How To Wear Less Makeup (And Look Better)

how to wear less makeup

As we discussed yesterday, the regulation of “clean” beauty products is so loose, it’s hard to make sure what you’re putting on your face is 100% good-for-you, 100% of the time—even if you’re trying hard to stay vigilant. But a sure way to minimize your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals is to simply wear less makeup—but for a lot of us, giving up makeup entirely is where we draw the line. So we talked to New York City makeup artist Joanna Lily Wong to find out how we can use less (and look better).

Wong was formally trained in Paris, and applies her extensive knowledge of makeup in fashion shoots, on the runway, and advice for women who simply want a good everyday look. According to Wong, there are a few products that most of us tend to over-use; here’s how she recommends minimizing your makeup for a cleaner beauty routine:


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    • Lindsey

      How to wear less make up and look better: Moisturize and sunscreen every day. Your skin will automatically look better, and you may be able to wear less face product. Smooth skin will make applying makeup easier. Also, wear sunscreen every day, be younger looking in 20 years than those girls who get tans. Number one thing you can do to look beautiful with less makeup.

      And also… wear as much make up as you want, just look for cruelty free brands. I support animal testing… for human medicine. And that’s it. I won’t wash my hair or paint my nails with a brand that tests on animals. It’s not worth it to me!

    • Sanga


    • Pat Thomas

      Thank you – This article is a BIG confidence builder. Honestly, I was thinking about going back to the “mask” even though I know it isn’t me anymore. Thanks for the quick tips.

    • Jen

      I am unimpressed with this article. I agree less is more however for those with less than perfect skin who like to feel confident in the work place it is a necessity. A study recently done by the BBC showed that women who wear make-up in the workplace are trusted more and more likely to succeed and get promoted. The stats were alarming, simply saying less is more is not practical until you get down to the foundations of why women are covering up in the first place.