Reproductive Rights Roundup: Women Compared To Barnyard Animals

This week: A Georgia legislator says if pigs and cows can carry stillborn fetuses to term, women should also have to; a bill in Arizona would let any employer opt out of contraceptive coverage; doctors would be prohibited from prescribing abortion drugs via web cam in Wisconsin; New Hampshire pushes a faulty abortion and breast cancer link; and men are offered free pizzas with a vasectomy.

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    • Michelle

      I live in eastern europe. I always though the U.S was very advanced but you guys are starting to lose it. The laws of a religion should never be the laws of a nation!

      • Pix

        Absolutely right Michelle.

        At least once a day (usually more) I say to myself ‘Seriously? What the hell is going on here?!’

        Can I come sleep on your couch? ;)

      • Mew

        Sadly there are far too many people in the US who insist this is a Christian Nation and forget that our constitution gives of freedom of and FROM religion. Too many people want everything in this country done based around the Christian faith. Because they believe life begins at conception, abortion is murder and must be illegal. They don’t care that other people believe differently, those people are just evil baby murderers and should go to jail. -_- It’s really pathetic and I really hate living here.

    • Ted

      Totally agree with you Michelle. U.S is at bottom point of Humanity. Their power and strength is now going in wrong direction, which is not fair.

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    • mika

      i think whoever is comparing women to barnyard animals shouldn’t write.