Why Elle Macpherson Has A Kick-Ass Body Image Philosophy

Gracing the cover of this month’s Fitness magazine for their 20th anniversary issue, Elle Macpherson not only looks incredible at age 48, the way she talks about her body is even more incredible.

The Australian model and actress says fitness is a daily priority for her:

I do an hour every day of some kind of physical activity. I mix it up. If I’m in the mountains I ski, if I’m near water I’ll swim. I might do a yoga or Spin class. I also take my running shoes and iPod with me wherever I go. Running is not only a really effective way to stay fit, it’s a sort of moving meditation and a great way to explore new towns when I’m traveling.

The co-creator and host of NBC’s new show The Fashion Star, which co-stars Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie went on to say that her body image ideals have changed over time–for the better:

I’m almost 50, so I obviously don’t have the same body that I had when I was 20. But I also don’t have the same mindset either, when I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. . . . My motivation is feeling joyful, inspired, passionate, patient, strong and healthy. That’s more important to me than hitting X number of pounds on the scale, and it’s what drives what I eat and how I work out.

Wow, we love that. In a weight-obsessed society, it’s refreshing to hear a celebrity say that the feeling she gets from working out is more important than the end result of what the scale says. If more people would allow themselves to feel the pure passion and power that comes from working out, it would surely keep them exercising regularly. Instead, sometimes women get so focused on losing weight that they don’t allow themselves to pick a sport that excites them, and they lose sight of the real beauty that comes from keeping your body fit and strong. The joy of a healthy body should be the motivation–not calorie burning.

And, like so many of us who have a day when we’re uninspired to work out, Macpherson gives some great advice:

I ask myself, ‘Will I feel better or worse after a run or doing a sport?’ I can’t ever remember doing something physical and feeling worse.

Now that’s a fitness philosophy we can get used to.

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    • kat

      My motivation is feeling joyful, inspired, passionate, patient, strong and healthy- wow! awesome, i love what she said!! So very true and really something to live by.