Afternoon Links: Step Away From The Contaminated Chicken

• This news will make you want to go vegetarian: recent research shows there’s almost a 50% chance the raw chicken you buy at the store is covered in E. coli. (The Stir)

• How much does it cost to produce a $3 Big Mac? And what goes into it? (Organic Authority)

• How to fall in love with fitness. (YouBeauty)

• Feeding a malnourished cat helped this woman overcome her own anorexia. (YourTango)

• Beat your allergies the natural way with these med-free treatments. (HuffPost Healthy Living)

• Try this girl power playlist on a run this weekend. (HuffPost Women)

• How to get the most from your squats. (Fit Sugar)

• Check out the newest nutritional supplement: tumeric. (Well + Good)

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