5 Ways To Serve ‘The Worst Dinner Guest Ever’

the worst dinner guest ever

This awesome illustration is a cute way of describing one of the most frustrating problems with having people over to eat: Between everyone’s food sensitivities and allergies, it can be hard to find something everyone can eat. And that’s not even counting anyone’s voluntary choices or preferences. And, as someone who has experienced the task of serving a group of people who are allergic to nuts, gluten-intolerant, vegan, lactose intolerant, and/or allergic to eggs, I can tell you that this graphic got it right: When these factors converge you pretty much have the worst dinner guest(s) ever.

There are great cookbooks and recipe sites that allow you to tailor a recipe search to everyone’s specifics, but if you want to throw together a quick, stress-free dinner that everyone can enjoy—including you—try starting with one of these five ingredients. You won’t need a recipe; just a few ingredients that make everyone happy:

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    • Smalls

      I’m trying not to take myself too seriously at the moment, but damn am I tired being made to feel like “the worst dinner guest ever” because of my food allergies/sensitivities. I know it’s a challenge, but…sigh. Guess I’ll just stay home.

      The article’s information on options was great, for the record.

    • 1Jurisdiva

      I agree that the options for food to service are great, but the phrasing of “worst dinner guest ever” is insensitive. As anyone with food allergies can attest, it is an endless cause of stress that you are “inconveniencing” people. Alternately there are others who are offended if you bring your own food. It is a frustrating conundrum. The most inconvenient thing of course, is actually having to live with the food allergy.

      For the record, the “worst dinner guest ever” is the one that awkward relative who gets wasted at every Thanksgiving dinner ;)

    • Briana Rognlin

      Ha, totally agree that the worst dinner guest ever is the drunk relative at Thanksgiving (or really, any special occasion). The spirit of the post wasn’t to be demeaning or insensitive towards anyone with dietary restrictions (I have my own, and am certainly aware of how frustrating and stressful it can be); I was using the graphic as a starting off point for talking about ways to make it easy to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs.

      Sorry for any offense here–and I hope the post is more helpful than harmful!