• Wed, Apr 18 2012

Infographic: 14 Reasons To Eat Less Sugar

The warnings against sugar have reached critical mass; people are finally starting to listen to warnings that the sweet stuff is toxic, and is probably at the root of many serious chronic health problems. But it’s not easy to ditch it completely, and it’s easy to ignore the research because, well, it’s complicated—and it’s easier to go on eating a lot of sugar.

To make it easier, we’re sharing this infographic from the Total Health Blog—it makes all the reasons for eating less sugar a lot clearer and easier to understand:

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  • Jane Hanano

    Such important information. Please read and think about changing your diet!

  • Beth

    So, all of this is good info, but no 6 is an amazingly awful infographic no-info ‘graph’.

    Indeterminate past = skinny people! Now = chubsters!

    Oh, ‘info’graphics.

    • Briana Rognlin

      Mmmm, yeah you’re right Beth. I wish we could revise this a little ;)

  • Laina

    We all know sugar is bad for us. I’d like to see more suggestions as to what are some healthy alternatives to sugar in foods.