7 Things You Didn’t Know Could Poison You

foods you didn't know could poison you

Today in awareness-themed periods of time, we bring you  the 50th Anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week. So we decided to take some time out of our busy schedule to make you aware of some common plants, chemicals, and even foods that, in some circumstances, can actually be quite toxic.

Because when it comes to stuff that can potentially kill you, usually, we turn our attention toward stuff like BPA in cans, or carcinogenic byproducts in soda. Or, possibly, lead-filled inexpensive jewelry from Forever 21 and H&M. But rarely do we look at the stuff in your medicine cabinet, your pantry, or your yard that, if ingested, can lead to all kinds of discomfort–and yes, even death.

So let’s take this cheery awareness week topic and talk about what, aside from sketchy meat or stroke-causing diet soda, you should approach with caution.

Image: Eric Von Seggern via Shutterstock

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