The “Doctor” Is In: Women Ask Rick Perry, Uterus Expert, About Periods, Birth Control

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During this whole birth control kerfuffle, many, many non-uterus-having, non-medical-doctorate-having politicians have shown  that they truly have an intimate knowledge of the female body. It has become clear to many women in this country that men simply know better than be do when it comes to matters of pregnancy and periods and basically everything. Which is probably why dozens of women have been coming to menstruation expert (and Texas Governor) Rick Perry (via Facebook) asking for advice about their menstrual cycles. And boy, do they have some good questions for him.

Unfortunately, it seems that Perry was overwhelmed by the onslaught of questions–since this morning, when they first started cropping up, they have all been deleted, rendering Perry’s Facebook page just another ill-updated political page. Additionally, Perry’s people have barred anyone from posting to the wall.

But that’s ok, because a.) most of the women who still have questions about diva cups, tampons, and IUDs are still commenting on photos and wall posts, and b.) the health advocates over at BuzzFeed managed to capture many of the winners, just in case Perry can re-visit them at some point and answer all of the questions. Since, you know, because of some legislature that he passed, the low-income women of his state have basically no where to go for actual reproductive health care.

Here are some of the best/most pressing questions women pitched to Perry this morning. We sure hope he takes time out of his busy day to answer each and every one.

Image: Rick Perry’s Facebook Page

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    • Jeni Hill Ertmer

      Thank you so much for this post -it was extremely informative -especially as to the ignorance of some politicians in this country today and in particular to showing EXACTLY how stupid and ignorant at least one of them is to try to put himself up as an authority on women’s health issues! Thank you, thank you, for this post! Sure would be nice if Gov. Perry or his people would/could acknowledge each of those questions put forth there too as I will need another really good morning’s worth of laughter in the future!

    • Ellen W.

      I love this so much I could hug it.