• Fri, Apr 6 2012

‘Fur Hag’ Kim Kardashian Defends Fur On The “Today Show”

Kim Kardashian was on the “Today Show” this morning, talking about optimism and overcoming challenges and all those things celebrities talk about on morning talk shows, until host Ann Curry asked her The Flour-Bombing Incident. A few weeks ago, PETA member Christina Cho shouted ‘fur hag‘ and doused Kardashian with flour outside an event.

Kardashian told Curry she doesn’t understand how PETA can be against assaulting animals but not assaulting humans (with little apparent awareness about the severe differences between being covered in flour and being killed). But whatever; PETA is routinely ridiculous, and the Kardashians are routinely ridiculous. I certainly don’t support killing animals for their fur these days, but I’d be a lot more concerned about it if pretty much our entire meat industry in the U.S. wasn’t a terrible, inhumane and unsafe mess.

Kardashian went on to point out how her clothing lines don’t sell fur, then defend her “personal choice” to war fur by citing sentimental value: The furs belonged to her grandma! They have her grandmas initials stitched in! And she’s not gonna relinquish precious family heirlooms just because they happen to be fur.

Honestly, I (more or less) agree—that mink that died for your grandma’s coat isn’t coming back to life. I can totally respect why someone wouldn’t personally want to wear vintage fur, but I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong, per se, with donning it. I’m a vintage clothing freak, and while being entirely wrapped up in animal fur skeeves me out, I’ve certainly owned a vintage piece or two with real-fur trim. [Also, come on: Every self-respecting vintage collector wants one of those creepy eyes-intact, fox-biting-its-own-tail shawls, if only for historical/novelty value.]

But it’s hard to have sympathy for Kim’s vintage/heirloom argument, however, considering the number of different furs she’s been pictured in—certainly, these couldn’t all have belonged to Grandma Kardashian?—and the fact that Kim & Co. have previously sold fur products at their clothing store DASH.

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  • April Brown

    I caught the interview this morning on the Today Show with Kim Kardashian. Kim was talking about how tough her life has been lately and how important her family’s support is to her strength during this very difficult time. She says she doesn’t listen to the “haters” anymore. This publicity rehab appearance is because she is taking heat for selling fur in Kardashian owned DASH stores. She is now in the “animal segment” and she is acting all girlie about touching the animals. That act is so passe’. Of course they mention her recent divorce and speculate on her publicity stunt relationship with Kanye West. Blah Blah Blah. Ann Curry keeps saying “I see this pains you to talk about it”. The photos they are showing are of her wearing fur, tons of makeup, and overpriced fashion. PETA Activists threw flour on Kim to protest the sale of fur in DASH stores. Kim says “it’s never right to assault anybody”. Such a courageous lady! Really? I guess we have a completely different reality around pain and suffering. You know what pain is? Pain is when your entire habitat is burned to the dirt. Pain is when the shade and water are gone. You know what assault is? Assault is the ache of watching your mother beaten to death with a sickle then being stuffed in a cage for months and years. Assault is when you are chased, chained, caged, tied, tortured, then skinned alive and thrown onto a pile of half dead creatures. Assault is when you struggle on that pile and writhe in shock as your raw nerves rub the weeping body under your body, on top of your body, to the sides of your body. Pain is the men passing by pile after pile of bodies, looking but not caring of your suffering. Piles and piles of bleeding skins – men laughing, smoking and poking while accessing your value. Pain is the piling on as the weight squeezes the final breath from your lungs. Pain is not dying.

    Entire species of land, air, and aquatic life are completely wiped out because we choose to see ourselves as ugly, emotional, weak, powerless women. We compete at something unachievable rather than achieve great things with our time and money. This week we are witnessing the end of the natural Orangutan and habitat. This horrific holocaust is possible because old white men are exploiting the savage cruelty of indigenous people. Their cruelty is purchased for as little as a piece of cloth, spoiled food, a tent and shade and/or the threat of death. This is the wage of a black slave. The pay to this this black slave owner is fear of death and pennies a day. Oh and let me add this: These black slave owners save and sell docile Orangutans as sex slaves to local villagers. That’s right. The Orangutan is chained to a bed. Her body is shaved so her bristling hair doesn’t scratch the customer’s skin. The men stand in line and wait their turn to screw a mindless monkey—not the amazing Being beneath the hollow eyes and broken spirit. She sits alone as he forces himself insider her, so weak and drugged she can only dream of the days when she could crush his skull with her bare hands.

    Fashions’ lust for fur abuses the women and children in these villages too, but what the hell, as Kim said this morning “we all have a choice to wear fur or not”. Funny she uses the word “choice” to make her argument. The slaves and animals don’t seem to have much of a choice now do they?

    How do you feel about that fur now Kim? Palm Oil doesn’t feel quite the same now does it? This is some really sick shit that we need to talk about. All this torture and suffering so someone can go “ooh ahhh” at how we look. SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE!!!

    • Noname

      Totally agree
      It quite ridiculous thatshe considered courageous when she has all the money she needs, shes famous, and she was divorced after 72 days. If shes couragous idk what to call people who make it through
      -haveing no money to feed themselves, their kids or pay bills
      - beaten by parents
      - beaten by spouse
      - bullied their whole childhood
      -divorced after 30 yrs cuz spouse was cheating
      Hmmm i cant think of another example oh wait! I can think of hundreds how bout the fing soldiers that have bullets wizzing by their heads while watching friends get blown up!!!! Stupid c word kim kardashian isnt courageous shes one of the luckiest people alive

    • Katerina Raja-Peppas

      Wonderfully written April – You’re so right, this is some terminally sick shit that needs to be bought out into the open again and again until psychopathically selfish and cruel a**holes like Kardashian and J Lo etc and the evil dead-hearts that produce and supply their demand find some deep hidden humanity within themselves and just STOP !!! Actually, that’s rubbish, there is no time to wait for emotionally zombie scum to grow a compassionate heart. The innocent animals who will die the most terrifying and agonizing deaths have NO TIME !!! This unbelievable and unbearable suffering MUST stop – it is an abomination of nightmarish proportion and a mortal sin and stain on the human race that is in favour of it or not actively involved in stopping it.

  • robyn

    I love vintage clothes but, wearing vintage fur is no different than wearing recently killed animals. And, don’t state that any self-respecting vintage collector wants a fox-biting-its-own-tail. Don’t tell people what they want. Most people don’t want to see the remains of tortured animals.

    Watch “Skin Trade” before you argue that ANY fur is ok. It’s not!

  • RC

    Kim was shamed for wearing fur by the animal activist flour caper. I’m sure the animals would rather be doused with flour than be skinned alive for their fur. Kim is a large fat fanny fur hag. How can anyone be impressed with a chick that eats too much & the results are a large big fat butt? Only creepy pervert guys like her big fat ugly butt. yikes! She’s wears body shapers and girdles to improved her big fat butt & it just makes it look more huge and weird. She’s a joke.

  • Thia

    This woman is an ugly stupid selfless whore She looks like a obese puff idiot and look at her hands I believe that is leather which also came from a animal unless they are fake Which I doubt I rather die them wear fur which the aninal was killed and tortured for She need to shut to fuck up and suck a big black penis Because oh wait…. She can”t even do that good

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000985534082 Elizabeth Aspen

    And now the piggy is having a baby. Ironic. Wonder how she would feel if her spawn of Satan with her fellow fur hag West were skinned and sold for people to wear.

  • Ann

    By that argument vintage kiddie porn should be allowed. The kids aren’t around anymore, no one is actively getting hurt…but wait…having it around normalizes the behavior which makes people think it’s ok, when it’s not ok, not ever ok for either topic.
    No old fur, no new fur – just no fur.