Ridiculous Photoshop Jobs Somehow Make Being A Bridesmaid Even Worse

vera wang photoshop disaster

This week, several websites took note of a particularly terrible Photoshop atrocity, in the form of this apparently organ-shrinking Vera Wang bridesmaid gown available from David’s Bridal. But that specific image is just the tip of the unfortunate iceberg; on the sites for both David’s Bridal and Vera Wang, many of the models are rail-thin (and, occasionally, teenagers), who have then been additionally digitally altered to the extreme. Because that’s what bridesmaids need. Another reason to feel bad about their bodies.

Here’s another winner from the site:

vera wang photoshop

“Brideorexia,” which was frequently used to refer to Kate Middleton‘s weight loss prior to her wedding, is a concerning enough phenomenon, but what about bridesmaidorexia? Being a bridesmaid can be a supremely body-shaming experience. A handful of women, usually of different shapes and sizes, all getting fitted together, and then trying to fit into the same (or similar) dresses, knowing full well that they will be standing next to each other, in front of a crowd, where their bodies will be on display. It’s not awesome as-is…and with the addition of pages upon pages of 14-year-old models in tiny sample-size gowns making pouty faces, it’s enough to put even a confident woman precariously close to a crash diet or other extreme weight loss solution.

It also bears mentioning that, on the David’s Bridal website, plus-sized dresses are sectioned off separately and filed under “Mothers and Special Guests.” Because, you know, you have to keep fatties in the corner.

Of course, the dresses are by Vera Wang, which means the models are a little more high fashion (read: thin and young and sad-looking) than some of the other pictures on the David’s Bridal website.

But it’s upsetting that that comes with the territory. That, for your wedding, if you have the means and the desire to have designer gowns, you must also be subjected to designer body negativity. Using Photoshop to whittle women into oblivion has become standard operating procedure, but when you’re already feeling vulnerable (because you and 6 other girls are wearing identical tan-colored sheath dresses that flatter no one), it seems particularly gratuitous.

What’s wrong with leaving women’s bodies (which, like the models in question, are already so thin) alone? Are we really purchasing gowns for our friends to wear beside us on our wedding day because of how narrow the model’s waist is?

David’s Bridal offers a survey where visitors are encouraged to give feedback (though mostly about in-store experiences, but it still works). Now might be a good time to take them up on that.

Images: David’s Bridal

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    • Katie

      This is absolutely ridiculous, way to make your customer base more self conscious. Not to mention, David’s Bridal only carries sizes 4 and up. I had one bridesmaid in her 20s who is just a small girl. They did not carry dresses that would fit her, in order for this model to truly look like she does, she would be a size 0-2. Something is very wrong here.

      • Kimmy

        Most of the dresses come in size 2-26. The Vera collection comes in 0′s as well. So uhhhh what?

    • Avodah

      Don’t shop at a trashy, cheap bridal emporium?

    • Kimmy

      1. Many of my girls looked EVEN BETTER in these Vera gowns than the tiny model. Not a single one of them thought they looked worse from looking at this image.
      2. None of my bigger girls were “pushed to the side” their dresses come in sizes 0-26 and a few of the ones we tried even went all the way to 30. There were plenty of “plus size” bridesmaids dresses.
      3. In the real world, brides who actually LIKE their friends don’t choose hideous and unflattering dresses for their girls.

      This article is an absolutely ridiculous over-generalization not only about brides hating their bridesmaids, but also about bridesmaids hating themselves. The problem is NOT how bridesmaids dresses are advertised. Clearly these girls who are so affected by this have bigger self esteem problems.