• Wed, Mar 14 2012

David Schomer Tells Us How To Make Awesome Coffee At Home

If you believe the studies, coffee (in moderation) is an amazing elixer that fights skin cancer and depression, and can boost your energy before a workout.  It may also be linked to lower risk of Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. You can even dip a steak in it to make it better. But all of coffee’s goodness is contingent on proper storage and preparation, as well as the cleaning of your grinder, pot, or other tools. Do any one of these steps incorrectly, and you could be left with a bitter cup of yuck.

David SchomerSeattle (and global) legend and Vivace founder David Schomer, who basically wrote the book on latte art and espresso brewing (if you’re a barista, you’ve probably seen this video), is pretty picky about what and how he brews. Which is why he was the first person I asked about how you can make a more awesome cup of coffee, right in your own house.

Schomer let me in on his favorite way to brew at home (hint: it’s also one of the easiest methods), as well as cleaning and storage tips. Flip through to see what he had to say–it’ll change your morning brew for good. And if all of this isn’t enough to answer your questions, check out these quick tips from Vivace’s website.

Side image of David Schomer courtesy of StarChefs. All other images via Shutterstock. This one is by AISPIX by Image Source

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