Afternoon Links: Six Inspiring Runners In The Boston Marathon

• Watching the Boston Marathon today? Here’s the stories of 6 inspirational Boston Marathon runners. (The Stir)

• Eat healthier and feel better in a week by taking Kathy Freston’s Lean Challenge. (HuffPost Healthy Living)

• And try these DIY healthy snacks to help stay on track between meals. (Fit Sugar)

• And try these foods to nourish your skin from the inside out. (YouBeauty)

• 8 reasons you shouldn’t go on a diet. (The Frisky)

• Will government regulations push the price of a yoga class above $15? (Well + Good)

• Even if everyone else is doing it, it’s okay not to eat lunch at your desk. (HuffPost Women)

• What birth control is best for your relationship? (YourTango)

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