Ashley Judd Also Thinks ‘Feeding Tube’ Diet Is Ridonkulous

k e diet feeding tube
Since blasting the media for picking on her puffy face, Ashley Judd is on a roll: She’s given Rick Santorum a taste of his own medicine with her “Rick Santorum Aborts Campaign” Funny or Die video, and she also tweeted about the most ridonkulous diet trend we’ve seen all year, The “Feeding Tube Diet“—aka the K-E Diet, pointing out the cultural problems that push women to pre-wedding crash diets.

The K-E Diet has been getting huge press since its mention in a New York Times article over the weekend, which outlines several types of crash diets that brides use now to lose major weight at the last minute before their weddings. The diet isn’t new, according to the article (apparently it’s done “casually” in Europe)—neither is crash-dieting before a wedding, for that matter—but it’s new to American brides…and makes for a very sensational story.

Judd tweeted about it on Friday back when the article cam out online:

…she also recalled an insane weight loss technique that her friend suggested in high school:

ashley judd parasite diet

We’re grateful for the acknowledgement that parasites and feeding tubes are straight up cray, but we’re even more thankful to Ashley for inventing a hashtag that makes this all funny. Because #PuffyFaceMoments = genius.

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    • Jim

      If it’s ok with your betrothed that you’re on a feeding tube diet for your wedding, you should NOT marry him. Period, end of story.

    • Burn Fat Club

      Maybe this is a diet that should only be done while on vacation and you are able to stay in the privacy of your own home. I think that going to work and shopping with a feeding tube all day is strange at best. Don’t you? .