Classic Cocktail Guide: ‘Mad Men’ Era Drinks That Aren’t Terrible For You

Some of you might argue that an alcoholic drink can’t be “healthy,” but we like to take a more realistic approach: We’re going to drink anyway, so how can we get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible—with as few calories, chemicals or sugars—with our alcohol? Everything in moderation. Which brings us to: These Mad Men-appropriate classic cocktails, from the simple (Salty Dog) to the sophisticated (French 75)—plus a twist on Don Draper’s favorite, the old fashioned, using figs and balsamic vinegar. Just a few ideas for any of you big dorky Mad Men fans (like, um, us), gearing up for the season 5 premiere Sunday (don’t worry, I promise we’ll stop milking the whole Mad Men angle soon). Cheers.

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