YouTube Channel:

    • Gary Smith

      This is the representatives website:
      He denies the accusations made in this column. Please go look for yourself before you make a comment or come to a conclusion. Thanks

      • MythBuster777

        I recently posted that I had read the bill and the stillbirth issue wasn’t included in the bill. It was rumored that he wanted legislation in the bill regarding this issue and it didn’t get in the bill, but I don’t know if that is correct. His remarks regarding barnyard animals in the context of that law are still insulting to women. Women aren’t “breeders” like farm animals. But I agree the article was misleading and I didn’t appreciate that the writer didn’t even check their facts. It embarrasses me when the left lowers their standards to the level of those on the right, or when they lower their standards at all.

    • Ken

      I can not believe what I’m hearing, what is the purpose of putting a woman through all of that. Now if for some reason there was a way to save the baby, or to possibly harvest organs for transplant, then there would be grounds to do so with the consent of the mother and father of course. Apart from that it makes no sense and of course this is coming out of a man’s mouth, someone who has never experienced the whole birthing process. It sounds like he whats us to regress instead of progress, some people can be so stupid and insensitive towards others. The guy is a complete idiot…..

    • lee

      someone needs to take this guy to FARM BURGER in Atlanta – the city where he works – which uses meat from local ETHICAL FARMS. Ethical Farming does actually exit, even in Georgia, and some of those ethical farms are likely even in his district out there in Barrow County. What he’s describing is considered a barbaric form of farming, let alone a women’s heathcare policy. Even some local farmers consider this behavior barbaric and unethical.

    • john

      the most disturbing part of all this was that people were quick to jump into conclusions without better informing themselves of the real facts before they comment . . . read the HB 954 at Also, the writer should have included the whole video clip of the speech not just the 1:42 minutes… to get the full story.

      • Cyndi

        Thanks for the link, John! The actual bill says nothing about forcing women to carry stillborn fetuses. This is an inflammatory article meant to obfuscate facts. People need to educate themselves.

        The bill states: “No abortion is authorized or shall be performed if the probable gestational age of the unborn child has been determined in accordance with Code Section 31-9B-2 to be 20 weeks or more unless the pregnancy is diagnosed as medically futile” (‘Medically futile’ means that, in reasonable medical judgment, the unborn child has a profound and irremediable congenital or chromosomal anomaly that is incompatible with sustaining life after birth.)

    • Shana

      I say we strap a dead relative to his back and let him carry around the dead weight while it rots and festers. Then we’ll ask him after a couple of months if he is emotionally or mentally stable enough to justify forcing a woman to carry a dead baby inside of her.

      • Anna

        As MrRepzion/Daniel Scholzbach says..
        We should cut open his stomach and place a dead pig inside, then stitch it up and leave it in there for 20 weeks, and see how he feels afterwards.
        If he even makes it.

      • bobbie ray

        some of you are so silly sounding you give any democrat a bad name, you should go to school and learn to understand what you read, pass 3rd grade?

    • Kira

      More proof that Republicans consider women broodsows rather than human beings.

    • momof4

      wow, what an insane idea! And comparing us to barnyard animals. I seriously hope this guy gets the boot.

    • anonymous

      “So now women’s rights are equated to those of pigs, cows…and chickens?”

      PETA thinks so.

    • Brianna

      Seriously? If it’s so terrible to see why on earth would he try to force women to hold the dead baby to term? Does he know how that will effect a woman mentally? What if it takes awhile until she goes into natural labor? What about when people see her and say, “Ohh, congratulations, when’s the baby due?” How does she answer that? Surely in tears. These politicians are crazy. Stop comparing women to animals, we’re much more complex and emotional as it is. This is ridiculous.

      • Laurel

        My Great-Grandmother lost a child once. It died in utero and had to be surgically removed because she was bleeding so heavily. The fetus had been dead so long it was black. If my Great-Grandma had been forced to carry the child until her body expelled it, she would have died from blood loss. The sad part is she didn’t even know she was pregnant and had carried a dead fetus for at least four months before she started bleeding.

      • Robin

        Thank you. Well said.

    • arlene thatcher

      Whats wrong with this Bill? Everything..

    • Bb

      I think the women of Georgia need to start reminding theses male lawmakers where they came from. They would be there is not for the “cows” that gave birth to them.

    • J.L.

      WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    • Cookie

      “Carrying a stillborn foetus” is an oxymoron.

    • Al Sharpton

      Man, I am pro-choice but understand that abortion should be the very last thing a woman should do but THIS! THIS is out of the park fucked up! What possible purpose could this serve except to mentally torture a woman on a day over day basis. This is exactly why conservatives get a bad rap: from being in the same party as people who should have been aborted naturally but were not.

      • honey bucket

        Carrying dead matter in the body can kill the person carrying it. If a fetus dies in the body, it must be taken out ASAP so the woman doesn’t get poisoned by it.

    • Anna

      Oh, please, people. This writer has twisted something until it’s unrecognizable. The Choicers want to be able to kill a child if it’s determined that something is wrong with it. So that opens the door for these same people to say, “But what has to be wrong with it?” Or, “But I’m just CERTAIN it’s going to die so I should be able to abort it.” He’s trying to close that door. If it dies, it dies. But he doesn’t want you to be able to kill a baby because it’s not convenient for you to carry it to term or because you want a late term abortion or whatever excuse might be considered viable. If a baby dies, it’s going to be removed — after the fact, of course. Not before it’s dead.

      • jim

        it is the same old argument from the left wing idiots, what they really want is abortion to be used as birth control, instead of using their brains, if someone is too stupid to know they are pregnant before last term, maybe some gene pool cleansing should be considered and while they are at it, take the reproductive system out of that woman! that will solve the problem in the future for that stupid woman!

    • Terrea

      I read the actual bill. It doesn’t state that a women must carry a still born child till birth, but it hint’s at it. It does state, however,” In any case described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1) of this subsection, the physician shall terminate the pregnancy in the manner which, in reasonable medical judgment, provides the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive unless, in reasonable medical judgment, termination of the pregnancy in that manner would pose a greater risk either of the death of the pregnant woman or of the substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman than would another available method. No such greater risk shall be deemed to exist if it is based on a diagnosis or claim of a mental or emotional condition of the pregnant woman or that the pregnant woman will purposefully engage in conduct which she intends to result in her death or in substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function. If the child is capable of sustained life, medical aid then available must be rendered.” (Section 2, paragraph 2) It is saying that if the women is in danger then the child may be removed. My problem with the way it is phrased though, is that is doesn’t care for the women’s input.

      He is wrong in two main aspects. Not caring for a women’s health and comparing us to live-stock. If a women was raped, then found out she was pregnet from it, it will take a major tole on the woman. She will already be mostly unstable then to be forced to carry a child that she doesn’t want, and/or need, is unhumane. Add to it that the government is the one forcing her to keep is just hurts even more. He aslo compared us to live-stock. We women are NOT live-stock. The cows, and pigs, and chickens’ bodies hold out better then ours do, when it comes to keeping unborn chlidren in us. we can deal with the mental stress as well as they can. Stop trying to take away a choice that should be up to the one carrying the kid. If the kid is inside you and you were raped, then please tell me, would you want to keep it? How about if you weren’t even trying and just hate kids anyway? If the kid is born into an ungreatfull family then their life is going to be a living hell, all because the mother couldn’t get an abortion.

    • Terra N.

      I read the actual bill. It doesn’t state that a women must carry a still born child till birth, but it hint’s at it. It does state, however,” In any case described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1) of this subsection, the physician shall terminate the pregnancy in the manner which, in reasonable medical judgment, provides the best opportunity for the unborn child to survive unless, in reasonable medical judgment, termination of the pregnancy in that manner would pose a greater risk either of the death of the pregnant woman or of the substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman than would another available method. No such greater risk shall be deemed to exist if it is based on a diagnosis or claim of a mental or emotional condition of the pregnant woman or that the pregnant woman will purposefully engage in conduct which she intends to result in her death or in substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function. If the child is capable of sustained life, medical aid then available must be rendered.” (Section 2, paragraph 2) It is saying that if the women is in danger then the child may be removed. My problem with the way it is phrased though, is that is doesn’t care for the women’s input.

      He is wrong in two main aspects. Not caring for a women’s health and comparing us to live-stock. If a women was raped, then found out she was pregnet from it, it will take a major tole on the woman. She will already be mostly unstable then to be forced to carry a child that she doesn’t want, and/or need, is unhumane. Add to it that the government is the one forcing her to keep is just hurts even more. He aslo compared us to live-stock. We women are NOT live-stock. The cows, and pigs, and chickens’ bodies hold out better then ours do, when it comes to keeping unborn chlidren in us. we can deal with the mental stress as well as they can. Stop trying to take away a choice that should be up to the one carrying the kid. If the kid is inside you and you were raped, then please tell me, would you want to keep it? How about if you weren’t even trying and just hate kids anyway? If the kid is born into an ungreatfull family then their life is going to be a living hell, all because the mother couldn’t get an abortion.

      • jim

        are you really this stupid? or can you simply not read?

        no way shpae or form are they saying you can not have an abortion with a still born, they are saing if it causes risk to you, the doctor may say no!

        that is the problem with stupid left wing idiots like yourself!

    • Vic

      I’m amazed how long the comment trail on this article runs. How many people bothered to read the bill? It doesn’t say what the author claims. The video is a clip, and perhaps out of context – hard to tell. From what is provided, I can’t tell what he is referring to, so there is likely to be more to the story that has been edited out. Why are most of the responses so caustic without doing 5 minutes of investigation? All I see here is an inaccurate story from a “journalist” with an agenda, and a lot of anger from women who don’t realize they have been baited.

    • Frank johns

      What a complete douchebag….

    • James Krieg

      I do not see how Rep. England is comparing women to farm animals. In fact, he is doing two things: 1. speaking about his own experience of trauma when animals are stillborn (ie. he is not in an ivory tower; he has literally got his hands dirty with the messiness and ‘injustice’ of life and is not denying that a stillborn child is heartbreaking (and is simply drawing on the closest personal experience he has – if he had to deliver his own stillborn child he would no doubt say, but this is the closest he can get), and 2. Contrasting this experience with the value of woman and unborn babies, and the irony that people will fight against cruelty to chickens yet think it’s OK to kill an unborn human being. I think it is a BIG stretch to take these words and accuse him of saying women are the same as pigs, cows and chickens. If the Draw the Line folks want any integrity, they should remove this claim from their campaign.

      • wolfendenpackleader

        This is a shortened clip. Also this is an old story from 2011. I saw the whole clip originally as it came out of this man’s mouth and yes, he did compare women to cows and pigs in regards to delivering a dead fetus.

        What you people fail to recognize, these politicians are not Ob/GYN specialists, so they are technically practicing medicine without a license and they know nothing about each individual case for these pregnant women they dictate their personal mindsets to, in forcing women into unhealthy and dangerous situations when it comes to pregnancies and denying them the appropriate medical care they need.

      • James

        Sorry, but who are the ‘you people’ you are referring to? You will not convince anyone of your position by speaking condescendingly.

      • JMB

        By drawing on that personal experience, Rep. England has made more than an implicit comparison between animals and women. By replying directly to you while using the term “you people”, wolfendenpackleader has made more than an implicit reference to you.

      • James

        Fair enough. I just want to be able to discuss issues as equal human beings, not as ‘you people’, which immediately sets up an air of superiority. If I were of a different skin colour or sexual orientation to wolfendpackleader that phrase would be extremely offensive to most people.

      • JMB

        I hadn’t considered that, but you’re right. I don’t think this is what s/he intended, nonetheless, “some” would have seemed less exclusive than “you people.” So sorry. (It’s really unfortunate the divide that has been created over the abortion issue, but it does often seem to me that it is “us against them.”)

      • Jackie

        Rep. England may be speaking from his experience of being around when farm animals deliver stillborn babies, but what he CAN’T know is how a human woman will feel when her child dies in the womb. Who can say how a cow or pig feels when it’s baby is born dead? I’m sure they feel something, but who knows how deep it goes? It probably comes off as cold to say so, but I’m willing to bet that a dead calf weighs on the heart of a cow not nearly – not even a fraction – as much as it does on a woman. And that’s the integral issue here. We can’t know how a cow or pig will feel about it, but we can know how a women will. In the comments here there have been women who’ve miscarried or had stillborn children sharing their stories and they’ve all reacted differently. Some women carry the child until the body expels it, some of them want to have it evacuated immediately. Every woman will react differently, and what needs to be understood here is that none of them are wrong. People deal with death and loss in very different ways, and what’s best is to let them. Trying to force a woman to carry a dead child if she doesn’t want to can be extremely damaging, both physically and psychologically (hell, even forcing her to abort if she wants to continue carrying could be equally damaging). How do you imagine Rep. England would feel if, following the death of a parent (for the sake of argument) he was forced to carry the corpses on his back for a few weeks. Do you imagine that he would be able to mourn properly or healthily under those constraints? I’d wager he’d be pretty scarred after an ordeal like that.

        I want to say also that I’m not speaking from a standpoint of women and mothers only. That’s not entirely what this is about to me. When it comes to reacting to death and loss, there are very few “wrong answers.” Everyone reacts to it differently, and it’s normal. The best thing is to allow someone to mourn in the way they need to (key word there, need). It’s when you force someone to handle such a thing in a way they aren’t equipped is when you can cause serious problems. This is true for everyone, not just mothers with stillborn babies.

    • Ellen

      I don’t really understand what’s going on here. Are they saying that if you abort a baby that you must carry it to term? Or are they saying that you can’t abort a baby that you know will die? If your child has died in the womb, like mine did, your body will reject it and force you into labor. For some women it takes two days, for others two weeks. When my daughter died, I opted for an induction scheduled for the next day. That night, being pregnant with my daughter who was already gone, was the most precious moments I had. And going through 9 hours of drug free labor and delivery was the last act of love I did for my baby. I encourage women to carry your child to term whether it will live or not. Don’t take the easy way out. Give that child every once of love it deserves!!

      • Accipiter

        I’m very sorry for your loss, but I have to disagree with your last statement: “Don’t take the easy way out. Give that child every once of love it deserves!!” How is going through needless suffering giving your child ‘every ounce of love it deserves? You did everything you could, but due to tragic circumstances, it didn’t survive. There’s no need to go through symbolic suffering in its memory.

      • GMA215

        Why the rush to kill a dying baby?

      • tom sellier

        Why the rush to kill a dead baby?

        It is hard to take this whole subject serious.

      • Lianne Schneider

        The baby was DEAD, not dying. Good Lord, can’t people read?

      • Angela Monger

        Lady if you want to do that, that’s your business. However women should not be foreced to do that.

      • wolfendenpackleader

        Ellen, I sympathize with the loss of your daughter. But this article was about forcing women to carry a dead fetus until it would be born if it had lives. Now all dead fetuses self-abort. Many remain in the woman for life without medical intervention. Carrying a dead fetus is also a health hazard and can kill the woman, sterilize her or make her very ill by refusing to allow medical intervention that is vital to the health of the mother. Not even mentioning the mental problems this can cause a woman to carry a dead fetus for anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months in her body.

        If your doctor told you, you had a growth and they were not certain it was cancer or not, would you wait for months before allowing it to be removed ? Not if you have the intelligence to realize that by postponing necessary medical treatments, you care doing more damage by waiting ?
        If you want to carry a dead fetus, that is your choice, it will not bring that dead fetus back to life by carrying it until its would have been birth date, but be prepared to get extremely ill in the meantime.

      • MorgFree

        As a woman who suffered through three miscarriages, your comment absolutely disgusts me. My first was at 8 weeks and the cramping was extremely painful but I got through it in about 24 hours. My second was at 6 weeks and was no more than strong cramping. But my third, a girl, was thriving at 13 weeks and dead at 17 weeks due to a blood clot in the umbilical cord. I wanted that baby more than anything in the world, but knowing that there was a corpse inside my body was all I needed to know to say “get it out.” I didn’t want to go through labor pains. I wanted it removed immediately and as painlessly as possible. The next morning, I was scheduled for a D&E (dilation and evacuation) which is essentially the same procedure as an abortion except that my baby had been dead for more than a week. I spent the night crying and mourning the loss of my little girl, but I would NEVER have chosen to have kept her inside for an indeterminate amount of time nor would I have chosen to go through the pain of labor for that. Your insinuation that I didn’t love her enough to keep her inside me or suffer labor pains is insensitive, judgmental and cruel, to say the least. I still mourn her loss, even though I have since had a beautiful, healthy little boy. But this another shining example of why I am pro-choice. Every woman deserves to make the choice that is best for their life, their health and their family. I respect your choice even though you clearly don’t respect mine.

      • speckle_legged_dog

        In Ireland recently a woman was forced to die because the Doctors were not allowed to remove her dead baby.

      • Angela Warczynski

        What….The….Fuck. The child is dead. That isn’t a “murder abortion”. Do they not have the clause of “in exception – should the life of the mother be in danger”? Why MAKE her die as well? Sick. Bastards.

      • thepoliticalcat

        Yikes, are you fucking nuts? If it dies in utero, it ROTS. It could kill the woman, or it could severely impact her health, destroying her reproductive capacity. Either way it’s not something anyone should advise anyone ELSE to do. Go ahead and gamble with rotting from the inside out your own self, but I’ll be damned if I let you do that to my wife, or kid.

      • Okidoll

        I’m sorry for your loss, but you have no right to tell another woman she is taking the easy way out because she doesn’t choose your decision. There are things such as infections that can kill a woman. There a multitude of personal situations, emotions and health issues that no one else has a right decide except the woman and her doctor.

      • lalalala

        “If your child has died in the womb, like mine did, your body will reject it and force you into labor.”

        Uh no. They often induce after a fetus dies in utero because keeping it in there can kill the mother. That’s probably why they gave you the option in the first place. Under this bill, it sounds like you would not have had this option at all. Why did you choose to have an induction anyway, if you’re so in favor of “carrying your child to term”? YOU took the easy way out.

        Seriously, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

      • Allison L.

        Vaguely reminds me of “the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down” …. Come on Ellen, did you already forget about the woman that DIED in Ireland because her DEAD BABY did NOT force her into labor and it ROTTED inside her and KILLED her because the doctors were not allowed to do a D&E/induction because of “catholic law” (an oxymoron if you will).

      • Cemetery Girl

        There isn’t anything easy about losing a pregnancy. You are not a medical expert, you shouldn’t be telling others what they should do. Some women their bodies do naturally expel the products of conception, but others don’t. I had an ultrasound done that showed an empty sac, but was told not to panic because I might not have been as far along as estimated. Four weeks later, following blood tests and additional ultrasounds, there was still no growth and hormone levels were beginning to plateau. I had a D&C done at over 11 weeks because my body was in no hurry to release these contents. There was no doubt that the pregnancy was over, even if I had gotten a doctor’s confirmation of the pregnancy as early as medically possible my hormone levels would have been higher and a heartbeat visible at the final tests prior to the D&C. I was reaching a point where continuing to wait could have been harmful to my health and there was no way of knowing how many days or weeks it would take my body to do what was required. I still mourned what could have been if fate had taken a different turn, but I also had living, breathing children that needed a healthy mother.

      • Anna

        Just because your child has died in the womb does not mean your body will reject it. My first miscarriage happened like that. My baby died and I carried it for a month before I found out and another week till I could take meds to force my body to do what it should have done when my baby died. Carrying a dead fetus can lead to severe toxicity. The flesh will still rot and those poisonous gasses will seep into the mothers body and potentially kill her. Most common term for what I had is called a Missed Miscarriage; Google it. Your body did what it was supposed to, for unknown reasons not every woman’s will. I did not “take the easy way out” I made the best decision for my health. And I certainly will not let some bureaucrat tell me what I can and can’t do for my own best interest.

      • Lianne Schneider

        This man is not allowing for the “induction” of labor when the fetus is dead. I’m sorry for your loss but this is a personal choice you made and not one that should be forced on anyone else. Abortion refers to a living fetus – not a stillborn – so this man is full of you know what. And the chicken fighting “salt of the earth” guy – talked about not killing babies…the representative is talking about dead fetuses. And you, madame, are as lacking in understanding and compassion as Rep. England. “Don’t take the easy way out?????????” First it’s not easy and secondly, YOU DID…you went for induction, didn’t you? That is not natural delivery at full term.

    • Marie

      Women are put into labor to deliver a baby that dies in the womb. Please do your research by asking a woman who has had a late term miscarriage. Thank you.

      • thepoliticalcat

        Depends. At 5-6 months, they still aspirate the uterus, I believe. Sometime between 6-9 months, they induce labour.

      • Nikki Newberry

        It depends on where you live, my cousin was forced to wait for her still born baby to be start labour spontaneously. It was horrible for her.

      • Kinrowan

        Not necessarily. When I had a late term fetal death she did not miscarry. In fact the doctors told me flat out that it did not look like my body would go into labor. I eventually had to have a late term abortion nearly two weeks after she had died. It was heart wrenching and potentially life threatening.

    • GMA215

      What is the ruckus all about? Aren’t we all just animals anyway? According to the left? As
      a nurse, I will tell you that “carrying” a fetal demise until the
      mother’s body expels it naturally is common and accepted medical
      standard of practice.
      dead baby is not “carried to term.” If the baby is dead, the body will
      expel it, the pregnancy does not continue until the “due date.”

      • wolfendenpackleader

        Sorry, GMA215, but you are wrong on so many cases. My great grandmother died with what was called a “stone baby” that had died inutero. It remained there until she died in her 90′s. So that dead fetus stayed in her uterus over 55 years. Of course we did not have the latest techniques we have today. but we are certainly running backwards as fast as possible when it comes to women even getting the basic of pre-natal care thanks to the Republicans War on Woman and their rights to medical care.
        Also when a fetus is not expelled and remains inutero, it can also kill the woman. Toxic Shock Syndrome, toxemia, other massive infections can occur including death or sterility. Sure makes good medical sense to leave this dead fetus in the womans body, NOT.

      • wolfendenpackleader

        Sorry, GMA215, but you are wrong on so many cases. My great grandmother died with what was called a “stone baby” that had died inutero. It remained there until she died in her 90′s. So that dead fetus stayed in her uterus over 55 years. Of course we did not have the latest techniques we have today. but we are certainly running backwards as fast as possible when it comes to women even getting the basic of pre-natal care thanks to the Republicans War on Woman and their rights to medical care.
        Also when a fetus is not expelled and remains inutero, it can also kill the woman. Toxic Shock Syndrome, toxemia, other massive infections can occur including death or sterility. Sure makes good medical sense to leave this dead fetus in the womans body, NOT.

      • JMB

        You’re absolutely wrong, GMA215. The safety of this practice is questionable at best, and I am not aware of any American doctor who would advocate it, if for no other reason than liability for the safety of the mother. The woman in Ireland who died of sepsis recently was miscarrying a dead fetus,
        but natural pre-term labor was not enough to save her life. Only an
        abortion could have spared her. I hope you are aware of that case. It’s ridiculous to believe that medical
        intervention should have no role in the whole process of pregnancy and
        delivery, and yes, miscarriage and necessary abortions. Medical decisions based strictly on political or religious platforms is a dangerous approach, stupid and archaic. This representative may as well flush decades of scientific advances down the drain and declare solidarity with the Flat Earth Society.

      • MorgFree

        I don’t know what kind of nurse you are but my mother is a labor and delivery nurse and I can assure you that it is NOT a common, or commonly accepted, medical practice. Most doctors and nurses recommend immediately removing the baby to protect the mother’s health.

    • cozmiccowgirl

      In barnyard animals, often when a fetus dies in utero and is not removed, it will rot and create toxicity that kills the animal. So y’all expect a woman to give her life for a dead baby? Isn’t inducing labor to expel a dead fetus the same as an abortion, only more stressful?

      • thepoliticalcat

        The same thing happens in humans. I knew a woman whose fetus died at 8mths 2 wks. It started rotting. She was a Catholic & anti-abortion (though not viciously so). She nearly died.

      • NetWt4Lbs

        uhhh no, inducing labor to expel an already dead fetus is NOT the same as an abortion…

    • mmsdesigns

      OMG OMG OMG …. He is comparing barn animals to a human being.. This man is just sick… He should be castrarated

    • Jenny

      Why not compare us to live stock? The bible did! According to the bible republicans hold dear, women are property, like their cows.

    • Kassielynn1427

      Many of the comments I have ready have had good points. But, I am going to stand up for my faith here. I am a Christian and I read my bible. I do NOT agree with abortion. But when it comes to a child that has already died in your body, I firmly believe that the child must be removed. If the unborn baby stays there, it may cause many other medical issues to the mother. Though I woul never abort a baby that may die, I would deliver my stillborn baby the moment I found out. This video just shows his wacky beliefs, not the beliefs of Christians as a whole-because no two are the same.

    • Porsche Anderson

      I no longer want to live in the South.

      • Jenn

        You’re just getting to that point now?

      • kucheza

        This is not limited to the South. See: Pennsylvania, Ohio…

    • Cassienka

      This is beyond disturbing. I do not believe in abortion for myself personally but I believe in having the choice for this reason & because I’d rather women get safe help instead of back alley deals that could kill them. But this is just atrocious! The possible mental and physical ramifications of making a woman carry a dead fetus inside of her until it naturally induces labor is HORRIFYING and as far as the law goes I’d label this under beyond cruel and unusual punishment for not even committing a crime.

    • tom sellier

      That England dude said the chicken farmer who came to him privately was, “a salt of the earth fellow. one he’d never dreamed would say what he said.”
      He was saying the man was a Christian. That because he was a Christian what he said held some special value. Christians hold not more “special knowledge” regarding morality than the non Christian. That is the tragedy of people like that England dude. They believe their are on a mission from God. They are not.

    • relity

      The video doesn’t day any of that. Include the context with the video, not just the part that makes your argument sound right.

    • langranny

      These people are making an all out effort to make women (and anyone else with a brain) hate them. Fortunately, it is working. Vote them all out in 2014 and 2016.

    • Okidoll

      This is so disgustingly cruel and dangerous. Has this idiot heard of sepsis?

    • ChristineIam

      He was speaking about me, even though he is ignorant of what that means.
      3 weeks before my due date, my baby was suffocated by the umbilical cord. I carried her for 12 more days. It was made even worse by being asked, EVERY day, “When are you due??” It was a horrible experience and one I would NEVER force another women to endure.

      MY decision, to carry until my body went into labor, was a decision made between ME and my Dr, for other medical reasons.
      I am not livestock.

      Legislators have NO business making private & difficult health decisions for another human being. Your ‘religion’, ‘morals’ and beliefs are completely irrelevant.

      The GOP stands for ANYTHING but ‘small government”.

    • Sandra Carey

      Jesus Christ! How many freaks does it take to make a political party, and how many of them must reside south of the Mason-Dixon?

    • Icefly

      Umm if a fetus dies in utero in cannot be carried to term. There is no “term”, it is dead, the fetus stops growing. Labour doesn’t magically happen 9 months after conception it is a process that cannot be completed without outside influence in the case of a stillbirth.

      • ChristineIam

        That is incorrect. The body will naturally “expel” the dead fetus. It can be days to a few weeks.

      • Kinrowan

        You are wrong Christinelam. Not every woman will naturally expel a dead fetus. I didn’t.

      • ChristineIam

        You are right, not EVERY women. That’s not what your post said. That why I responded.

    • HarukoHaruhara

      “A Handmaid’s Tale” is turning into the most prophetic book ever written.

    • Carolyn Sultz

      Okay, help me out. I read the bill, and there is no where that it says a stillborn would need to be carried to term. Please give me a link, because this article seems misleading.

    • Lianne Schneider

      Salt of the earth people, huh? Fighting chickens? This is the most reprehensible speech I’ve ever seen. Women are not animals. OH MY GOD how I wish it were possible for this ass to be forced to carry a stillborn fetus to term. Unbelievable ignorance, complete lack of compassion or respect for women, and incredibly disgusting. WOMEN EVERYWHERE – is this really what you want? To be just another barnyard animal to the men of this country? How in hell did this man get elected…surely no thinking woman voted for this idiot.

    • Phyllis Wheeler Hezlep

      What a jackass.

    • Laura

      My GOD!!! How can these people say they care about anyone? They aren’t prolife, they are probirth –whether anyone survives the birth is apparently inconsequential to them. This behavior is amoral and unconscionable, yet people elect these wastes of protoplasm to office. Obviously, in his mind women are still chattel.

    • TessaC

      This is down right horribe!!! I’m sorry but if I found out my child was no longer living in me ( and yes I am 5 months pregnant now) their is no way in hell I’m going to countinue carring this child just to fill me with false hope then go threw labor who knows how many weeks later just to see my dead child!!! I’ve seen my sister hold her 3day old dead son in her arms and the trama that put her threw is unspeakable… I’m sorry but humans are not the same as some kind of farm animal!! On another note we don’t even treat farm animals right, I’m sure he has eithr killed or sent animals off to the market to be killed and have not one feeling for it, just like he has no feelings for women!! This man is sick, and truly this is the kind of stuff they come up with to spend money on.. How aobut homelessness, hunger, child abuse, dease, etc.. This is what you come up with, a sick joke is what this is!! This man belongs in china, where women are forced to have an abortion no matter how far along she is if she has already had a child and can’t afford their fines… Seeing a women lay next to her dead 7month old fetus because they gave her an abortion, made me sick to my stomach!!! They killed her healthy living baby, and then allowed her to lay next to her dead child!! Hello this is sick, his man is in the wrong country!!