Male-Only Naked Yoga Class Raises Very Important Question

Somehow the vision of a room full of naked guys practicing yoga intrigues me and grosses me out at the same time. It’s not like naked yoga is a new trend–we’ve been hearing about it for the last year or so. We’ve even heard about how this could have been the demise of Kim Kardashian‘s lengthy marriage to Kris Humpries. But a male-only class where no one is wearing anything just, um, erects one big question.

First the overview. Every Tuesday night in Brooklyn, Michael Gates teaches naked yoga to a small male-only class at his Naked Space studio.

The rules there are as follows:

All participants are expected to remove all of their clothes, even their socks. Accessories too: watches, loose jewelry and large rings will interfere with Naked Space activities. It’s recommended that eye glasses also be removed, but for some this may be too disorienting.

Maybe not being able to see clearly would be a good thing.

But Gates doesn’t think so.

Our clothes are costumes and armor. Naked yoga is an interesting metaphor for letting go of the B.S.

For $20, half a dozen guys usually show up to shed their armor for a 90-minute intermediate yoga session. This, Gates says, allows him to better study his students’ form and alignment.

Some of the students, like Tom B., also says it allows them to have a better practice.

I like being naked. By being naked without the rest of your clothes, it allows you to experience the body in all the poses.

And as for the big question (because we know you’re wondering), Gates’s website answers that:

What if I get an erection? Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural. Some guys will get them, some won’t; either way, it’s not a problem. What you choose to do with your erection is another matter. Be responsible for your actions and aware of the other people sharing the space.

Thankfully, Tom B. admits this isn’t for everyone:

If it feels right then you should do it, but if not then keep your clothes on.

As for me, I’m keeping my clothes on. But, then again, I’m not a guy. So we want to know, guys: Would you try naked yoga with a room full of other dudes?



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