Why Tara Stiles Says Yoga Is Functional And Spiritual

Will your view on using yoga to cure the body will be controversial to any “purist” yogis?
Yoga has been used as a stellar system of whole health care for thousands of years. Helping people heal themselves through yoga shouldn’t be controversial. Critics of mine want yoga to be exclusive, tightly knit, and for a special club reserved for a select few. Of course they feel threatened because I am simply pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. Yoga is inside everyone, attainable by everyone, without a guru. It’s not complicated, and it’s as experiential as water. You just have to jump in to know what it is, to know what you are and what you’re capable of. Yoga has always been discovered in this way. It puts us in the driver’s seat, letting us be an inventor of our own life. Getting quiet in your mind and connecting with your self is available to everyone, and has the ability to transform our lives.

What do you say to those critics?
If your yoga isn’t working for you, try something else! Maybe go for a run to help release the tension.

What else do you want people to know about how yoga can cure your body?
The most important instruction is to pay attention, and don’t be afraid to trust your own intuition. When you practice with ease, all sorts of things can be prevented, cured, strengthened, and opened. When challenges come up in our lives, we are better equipped to handle with grace, ease, and incredible capability.

What is your number one pose to cure your own body?
Meditation. Seated meditation and moving meditation, which is yoga. It’s important to tune in while you practice. Your intuition will tell you what you need to do when you need to do it. Pigeon is one of my favorite go-to poses for releasing tension in the hips, back and spine. Great place to hang out if you write books, or spend any time at a desk for that matter. Seated meditation, I wouldn’t want to live without. You can do it anytime, anywhere to connect back inward. Everything you need is already there, right inside you.

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    • maureen

      LOL…what a load of horseshit. Yoga is and has always been part of the Hindu religion, practiced for thousands of years…now trendy hipsters like this chick try to re-package it so rich white folks can pull on a pair of $120 stretchy pants and “ommm” away…hilarious.