5 Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Alternatives That Are Better For Animals, Too

Easter isn’t always a lot of fun for the hens who supply all those eggs we love to hide. In fact, PETA reports that the egg industry is responsible for the suffering of 280 million chickens each year who endure a “nightmare” of a life that includes a large portion of their beaks being cut off with a burning-hot blade and no painkillers. Many of them are unable to eat, they say, because of the pain and end up dying from dehydration and weakened immune systems. The hens who do survive then share a tiny 18″ x 20″ cage with up to 11 other hens. Most are never let outside to move or span their wings. In addition, traditional Easter eggs made from real eggs or plastic create a lot of waste for our environment.

So this Easter, let’s take action and have a cruelty-free celebration. Here are five vegan and eco-friendly “egg” ideas:

Photo: inhabitots.com

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